Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang Review

New drag version of the Ford Mustang in 2012

ford mustang

Ford Mustang 2012 Shelby GT500

Drag car Cobra Jet, which is based on the Mustang and the company offers Ford, will receive a new version in 2012, which will be built on the familiar machine debuted at SEMA show in 2009.

The most significant change to her will be the installation of a completely new 5.4-liter V8 engine and supercharged, the latter can be of two volumes – 2.3 and 4.0 liters. Also there would be upgraded and braking system Strange Engineering,

The new Cobra Jet will be a limited edition of 50 copies, and this, and the price starts at $ 91 900. Note, however, that the vehicle is necessary documents for use on public roads and may be used only for drag runs.

Ford Mustang will receive a four-cylinder engine

Iconic American muscle car Ford Mustang is on its way soon to get two new engines, and interestingly, one will be four.

ford mustang

Ford Mustang 2012

It is a 2.3-liter turbine engine with direct injection of fuel, whose power will be around 250 to 260 hp The engine will be based on the 2.0-liter EcoBoost, but has a completely new cylinder block.

Another new engine, which Ford will be prepared by displacement is 2.7 liters. It will be a six-cylinder, but it has no data. In addition to the Mustang, it will also be installed Fusion and Edge, a four-will be used by some models of Lincoln.

These engines Ford Mustang will be retained for the time being, only the 5.0-liter Coyote will undergo upgrading anytime soon. It is not clear when to expect the appearance of four-engine, six-cylinder while the mentions in 2015.

Ford Mustang Shelby revealed with power 1000 hp

For many years, Shelby has created one of the best finishes to Ford Mustang, which is why they are selling the official dealers of Ford. With his latest project, however, the company wants to surpass itself.

ford mustang

ford mustang GT

To develop the prototype Shelby Code Red U.S. tuners have joined forces with partners Nelson Racing Engines, for the moment the vehicle is only one piece, and it is unclear whether it will go into production.

Shelby Code Red is equipped with 5.4-liter engine of the Ford Mustang, but whose power is increased to a whopping 1,000 hp and its maximum torque is 1,400 Nm. The company Nelson Racing Engines, which has spread pictures and video say Shelby Code Red is able to develop 200 miles per hour, which is about 320 km / h

The machine also features 20-inch wheels, six-piston brakes and six-speed double-clutch transmission. Representatives of both companies say they are already two years working on the project, which leads us to think that their work will hardly wasted and the car will soon be released.

Impressive tuning Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 from 1967

At the 2010 SEMA tuning exhibition, held recently in the U.S. city of Las Vegas, the local company Classic Recreations

ford mustang

ford mustang 67

present quite an interesting reworking of the iconic Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 from 1967.

The car is called GT500CR, the last two letters came from Classic Recreations, and willing to get a real gem that will have to be divided by the sum of $ 119 000.

Classic Recreations engineers have done much mechanical improvements led to an increase in capacity of 7.0-liter engine to 545 hp The gearbox was replaced with a new Tremec, and the suspension in the air.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500CR retains the authentic look of the original model, standing on the seat Shelby signature of Carl and decorative elements on the dashboard, door panels and steering wheel are wooden.

Team Classic Recreations reveals that continues his work on the classic car, the next show in Las Vegas will show even more powerful version, which will be called Venom and deliver 780 hp.

All versions of the Ford Mustang came out now

Ford Mustang V

4.0 i V6 (305 Hp) 2011
4.0 i V6 12V (212 Hp) 2005
4.0 i V6 (205 Hp) 2004-2005
4.6 i V8 GT (304 Hp) 2004

Ford Mustang Convertible V

ford mustang

ford mustang 1967

4.6 i V8 24V (304 Hp) cabriolet 2005
4.0 i V6 12V (212 Hp) cabriolet 2005

Ford Mustang Convertible IV

4.6 i V8 32V Cobra R (395 Hp) cabriolet 2003-2005
4.6 V8 32V Cobra (324 Hp) cabriolet 1999-2005
4.6 V8 GT (263 Hp) cabriolet 1998-2005
4.6 V8 GT (228 Hp) cabriolet 1998-2005
3.8 V6 (190 Hp) cabriolet 1998-2005
3.8 V6 GT (152 Hp) cabriolet 1998-1999
4.6 V8 GT (215 Hp) cabriolet 1995-1997
3.8 V6 (147 Hp) cabriolet 1993-1997
5.0 GT (218 Hp) cabriolet 1993-1995

Ford Mustang IV

4.6 i V8 32V Mach I (305 Hp) 2003-2004
4.6 i V8 32V Cobra R (390 Hp) 2003-2004
4.6 V8 32V Cobra (320 Hp) 1999-2002
4.6 V8 GT (263 Hp) 1998-2004
3.8 V6 (190 Hp) 1998-2004
4.6 V8 GT (215 Hp) 1995-1997
4.6 V8 Cobra (305 Hp) 1993-1997
3.8 V6 (152 Hp) 1993-1997
3.8 V6 (147 Hp) 1993-1997
5.0 GT (218 Hp) 1993-1995

Ford Mustang III

ford mustang

Ford Mustang Interior

4.9 V8 (228 Hp) 1983-1993
2.3 i (106 Hp) 1978-1993

Ford Mustang Convertible III

4.9 V8 (228 Hp) cabriolet 1978-1993
2.3 i (106 Hp) cabriolet 1978-1993

Ford Mustang Convertible I

4.7 V8 (271 Hp) 1964-1974
4.7 V8 (210 Hp) 1964-1974
4.2 V8 (164 Hp) 1964-1974
2.8 V6 (101 Hp) 1964-1974

Ford Mustang I

4.7 V8 (271 Hp) 1964-1974
4.7 V8 (210 Hp) 1964-1974
4.2 V8 (164 Hp) 1964-1974
2.8 v6 (101 Hp) 1964-1974

Comments from owners of Ford Mustang

I personally drove Ford Mustang convertible in America, from Detroit to Key West, and died with joy. The average cost

ford mustang

Ford Mustang Interior

for the entire time was 9.1/100 km. Very pleasantly surprised by the pace and behavior and on the road. Well turns and leaves the impression of “honest” car – if you want to have a record at the Nürburgring – is not it, but if you want to have something beautiful is going well and is more GT – Mustang is for you. This bike can touch …

Very tight suspension, front is almost the same as BMW e36/e46, only tampons and everything is times thicker and bigger. parts of Europe are easy to order from the internet without any problems, prices are as BMW or some things cheaper. pads and discs available from EMU if you want quality, there are some nameless for less money.

the brakes on some models are a bit weak – it is easier to put drives and apparatus GT.

rear suspension is just like mushroom soup and holds a lot of fighting.

may possibly be one gasket leak but differential changes for two hours very simple and it costs € 9.

pretty healthy speed and clutch, automatic surprisingly pleasant to drive.

seeking premium model, because the interior is much better

ford mustang

Ford Mustang Cabrio

music take shaker 500.1000 no sense because the bass in the trunk frame is mega ugly and you assume all place. 500 comes with a separate bass amp and two in the front doors and the sound is more than good … or take your music and not your own doing.

will certainly want to do the suspension stiffer and lower springs are around 200 euros.

body sheet metal is good and does not decay (I saw a Mercedes four years with rust eyebrows) can occur hives at the edge of the hood – aluminum is welded edge where the water condensation inflated suit, that is their only childhood disease bodywork.

expense – my compressor is not very authoritative but lately gives me 16.5 – 18 with serious urban riding … If attached to a long 125 km / h on cruise control gives me 9.8, I guess V6 will be less.

Note that the V6 has a different front bumper and grille and is not as aggressive in appearance. my opinion is honestly looking GT.

ford mustang

Ford Mustang

for all who will say that the maintenance of this car is hard – big mistake made is so easy and simple, the idea is the statistical average Joe can serve it with pliers and wire in the yard of the farm in Alabama …

I always pick BMW itself and straight th reborn with the Mustang, everything is thought out to be easy …. and for everything BMW has a special tool (not yet, and BMW dealers have to eat …. (nothing to do with functionality)

Walk a lot, spends a surprisingly decent for such a car very easy to repair, parts are not expensive. The car is worth in my opinion.And most importantly – more or less this is exotic car.

Do you own Ford Mustang?

If you own Ford Mustang or have contact with this car, please give your rating and write your opinion for this car to can help other people choose right vihicle!

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