Development of the new Mazda RX-7 delayed

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Test the rotary engine volume 1.6 liters and power 300 hp.

Designers and engineers at Mazda are working hard on the next sports car brand with a rotary engine, however, will be ready only in 2017 was the deadline announced by the company boss Nobuhiro Yamamoto told reporters.

The general opinion of experts is that the model quite late and this can be fatal. Mazda 2 years ago stopped production of the RX-8 and no longer representative of the segment.

Meanwhile, competitors are not sleeping. Toyota and Subaru has released its GT86 and BRZ, sold successfully. A luxury division Lexus spend large amounts limited LFA, which competes with cars like Ferrari.

In addition, Nissan announced as one of its priorities the imposition of GT-R, which successfully compete with the Porsche 911 Turbo. Honda returned to the market NSX, Alfa Romeo and is ready for its 4C. Not sleeping and American rivals – General Motors has released Corvette Stingray, and Chrysler – a new SRT Viper.

Meanwhile let Mazda rotary engine in the background and focus on the development of gasoline and diesel technologies Skyactiv. However, the information suggests that future RX-7 rotary engine will receive. Its volume will be 1.6 liters, as the first test has achieved output of 300 hp The exterior of the model will be even borrowed largely from the concept Kabura (pictured).

“So far I can confirm that we will use this bike – Yamamoto said. – But do not rule out a future version to have a turbo, but the early stages rather not rely on such an increase in power.”

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