Alfa Romeo Mito

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Alfa Romeo Mito Quick Review

Alfa Romeo MiTo is constructed based on the Fiat Grande Punto and gives a great deal of freshness in the small car class.

Alfa Romeo Mito

Alfa Romeo Mito

The name MiTo is composed of the names of the cities of Milan and Turin. The design of the car is legal in one city, and its production is another. Moreover, the Italian word “Mito” means “a myth.” Whether small alpha will respond to your name to see.

Alfa Romeo MiTo is produced since 2008 and is available with five engines – two diesel and three petrol.

MiTo 1.6 JTDm – 3 door / hatch 120 hp Manual

MiTo 1.4 Turbo 16V – 3 door / hatch 155 hp Manual

MiTo 1.4 Turbo – 3 door / hatch 120 hp Manual

MiTo 1.4 – 3 door / hatch 78 hp Manual

MiTo 1.3 JTDm – 3 door / hatch 90 hp Manual

Alfa Romeo MiTo Review

Production of small Alfa is a very high level in the interior dominated nice materials. Settings are sports chassis and suspension is solid, which permits high speed cornering and safe handling.

According to some experts (those of ADAC, tested version 1,4 Turbo 16V) Alfa excesses have a wheel that is very sporty, very direct and precise, forcing the driver to make too frequent adjustments.

In version 1,4 Turbo 16V four cylinder engine provides solid 155 horsepower, which provide very good agility of the alpha weigh 1.2 tons. With this car for a sportier ride will probably spend 10 and up liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. If this bothers you, select one of the diesel versions.

Alfa offers top version of the Alfa Romeo MiTo with rich standard security equipment: seven airbags, active head restraints, electronic stability program and other VDC. Overall the car was very successful, sports-oriented, but also quite expensive both in acquisition (about 20,000 euros) and in maintenance.

Pros: + good dynamics 1,4 Turbo 16V + good front seats + front + enough space can be ordered with 4 or 5 seats + brakes + solid high active and passive safety

Cons: smaller and less clunky luggage space behind higher cost 1,4 Turbo 16V-large turning circle costly maintenance

Competitors: Mini Cooper, Audi A1, Citroen DS3.

If you have experience with the Alfa Romeo MiTo, share your experience here.

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