Dodge Dakota

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Who would want such a convertible Dodge Dakota?

Dodge Dakota

Dodge Dakota Cabrio

Here it is really a “cool car”. We bring to your attention a very rare Dodge Dakota Convertible Truck, which has appeared on eBay. This is only one of the 909 units constructed in 1990. Otherwise, there are about 3000 pieces produced between 1989 and 1990.

And if before there was any doubt, we will clarify that the roof is missing, but it is completely factory and does not include any additional intervention from a tuner or something. Many of the open pickups were destroyed in the Cash for Clunkers – a program that allows owners to sell their old cars and trakove and receive a discount against them when they want to buy a new car. But having said that no one tuner has nothing to do with the lack of a roof, it is not fully applicable to the car. In fact, it appears that someone has tinkered a bit with this convertible Dakota. The list placed on eBay, says that there are several modifications including alloy wheels Eagle, slightly lower suspension, alarm system, and an exhaust system with a very deep sound.

Dodge Dakota

Dodge Dakota Cabrio

In fact, you can be sure that everyone has the opportunity to go with this pickup even less busy street will cause people to turn to. . . From factory Dodge Dakota Convertible came out with 3.9-liter V6 engine, but many enthusiasts prefer Dakota on the base unit to replace the V8 version. Moreover, talking about pretty light truck, so the presence of the more powerful engine makes it real “dzver.”

In fact, even a Dodge Shelby version of the standard version of the Dakota. Sadly, that is not open truck from the factory received a nice V8. If anyone is interested, he should know that such a car is definitely a good investment because its price will only bounce. . .

The truth is that few probably realize that there is no factory pickups.

Ram is an independent brand. Dodge Dakota is under question

Dodge Dakota

Dodge Dakota SLT

Recently Ram is a separate sub-brand of Chrysler. In this line of thought, however, will not clear the future of low-selling pickup Dodge Dakota. At a press conference held on Wednesday, the new CEO of the Ram division Fred Diaz said he is preparing alternate model Dodge Dakota.

Production of this version of the Dodge Dakota will be completed in 2011. Then other members of the Chrysler model line will join a new pickup with monocoque. Obviously that can be made parallels between this future pickup and upcoming Honda Ridgeline, which also has a monocoque.

So far General Motors have postponed projects Denali XT. From Toyota also canceled plans for a production concept car A-BAT.

It is said that a Dodge Dakota replacement will probably be based on the Dodge Rampage concept since 2006. This car has been taken well by the media and society.

Production of the Dodge Dakota began in 1987. Currently, the truck is manufactured at the plant of Chrysler in Warren, Michigan.

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