18-year-old made ​​his Toyota Supra

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Toyota Supra

The car is based on the Celica GT-Four and sold for € 9000.

Supra and Celica GT-Four is one of the most famous sports car logo of Toyota. The first gained popularity as a film star, a status of drift and drag icon, and the second – a successful rally car with the four-wheel, which is authorized for use on public roads.

As Supra, and Celica GT-Four rare and expensive models nowadays are hard to find in left-hand drive version. 18-year-old Dane, however, was able to take a Celica GT-Four, which has made the Supra.

In fact, the car just like the last generation Toyota Supra, which was produced until 2002. Under the sheets hiding technique Celica GT-Four (1994) – 2.0-liter turbo engine that produces 245 hp, which drives all four wheels.

Denmark’s power increased to 300 hp, with a number of enhancements. It is also exhaust HKS, Eibach suspension and 19-inch wheels with 235/35 – front and 265/30 – behind.

Elaboration car is put up for sale for the sum of € 9,000 – good price, considering how many are available preserved specimens (left hand drive) the Supra and Celica GT-Four now.

With such a reworking can boast a fan of Nissan from Bulgaria. He ‘disguised’ as its 100NX 350Z.

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