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BMW X3 Review

History of the model:


2012 BMW X3

09/03 Premiere model. Two engine: 3.0-liter gasoline engine with 231 horsepower, 3.0-liter Como-rail diesel engine with 204 horsepower. Available with manual or automatic transmission.

03/04 was added a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with 192 horsepower.

09/04 was added 2.0-liter diesel engine with 150 horses and a diesel particle filter.

09/05 was added to 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 150 horsepower, 3.0-liter diesel is upgraded to 218 horsepower and offers a diesel particle filter.

09/06 facelift model. Added 3,0 sd diesel engine with 286 horse, only available with automatic transmission. Si 3.0-liter petrol engine has 272 horsepower.

If you want your car to look like a real off-roader, no matter if it really is the case, X3 may be for you. Road behavior is really good, almost as combinations of the third series of the BMW, despite significantly higher center of gravity. Stability comes at a price – the suspension is hard and uncomfortable. If you mainly travel long distances, you can find better offers – trunk of X3 is not large enough for a car of this size. The rear seats are not comfortable for larger people.


2012 BMW X3 3

Its shortcomings are offset somewhat by the powerful engines, petrol and diesel. The manual gearbox is perfect, but better take automatic. The new generation of BMW machines are really flawless.

The most common failure in BMW X3:

Electric: quite often found depleted battery for cars manufactured in 2004 and 2005.

Service shares: hoses Power steering wheels (for vehicles produced by mid-2004), faulty fuel redesigned compression pumps for diesel engines (for cars produced during the period 12/2004 – 01/2005)

Pros: + independent of the quality of the road car, good visibility from the driver’s seat, suitable for entry.

Cons: – uncomfortable suspension, convincing enough off-road capabilities too small to tow a trailer, expensive maintenance, cheap interior.

Modifications and engines BMW X3

2004 – 2005


2004 BMW X3

X3 3.0d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 204 hp Manual
X3 3.0d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 204 hp Automatic transmission

2004 – 2006

X3 2.5i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 192 hp Automatic transmission
X3 2.0d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 150 hp Manual
X3 2.5i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 192 hp Manual
X3 3.0i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 231 hp Automatic transmission
X3 3.0i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 231 hp Manual

2005 – 2006

X3 2.0i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 150 hp Manual
X3 3.0d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 218 hp Manual
X3 3.0d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 218 hp Automatic transmission

2006 – present

X3 xDrive30i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 272 hp Manual
X3 xDrive30d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 218 hp Automatic transmission
X3 xDrive30d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 218 hp Manual
X3 xDrive25i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 218 hp Automatic transmission
X3 xDrive30i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 272 hp Automatic transmission
X3 xDrive35d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 286 hp Automatic transmission
X3 xDrive20i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 150 hp Manual
X3 xDrive25i – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 218 hp Manual

2006 – 2007


2006 BMW X3

X3 2.0d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 150 hp Manual

2007 – present

X3 xDrive20d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 177 hp Manual
X3 xDrive20d – 5 doors / SUV (E83) 177 hp Automatic transmission

Comments from owners of BMW X3

Drive a BMW X3. That is not off-road jeep is unclear, but nearly won the Dakar.
My X3 2.0d is a mechanical gears. It is very convenient to go anywhere urban and fairly decent cost of 10/100 in the city by air. At long I fell to 6.5 with 130 to 140 km / h Maximum’m picking up a 210 2.0d which is an achievement. X3 ago we had 3 pieces Suzuki Vitara. BMW X3 is far more stable cornering and much better brakes which is important for security. Vitara 4×4 system was good though. X-drive I do not like a lot to me personally because too much power transferred to the front


2009 BMW X3

tires, however you get used to him (which is hard) you can do lots of fun. As I was not off-road jeep and will not pass the lake mud and 45 degree slope, but with good tires will not have any problems in winter and slightly rugged environments.

I have to mention some trouble:
1. manual transmission is a bit crappy and uncomfortable. Clutch also the bad that it was defective and had to be replaced at 26,000 km. Lining eats them too fast but the brakes are used very aggressively.
2. continuously burning bulb.
3. Maintenance is expensive. Change oil and filters etc.

1. That ‘is probably the most flawless model BMW. On 3.0d 204 k.s. His problem is that butterflies is solved at 218 hp
BMW X3 I’ve heard there are problems
2. Diesel, 2.0d your ponavarvyava decent and not greedy. Well, it is preferable 3.0d or sd. More Winnie the Pooh said, more more,,. A Winnie the Pooh was a smart man
3. X3 3.0d automatic I gave my wife three years ago, was used, for 3 years, 131,000 km.


2010 BMW X3

So far I have changed three years:
– Glow plugs (96 Euro 6, original)
– Collector (420 Euro)
The car is currently at 161,000 km, any particular problems so far
4. Very solid car, it’s so ugly that starts like this. Dealers say it is the last real BMW X3, the new will be done in the states and is beautiful but plastic garbage like BMW X5 and BMW X6

Everything written so far applies to the old BMW X3, the new no opinion. Making her test, fun to ride, but it is too early to tell whether the problem is.

As my colleague said, really X3 is probably more seamless model from the BMW service. If you take the second hand of course you have to be careful how and by whom was driving.


2011 BMW X3

In X3, especially for two-liter engine, I think it must be diesel. 2.0i is quite sluggish and spends too much. 2.0d, in normal driving, will give you no more than 10l/100km urban and goes much better than the 2.0i. I would advise you, if you possible can take 2.0d with 177 hp (Not with 150 hp) because it is quieter, more agile and more spending.

The car as a whole, I think, is very good. Very good combination between city car and one for a long time. If you want to keep only one car, this for me is optimal. Behavior on the road is just great and enviable for many other cars. Controls are very nice. Less solid ride even without sport suspension, but I like it and I was impressed.
Also, that’s not going to off road is not true. Yes, it’s not like Land Rover, but behaves like a very decent for this class of vehicles.

Do you own BMW X3?

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