Ford Escape

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Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape with premiere in Los Angeles

Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape

Tests of the new Ford Escape to an end and most likely the official launch of the model will be at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. The design of the new SUV will be in the style of the Ford Kuga and will close tightly so the concept Vertek.

These days, the company presented the new multimedia system that will find a place in the new model. This development is known MyFord, but also the functions of navigation, telephone and radio, using her driver can adjust and work the air conditioning.

Thus the number of buttons in the near future we can expect a revolution in interior design in cars. This decision is expected to see in the new Mercedes S-Class, which we will see until next year.

The new Ford Escape parked himself

The new Ford Escape, 2013 model that will go on sale a few months in the U.S. at a price of 31,000 dollars, is a very advanced car in technologically informed Mashable.

The car has the latest version of MyFord Touch 2.0, which is actually the technology Microsoft Sync. The car has a large 8-inch screen on the dashboard, which is divided into four panels connected to a smartphone music, navigation and air conditioning.

The updated version of the MyFord Touch is simplified as representatives of Ford and most of the commands can be voice (the system understands 20,000 different commands), including adjustment of the temperature selection of songs and calls through your Bluetooth connected smartphone.

Ford Escape

2013 Ford Escape

The car is lined with sensors that help the driver to park in the garage without touching the walls to go after e parked in a place which does not take that sees another car coming in either direction, to know if there is a car in his blind zone. Most striking is that the car can park itself without parallel driver to use the steering wheel (from what Ford called Active Park Assist).

The sensors have a different purpose. They work together with key Ford Escape, which has integrated radio sensor. When the driver is close to the car and touch the door handle, she understands that he bears within itself the key and automatically unlocks. If your hands are busy, but you want to open the trunk, just go to the car and put your foot under the rear bumper and tailgate opens automatically. When he put his foot where it closes.

New Ford Escape hybrid

Escape SUV model change in 2013 will be presented in Los Angeles next month. Some details are available now and, unfortunately, we have to disappoint fans of hybrids – gasoline-electric version of the Escape will be carried over.

Instead, there will be two versions, equipped with proprietary turbo EcoBoost – two liters, capable of delivering the same power as a conventional six-cylinder engine, but at the same time the head of his superior in efficiency and 1.6-liter, which exhibits are consistent with the former hybrid version. New products developed in accordance with the concept Ford Verterk, charges brought earlier this year in Detroit.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape Hybrid

Ford Escape Hybrid on the market since 2004, the peak sales came in 2007 when it sold 21,386 units. Last year, sales totaled only 11,182 vehicles, although the total amount of realized Escape Hybrid has exceeded the mark of 100,000 units.

This is the first hybrid, which is produced in the U.S., although all technologies, including the transmission, were purchased from Toyota.

Replacing the Ford Escape Hybrid in “green” line of U.S. auto giant will be small minivan C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid that will reach the market next year.

The first one is 25% more economical than petrol-electric SUV. As with all new Ford, these models will be created in the “global” C-platform, which allows him to build a small sedan, SUV and full size. This should increase the flexibility of production and Ford to deliver significant savings.

However, future innovation will no longer have to drive all four wheels – in this sense in the coming years in a hybrid line-up will be yawning gap.

Third service share for Ford Escape / Kuga

After the first two service campaigns for Ford Escape / Kuga in July, cover about 20,000 vehicles, the model would be summoned again for re-examination due to concerns of fire in the engine compartment. The new campaign will affect the manufacturer copies of the 6146 models built between October 5, 2011 – Aug. 31, 2012. These statistics cover the U.S. and Canada will be serviced for about 1300 machines.

Comments from owners of Ford Escape / Kuga

Ford Escape

Ford Kuga is the European version of Ford Escape

I think Ford have a bad car. Generally tolerate more Japanese brands like Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi, but also offer powerful Ford cars with good design, adequate facilities and bargains.

A friend has such a machine and recently told me that behaved very stable on the road – definitely very pleased that you took. And said she bought a very favorable lease terms.

And now my first impressions. Ride a car for a few days, but you can not gain real insight, at least briefly. Yesterday and today, however, did little journey. Relatively good time, “Highway” and high light moments of the mountain. But in any case, not off-road! I dare not “fry” the engine yet but I drove along the highway from 120 to 140, as 140 km / h about tachometer showed 2700 rpm / min (this is from memory).

Dynamics relatively good. Comparatively, for the low speed feels a bit clumsy, but the average speed is quite elastic. Hopefully by porazraboti be more elastic. A similar effect had with my wife’s Fiesta. So for now my fingers crossed. During the 3 days city: ~ 163 km to 16.29 (Fill to the top: before and after) -> ~ 10l/100km weekend-a (ie urban): 7.9 l/100km average expense under Board Company -a. I saw a lot, but will follow it.

Ford Escape

Ford Escape interior

Maybe the new engine is normally given a higher initial cost. Now some subjective impression: the overall level of the occupants is higher and the sense in driving and riding a crossover-but amazing. Roughly eye level falls just above the roof of a car the likes of Ford Mondeo. Cornering is held steady – not that I’ve done some special experiments but I feel the centrifugal force wants to throw me out of the seat but because of their design (seat has side boards) body stays in the seat.

The windscreen is quite large and allows for very good visibility. Mirrors are also great you with a big +. For headlights have no opinion (only tunnels but I do not know) – I hope you are better – the way you look. The boot is not the biggest but I’ll live somehow. And finally, with the escort and fiesta doing very well make excellent parking, but now is not. Unfortunately I get the dimensions slightly larger, low visibility is not so good and I have parking sensors.

Now some new impressions. This time, the average cost (as a company) is 6.9 l / 100 km. Round trip ~ 210 km, which is much better than the last result of urban. The other thing is (you can imagine in December) that the car is a bit more flexible. At low speeds, it is short of Engine Power for a moment but overall behavior is very good. There was a question in the above answers if the engine is not weak. Here is the answer: for some it may be weak else is OK. On me and now my October Just to say that Toyota Rav 4 is the same weight with the larger engine (2.2 hp), the same Engine Power – 136 hp, but … less torque – 310 Nm (Abe go and drive like you .. you do not like. Everything is subjective)

Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape

Like last time, and I’m excited about the behavior of the road and cornering. For now drive with optional Comfort. We tried a little off-road capabilities – it is something special, and we can spend fiesta hill (slower), but it was the general consensus is, how I’m still waiting somewhere on mud or wet grass to see what’s otherwise a loose stone journey was relatively comfortable with these rollers. Actually quite a big advantage when passing through the holes.

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