Dispute: 10 Years Old Mercedes-Benz or a Brand New Car From a Cheaper Manufacturer

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Here’s an interesting discussion that we found in the forums. What do you think on the ISSUES?

What would you take – 9-10 years maintained Mercedes or a brand new car of the same brand of casual money and roughly the same dimensions and features. I’d definitely take new!

2001 Mercedes C-class C180 W204

On the contrary, it could be December 9-10 year buy Mercedes for the price of a new Honda Accord. Maybe cheaper to find even (Mercedes)!

I would not buy a car, just wondering because my husband sell Volvo, which was bought brand new almost 10 years and is very well maintained throughout and had been very pleased with it for no money and a new car from mark and it sucks double money. From how the Chinese bought Volvo no longer going to get from this brand, otherwise by now almost all my life just drove Volvo.

I officially Volvo 240. Bought brand new direct from the factory in Gothenburg Sweden. For almost 100 thousand kilometers. collapsing only starter. It was made as a toy (starter). But it fucking, because I moved over short distances with frequent use of the starter. Poor Volvo had seen service. There were no sets for sale. Then head rode in a Lada, but it is a very large company (can not say the name). A Volvo scored it as a laboratory drive past a million dollar contract, or in those days was very difficult.

Everyone was jealous, but nobody dared boss to take his Volvo.

2001 Mercedes E-class E200 W210

My successors in the work and Volvo crash happened on plates.
I’ve driven a lot of cars, but Volvo’s stability without error. I can only compare with Mercedes.

Vote for a Mercedes-Benz!

2012 Ford Fiesta

I personally would take her and not even 10 years but 20 years of Mercedes, because you are more healthy and more beautiful. Much can be said on this subject, but for the Lord, which were old cars have only one question, what is new on the VW Golf 4 and the Ford Focus in 2003 compared with Mercedes from 1995? Apparently you’ve never picked up in a Mercedes, but it’s your choice, you can decide what to drive. I have a Mercedes for 20 years and I would not change it either, it was a new Ford Fiesta, which it is moving at 100 miles per hour, you feel that you fly every time. Nor has the same comfort or quality of materials or in the comfort of your car or strength or anything! And not to mention that it goes much more expensive to drive a new car than a real health beast!

What do you think about this dispute? Do you prefer brand new cheap car, or 10 years old Mercedes-Benz?

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