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Ford Focus Review

Ford Focus

Ford Focus 2006

World car scene is rarely witnessed such a radical change of course, any place Ford in 1998, when Cologne branch of the giant not just to past the legendary Escort, and entered a new era, radically changing its design, manufacturing and marketing philosophy.

Even the novice name was chosen after extensive consultation among fans of the brand and did not have nothing to do with the name of thirty predecessor. While ingeniously simple idea of hiding kyolntsi many pitfalls. Short so brutally in the past, Ford has finally received a chance to climb up from the eternal third place in the compact class after the Volkswagen Golf and Opel Kadett / Astra.

For three decades Escort had become an institution with which fans of the brand always complied. Completely different conception successor would risk alienating many with his extravagant appearance and almost zero connection with the traditions of the company. Six years after his debut Ford Focus already has a rich biography not only in world markets. In addition to changes to notions of automobile design, turned into “Car of the Year” in a dozen countries and returned to Ford among leaders in the world ralishampionat, the model clearly shows that revolutionary changes are sometimes more efficient than evolutionary.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Hatchback 2003

According to statistics Ford Focus not only has nothing to do with quality as its predecessor, but there seems every reason to challenge the leadership of the “Emperor” Golf. For buyers of used cars, it means only one thing – they can get an equally reliable vehicle at a lower price. To their joy compact Ford Focus has retained at least this feature of the mark and by the traditions depreciate much faster than their competitors.

In recent years, were written thousands of pages of design over New Edge, whose first representatives were notably Ford Ka and Ford Focus. The fact is that most of the skeptics proved wrong path when predicted rapid aging of the extravagant style. Ford Focus now also seems fresh and innovative as six years ago. The best thing here is that in the futuristic exterior lies a great fit and excellent corrosion protection.

More information about Ford Focus

Ford Focus Body

of the adults with an endoscope – pedantry, as they are capable of only Germans – not showing the most rudimentary microscopic rust. Thick layers of protective cover and the last joint to the body, which guarantees more than longevity.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Sedan 2008

The panel is not like anyone but proved surprisingly functional in view of using Ford Focus rust can be seen only in places where mechanical injuries accidentally skipped stones.

By submitting Escort retired with Ford not only replaced the most general model. In Cologne were imposed new standards of excellence, whose strict adherence to their shows at a glance in Ford Focus. For any other model of the company have not heard much praise as in his address. Time still leaves its mark, and childhood diseases everyone seems unavoidable in any rookie of road shows. In the compact Ford could be expressed in not-so-perfect fit of

The interior of Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Interior 2008

cars in the first few months when production is still absorbed. And this was not the use of poor materials and components of the interior, which sooner or later begin to issue unpleasant sounds – mainly at the rear of the cabin. Disadvantages of extravagant lounge Focus-s from 1999 onwards and difficult to find even the staunchest critics.

After 70-80000 km there is a redundant check of damper dynamometer grades they received in compact Ford Focus early in his career of almost all journals are confirmed by extensive testing of the specimens used in almost all European countries. The conclusions are all in one tone – present in Cologne were not produced as a quality product. For six years


Ford Focus Engines

mounted on the Ford Focus are catapulted Alicia many miles in all conditions and give full evidence to suggest that in Ford really have surpassed yourself. The range consists of gasoline engines with a capacity of 1.4 (75 hp), 1.6 (100 hp), 1.8 (115 hp) and 2.0 (130 hp) liter, the latter exists in vesrii forced by 173 and 215 horses for top modifications ST170 and RS. For fans of diesel are two versions of familiar from previous 1.8-liter engine with 75 or 90 hp depending on the filling, then supply it with Common Rail in January 2001 drives – 100 and 115 hp.

Although still young age of the Forf Focus, concerns about the quality of the control part are redundant. If you believe the technical services, serious problems are excluded. Most criticism related to engines and garnish with tears in her eyes “problems” of this scale. The choice of modification depends on the tastes of the buyer.Standard three-year life of the exhaust apply in Ford Focus. Rusting fixtures and most recommended is still 1.6-liter engine whose 100 horsepower do equally well in the narrow streets and the highway. Basic version with 75 hp recommended primarily for urban areas. Each horsepower top adds adrenaline – especially in two-liter versions, but it also affects fuel consumption. Common Rail-diesel, natural cultured won all his speed, power supplies and little appetite, but unfortunately TDCi-modifications are still too expensive asset

Ford Focus

Ford Focus 2002 Interior

because of his age.

In early 2001, Ford changed the geometry of the rear axle of the Focus, which fell only a serious deficiency

Suspension of Ford Focus

Expressed in loud sounds, some of which are caused by tires. Otherwise chassis virtually no defects – assessment, which gave many professionals already in 1998th on the chassis of the Ford Focus. From the times when the ride of the Escort was likened to a cart, not a trace remained. Damping filtered roughness significantly better, while maintaining tight German driving experience. After 70-80 thousand km but is not redundant checks at the bench, since their effectiveness is not reduced equally and usually one works better than the other. In rare cases, from large components of the chassis to form surface rust. Her character is beauty and there are special reasons for concern.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Interior

Ford Focus Electrical System

Single signals are false indications on-board computer. Most often it is a wrong signals the electronics for damage to ABS. Affect vehicles in the first few months of production, then the problem disappears.

Owners and professionals are united around the opinion that the Ford Focus is one of the most pleasant surprises in the automotive world in the last 5-6 years. With this model ford managed to get rid of not-so-lovely image Escort and although not defeated Golf, made a serious request for reversal of the top positions in the compact class. The upcoming premiere of the second generation model does surely move and the market for used vehicles, where the compact Ford and is spent without any cheaper than most competitors.

Comments from owners of Ford Focus:

My car is kept well in urban environments and is relatively weak for extra (but for me it is ample, with 120-140 km / h up to allow myself to drive it). Otherwise – I think Ford is enough comfortable and stable on the road.

A friend took his Ford Focus 1.6 diesel 110 horse two weeks ago. Brand new from Ford. First impression – everything is in place does not pretend to luxury, but everything in it is very practical. A little – is noisy in the cabin than it gets expected. Not that too much, but felt. Very pleasant surprise me ride – expected to be much – hard. For the dynamics of the bike yet nothing can be said as a mode of development – led to the 2100 – 2200 rpm, but feels that it is going quite well. To me personally I liked – I bought one.

Good ride, nothing to do with previous models of Ford (Escort and others). Generally good equipment for good money. But you judge.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Combi 2008

According to the father of a friend who works in the service of Ford, that Ford is pretty good. Man is generally of the opinion that Ford is not the best choice, which has its reasons, but I think there is a look at their cars and there is probably why it says. Indicative prices are high on the secondary market for the model. Nothing to do with the problem of a Ford Escort time. Everything is put right at home and nothing is missing. Personally, I in this class cars manufactured this year I took my focus.

I think its main advantages in Ford Focus are: Good brakes, spends very little fuel
Cons: very soft suspension, where the rear seat is quite small

If you own Ford Focus, or have contact with this car, please write your comment to help other people to choose the right vehicle.

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