Chrysler Sebring

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Chrysler Sebring Review

Chrysler Group, along with General Motors and Ford, Chrysler is one of the Big Three U.S. automakers. With its brands Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM, it is the sixteenth largest carmaker in the world (OICA, 2009).

Chrysler Sebring

2012 Chrysler Sebring

Its history can be traced to 1904, when it was founded macular Briscoe Company, which in 1907 built the largest car factory in the world for its time. In 1913 Walter Flanders bought the company and renamed the Maxwell Motor Company. With 60,000 cars sold in 1914, it is considered one of the largest American manufacturers.

After the recession following the First World War, Walter P. Chrysler acquired controlling shares in it. In 1925 he formed the first Chrysler Corporation Chrysler car – model 70 – appeared back in 1924 In 1926 Turing presented and Imirial. The first years of the Chrysler marked by numerous innovations as the first hydraulic brakes on all four wheels mass production first grooved rim, which prevents puncture be removed from the wheel, rubber engine mounts that limit vibration, etc.

In 30 Chrysler continues with a host of innovations. After WWII, the company is experiencing difficulties, but quickly rebounded in the 40s and 50s to reach top levels in 60s. At this point, Chrysler is the only American car manufacturer that uses unibody / monocoque construction which is subsequently implemented by all other manufacturers in the world.

Chrysler Sebring

Chrysler Sebring Cabrio Interior

In the 60s are Valiant (very successful model in the compact car segment) and the first Chrysler 300. Because of the many legal restrictions and the oil crisis 70 years posed many challenges for Chrysler. In 1978 the company was headed Lee Iacocca, who many reforms, including the introduction of the Mini Max, K-car and minivan, Chrysler was able to recover.

One of the best model in the 70s are LeBaron and Centura; in the 80s – Conquest, Voyager, Saratoga; during the 90 – Cirrus, Concorde, Sebring, Viper. The current portoflio Chrysler includes Chrysler 300 (convertible, sedan, station wagon), PT Cruiser (convertible, hatchback), Sebring (convertible, sedan coupe), Town & Country (minivan). In 2011 presented the new Town & Country and the new Chrysler 200. The following can be examined different models of Chrysler, which were published detailed technical information and specifications.

Chrysler Sebring Modifications and Engines

Sebring LX 1995 104 kW (143 hp) 177 Nm (130 ft-lbs)

Chrysler Sebring

1998 Chrysler Sebring

Sebring LXi 1995 115 kW 219 Nm
Sebring LXi 1996
Sebring Sedan LXi 2002 149 kW 257 Nm
Sebring Sedan LX 2002 112 kW 226 Nm
Sebring Convertible LXi 2002 149 kW 257 Nm
Sebring Convertible LX 2002 112 kW 226 Nm
Sebring Convertible GTC 2002 149 kW 257 Nm
Sebring Coupe 2004 105 kW 209 Nm
Sebring Coupe Limited 2004 147 kW 279 Nm
Sebring Limited Sedan 2004 149 kW 257 Nm
Sebring Sedan 2004 112 kW 219 Nm
Sebring Sedan Limited 2006 173 kW 314 Nm
Sebring Sedan 2006 139 kW 257 Nm
Sebring Sedan 2006 128 kW 225 Nm
Sebring Convertible Limited 2006 175 kW 314 Nm
Sebring Convertible 2006 141 kW 259 Nm
Sebring Convertible 2006 129 kW 224 Nm
Sebring Cabrio 2.0 CRD 2007 103 kW 310 Nm 194 km / h
Sebring Cabrio 2.7 2007 136 kW 256 Nm 196 km / h

Comments from owners of Chrysler Sebring

Chrysler Sebring

2003 Chrysler Sebring

At 40k km car is absolutely new. Stay could be a spec eraser here and there in suspension, but overall I think you change fluids and belts compulsory, and their captain. Drive it slowly at first, you do not know what can be cleaved by pistons, etc., with a light car design has to enter the optimum easily and smoothly.

I had such a Chrysler engine with 2.0 to 3 years ago and with it and now I have a cousin – Dodge Stratus 2005 2.4.Na first timing belt on paper gave it 100,000 miles and I would not hurry to change it to 1 / 4 of its resources. Freon too. – If the air conditioning works well, just do not give him hard time in the beginning, until the strap softens and I sing. He has no refrigerant within the resource and if it is not ‘escaped’ and your air conditioning cools well nothing to think. The factory antifreeze also gave him 100,000 miles, but it has some corrosion mixed fillers and standing without spinning breaks really. Look good – if dark, but the color is …. ‘Smooth and sleek’ No problem. If you stay cloudy and drab – change! Buy any writing in the book. The first plant is different and will not find it. Castrol Edge Oil 5W25 used the Chrysler and Dodge, and it drives a Castrol Edge 0W30. Pricey, but motor runs noticeably quieter and smoother. I think it’s worth it.

Chrysler Sebring

2009 Chrysler Sebring Cabrio

To enjoy it longer – like any other car, do not delay oil changes, do not think that driving a tank or it will change at the end of this ‘speed section’ and it got longer. The front dampers of Chrysler did not have a strong position. Originally, were surprisingly different from the original Dodge and died at about 50.000 km (mostly in town driving). Then the car was still my brother and he replaced them with some of Monroe (the best flash clone of Sebring, which offer Monroe) but did not pass much. Then order by part number the same as the Dodge of the original states, and asleep. They sold the car to 110,000 km without Move. If the car still has its original tires Good Year Eagle LS, although season do not attempt to drive them now winter. – Throw them. Rubber is ‘dead’ now, after so many years. My keep them a long time because there were a lot more deep tread, but had hardened, I could not scratch with your fingernail board! After a nail-biting stop them waved. If something in particular is – ask boldly.

Edit: I forgot that the original and the front discs are not very good. Apparently materiyal is shoddy. And Chrysler Dodge and I change them once because of distortion. I guess it is not recommended for deep draft ice puddles after long shutdowns.

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