Dacia Logan

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Dacia Logan Review

Dacia Logan

2012 Dacia Logan

There is no dispute that the car changes the strategies of many other brands because they achieved success in the market, not only in Europe. Traditional Romanian Dacia marks built on solid technique and proposed by Renault Logan on literally dumped. Logan is equipped with only the most necessary and although undergone a slight facelift retain its practical form, which provides easy entry and exit from the compartment and plenty of space for passengers and luggage.

The main petrol engine is a 1.4 liter proven fighter Renault, though already quite outdated. This engine is too weak, while not spending less and growling loudly when you exceed 110 km / h Unfortunately, Logan does not have side airbags, and some versions even missing servo, but for the money – so. In fact, it is comfortable and spacious family car, albeit spartan equipped for less than € 7,000. However, it is advisable to select a higher version of the equipment.

Dacia Logan

2012 Dacia Logan Combi

The boot holds 445 liters, and although she was not upholstered / isolated form is appropriate. Once opened, it is easy to back myself because weak shock absorbers to keep it open.

The chassis is balanced settings, the suspension is rather soft and absorbs most bumps well. The car stands firmly on the road, except for larger and more uneven load. For more dynamic driving in bends Logan kept within normal limits.

The steering system is one of the weaknesses of Logan: wheel reacts well, but is not sufficiently direct and does not provide adequate contact with the road under the car. If the servo drive version without add and effort needed during cornering. Maneuvering in such a situation would be pleased even less, because the steering wheel is four and a half turns from full left to full right – it’s just trained. Otherwise, the wheel spins very smoothly, and the turning circle is average value.

Dacia Logan

2012 Dacia Logan

The brakes are also included in the average statistics tend to be even better half. Stopping distance from 100 to 0 km / h is 38 m (average of 10 measurements at half load total capacity of car tires and serial). Spontaneous brake response and titrate well.

Service intervals are Logan every 15,000 km or once a year. 1.4 liter petrol engine to replace a timing belt 60,000 km or fourth year.

Pros: very good workmanship + + + visibility front easily upload + comfortable seating and enough space + large trunk + hanging + very comfortable and affordable to buy and to maintain

Cons: noisy and lazy engine (1.4 petrol), no side airbags, head restraints short-ESP not available

Modifications and engines Dacia Logan

2005 – 2008

Dacia Logan

2008 Dacia Logan

Logan 1.4 – 4 door / Sedan 75 hp Manual
Logan 1.6 – 4 door / Sedan 87 hp Manual

2006 – 2008

Logan 1.5 dCi – 4 door / Sedan 68 hp Manual
Logan 1.6 16V – 4 door / sedan 105 hp Manual

2007 – 2008

Logan MCV 1.6 16V – 5-door / wagon 105 hp Manual
Logan MCV 1.5 dCi – 5 door / wagon 68 hp Manual
Logan MCV 1.4 – 5 door / wagon 75 hp Manual
Logan MCV 1.6 – 5 door / wagon 87 hp Manual

2008 – present

Sandero 1.4 – 5 doors / hatchback 75 hp Manual
Sandero 1.6 – 5 doors / hatchback 87 hp Manual
Logan MCV 1.6 16V – 5-door / wagon 105 hp Manual
Logan MCV 1.6 – 5 door / wagon 87 hp Manual
Logan MCV 1.4 – 5 door / wagon 75 hp Manual

Comments from users on Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan

2008 Dacia Logan

Each car is worth after 5 d 1/3 of the price!
Here is an example

New VW Golf price € 18 000
New Dacia Logan € 8,000

Selling a fifth year VW Golf for € 6000
Selling a fifth year Dacia Logan for € 2500

It turns out that with that Golf lost € 11,500
Dacia Logan with a € 5,000

It is clear that the price will not offer luxury, but this is hardly the purpose thereof is released I think for people who currently have a Ford, Opel, etc. of 15 years for example .. No extras, but it is a new car (I guess) inexpensive maintenance and low cost. I currently have a Ford Escort 91 years and wonder whether to take the lease terms.
Post? I’m interested – cost of fuel, maintenance and supplies overall impression.

Dacia Logan

2011 Dacia Logan

On Dacia Logan is now normal to quality and lower. However, the factory has recently started to work again, and so is modernized I very well remember the Skoda Favorit, Forman, etc. who were among the first that were released after the full acquisition of Skoda and were not ideal. So will the Dacia importantly Romanians preserved plants.

From 1-2 months’m Dacia Sandero 1.2 16V because I have a lot of walking here – that way I’d done about 1000 km. (I got it almost new for several months and 2,000 km.). I can not say big impression, because recently I have with it, but I have an idea what this is about. Before I drove two years Lada 2105 (1.3 petrol, 65 horses) and two years Renault Clio 1.9D, 65 horses. I read somewhere that Renault 65 horses fared Sandero more than 75 horses … I think Sandero pulls over and starts and maximum speed (with a bit of course, but I feel better Dacia). And I’m like you calm driver and these 75 horses almost always reach my already busy and Bajram will grieve if forestallest … but do not forget that last detected l./100 consumption of 5.3 km. which is great, having in mind that I drove and urban. We do not know for reliability, but from what I’ve read and heard, Dacia are iron and bash for our good roads. As the prices of services and supplies go through the site, there is a lot written about them.

Dacia Logan

2011 Dacia Logan Combi

He aspirated diesel Renault has never been either a dynamic or economical.
Its quality is that it is simple and inexpensive to manufacture and maintain, so long as time wore (Clio 1, Clio 2, Renault Megane 1 Cango).
Even in Clio 1 (which is much lighter and Dacia Sandero and Clio 2) it’s still full of the dead. A Clio 2 is some 100 kilograms heavier.
So do not believe.
People who claim to have spent less and dynamic – just have not ridden and I think it is diesel, it is necessarily economical. What’s not

The machine is ideal for a taxi! They described it in the AUTO BILD. Germans write for Dacia Logan – wagon – TAXI and the problems associated with them (almost none for the 1.5 diesel) for ralika of Turan, which is disappointing. In Germany there are taxis.

Dacia Logan

2009 Dacia Logan 1.5 dCi Combi

TAXI car I was more than perfect. For professional – too. My view first hand – quite agile in urban environments primarily due to short gearing. At least in ours, it is lightweight option two places. You can travel options are a bit longer speeds. But it goes pretty well and burn properly as gaits.

Colleague we have official Dacia Logan 5 years now. There was no problem. Not broke but I do not like that 1.4 petrol. This engine comes weak as her body is quite heavy. Hard TIR ahead and that it will also ABS sucks. Last winter I drove like an urban corner was threw a car. Before me there was another that moved. Fellow in front of me hit the brakes and of course I also like to slip … well it drove a great distance would otherwise be hit severely. On roads also doing well as it is high. The front is solid.

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