Honda Fit

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All-electric Honda Fit Ev (review)

Honda Fit Ev can be defined as a well executed, a small, all-electric hatchback. It’s fast, behave and received the highest performance rating in EPA. With Honda Fit Ev can go 131 km. with one battery charge.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit

Unfortunately, not everyone can obtain this model of Honda. The electric car will be launched in 2013-2014 years as it will be produced only 1,100 units.

The aim of the Honda Fit Ev is to give a real idea of how much can be used in electric cars Honda, how they behave on the road and what is needed for future large market all-electric vehicles.

The maximum torque of the Honda Fit Ev is 265 Hm, the maximum speed is limited to 144 km / h

Honda Fit Ev uses a lithium-ion battery lithium oxide titanievo cells (Toshiba), as its capacity is 20 kWh. The battery is mounted on the floor under the rear seat. Hole filling is placed on the left front fender, and is marked with LEDs that light up during charging.

Honda Fit Ev has built 6.6 kW charger, which means that the full charge capacity of the battery takes less than three hours.

In developing the Honda Fit Ev has paid special attention to aerodynamics. The front and rear fascia, bumpers and sill are specially designed to reduce airflow around EVs. The rear window is mounted spoiler and specially made.

Taken together, these changes reduced the drag coefficient by 14%.

Aboveground car battery requires to be slightly raised. This needs to be increased plastic trim around the edges and wheels to balance the pitch.

The rear seat is also raised and stickers are back by 4 degrees. When one sits in the back seat and ample legroom, but the distance between the human head and the ceiling is limited to 5 cm

Driving Pleasure

Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

The design of the Honda Fit Ev is given special attention in building the highest-rated fuel efficiency while maintaining driving pleasure.

Like most of the new cars today, Honda Fit Ev offers a choice of driving modes – Normal, Sport and energy saving mode “Eco”. Mode selection is done by buttons on the left projection of the dashboard behind the steering wheel.

Normal driving mode offers 75 kW (101 hp), which is sufficient for most everyday applications.

Eco mode limits power to 47 kW (63 hp).

Sport mode makes the car very compact and agile, increase torque and makes the possibility of speeding up quite well, even in climbs and turns. Driving in sport mode will reduce the range of the battery by about 10%.

Design and Interior

Honda Fit Ev will be only one color – blue pearl.

Added a navigation system with rear view camera and the interior is entirely made of “BIO-Pet” or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber, which originates from sugar cane.

Honda Fit Ev is equipped with a remote that has a range of 100 meters. Through it she can be monitored and controlled some of the main features of the electric.

Google and Stanford will make the first Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit

2012 Honda Fit

The electric model of Honda Fit EV debut avtoshouto in Los Angeles in November 2011 and is expected to hit the market this summer. However, Honda announced that Google and Stanford University will receive a special, early retirement a few pieces of small electric this week.

Google, which has been identified by Greenpeace as the most green IT company this year will add to your electric service car sharing for their employees (cartridges) in Mountain View, California. IT giant supports several electric and hybrid models are used for research and to move the specialists of the company between buildings within the campus.

Stanford University is also an early member of the Fit EV, but I use it primarily for scientific research. Department for Automotive Research at the University will study the difference in psychological and physical reactions to people using electric vehicles with batteries and compared with the driving habits of traditional petrol vehicles.

Honda Fit EV electric go to first private owners

Honda Fit

Honda Fit Sport Interior

The American division of Honda announced late last week was implemented first delivery to private customers of the electric version in 2013 a new generation of compact model Fit.

Honda Fit EV debuted at the international exhibition in Los Angeles at the end of last year, thanks to its lithium-ion battery (20 kWh) and highly efficient electric motor borrowed from the hydrogen Honda FCX Clarity, promised a free run of almost 200 km.

Recharging the battery of Honda Fit EV takes about three hours.

What do you think about Honda Fit?

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