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Have you seen BMW E30 hatchback?


BMW E30 Hatchback

It is hardly a secret to anyone that among European street racer running BMW brand is highly respected. From the available financial models, and excels one who also has a special status. These are gradually becoming a cult BMW E30.

The most popular and maniacal version of this model is a two-door sedan. There are also modifications with four doors, and native paths are found much wagon specimens. Hardly, however,’s staunchest fans have heard about the E30 variety three-door hatchback.

But there is such an animal. Peculiar BMW Shooting Brake was developed by Dutch studio Luchjenbroers. From this curious modification is made only six copies 316i and 320i, and it is during the period 1982-1986 year.

Interestingly, to this day, four of these six BMW-s in service, although some of them are not in good health. This variety is called by BMW E30 Sport Touring, but the strangest is that third door was borrowed from the VW Golf MKI.

Unique tuning for BMW 3 Series (BMW E30)


BMW E30 TM Cars Tuning

It turns out that not only in our third series index Bavarian E30 used with great interest. Among European street drifters this model has become an icon, but apparently in many other places around the world are still paying attention to him.

Another evidence for this comes from Hungary and in particular from tuning studio TM Cars. They offer a very interesting tuning package for the old E30, and develop two modifications – civilian and sports.
The main objective of this project is to give trendy look to BMW-It, which is produced in the period 1982 – 1991 year. For this purpose specialists TM Cars prepare 12 new elements that radically change the exterior of the car.


BMW E30 TM Cars Tuning

Tuning experts say that in making this aerodynamic kit have adhered to traditional German school of design. A 30-year BMW have replaced it and fog and lights, have the new LED.

In addition, all new components can replace existing, and can be mounted on them. The sport variant differs from a civilian extended rear fenders and color. City option is designed in gray (bottom photo).

Interestingly, this project not only exist on paper. It is available to all who want to upgrade and modernize its old E30, but Hungarian experts do not mention price for this – it may be called – a unique tuning package. –

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