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BMW X5 ReviewBMW X5

History of the model:

5/00 Start of the model, SUV, five-door 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine with 231 hp and 4.4-liter V8 with 286 hp, Head airbags serial.
4/01 three-liter six-cylinder diesel engine with 184 hp
10/01 New 4.6-liter V8 with 346 hp
10/03 Facelift 4/04 New 4.8 iS 360 hp

BMW was impossible to remain free SUV. BMW X5 is not lifted high with Five-wheel drive. BMW bikes are the best that the company offers only 2.3 tons heavy body of BMW X5 largely takes their magic. This is felt most strongly in the small three-liter petrol engine, which has power only in the high turnover and empty 93-liter tank almost as fast as the smallest of the three eight-cylinder motors. The feeling of power in the V8 is great, but the station is clear that the best motor for the diesel BMW X5 actually. His power even at low revs helps not only to ride through difficult terrain, but even in the city keep the clutch slower wear towing large caravans. Diesel is the most recommended, although the full use of the weight limit for towing clutch wear is almost inevitable.


very high quality workmanshipBMW X5
powerful motors
safe driving
enough space


low applicability to difficult terrain
very high costs
limited comfort suspension

Common faults:

Injection: problems with the pump common rail
Electrical installation: frequent cases of depleted battery, isolated cases of incorrect reporting of fuel (forced stop due to running out of gasoline) Three callback in workshops of the company, among them a stronger attachment of the brake pedal and brake hoses.

BMW X5 Models:

BMW X52010 xDrive50i (407 hp)
2010 xDrive40d (306 hp)
2010 xDrive 35d (286 hp) Automatic
2010 xDrive 30d (245 hp)
2009 X5 M 4.4 (555 hp) Automatic
2008 xDrive30d (235 hp) Automatic
2008 xDrive30i (272 hp) Automatic
2008 xDrive48i (355 hp) Automatic
2007 4.8i (355 hp)
2007 3.0si (272 hp)
2007 3.0sd (286 hp)
2007 3.0d (235 hp)

Recently over the internet officially out information that is almost ready new BMW X5 from 2014

2014 BMW X5 is almost ready

2014 BMW X5 should be ready no later than one year. That is why BMW engineers make non-stop tests of the prototype of a future SUV. Thus, the flagship X range has been caught during testing at the Nürburgring racetrack.BMW X5

Despite the camouflage finish, we can see that the design of the BMW X5 2014 is more evolution than revolution to the present generation. Most developments which are expected of SUV would be more under the hood and technologically.

According to various rumors and stories of familiar, BMW X5 2014 will be based on new architecture, which the German company called “X for All”, and that will be used throughout the X-gamma. The new SUV is expected to be 150 pounds lighter than this weight around 2000 kg.

Engine options will include economical hybrid version and 4.4-liter V8 biturbo power and 570 hp successor H5M. Revolutionary model will estimate two-liter diesel with 245 hp and 349 Nm.

According to the authoritative British magazine Autoevolution BMW X5 will be built on a completely new modular platform. The British claim that many of the exterior details will be made of aluminum, which will significantly reduce


the weight of the SUV and moreover will improve its handling.
After the start of sales of the new BMW X5, scheduled for early 2013, the light will appear and an extended version of the model that will offer more space for passengers in the back seat and will be mainly oriented to the Chinese market.”Green” ActiveHybrid will be demonstrated even with the premiere of the model, scheduled for autumn this year under the Paris Motor Show in September. For now everything is held in secrecy.

You should see serial 2014 BMW X5 in the middle of next year and in the showroom – a few months thereafter.

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