Honda Jazz

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Honda Jazz Review

There is hardly any other car with such a small organized as flexible interior space. When removing the rear seats total cargo capacity up to 1323 liters, and with completely flat floor. And quite incidentally: in like a Honda van skies did not negligible.

Honda Jazz

2012 Honda Jazz

History of the model

1984 Start of the first generation models.

2002 Debut of the second-generation 1.4-liter gasoline engine and four doors.

2004 Equipment with 1.2-liter petrol engine, the addition of CTV-transmission.

Unobtrusive 2005 facelift program ESP for models with 1.4 liter engines.

Recommended engines

1.2-liter petrol with 78 hp Four engine costs about 7 l/100 km.
1.4-liter petrol with 83 hp Nimble cultivated four unit cost around 7.5 l/100 km.

Typical damage

faults in electrical
problems with CVT-transmission
noise from the brake

Pros: very good interior space for the class, flexible interior, manual gearbox with precise shifting, quiet and balanced engine, good driving comfort, well-shaped seats

Cons: imprecise steering tendency to weaken the braking action, inadequate safety equipment

Pros and cons Honda Jazz

Immensely popular among young people in their homeland, the smallest model in the Honda never won many admirers in Europe. Wine is about as intense competition in the segment, and user parameters very similar to “dwarf music” with Civic, whom many buyers mistakenly considered the first step in the ladder model of the Japanese company.

Honda Jazz

2012 Honda Jazz

Actually Jazz has always been the stage. Its first edition appeared before the full 40 years as a variant of the popular in Japan “K-Cars” with a capacity of 360 cm3 and dimensions of a forklift hypermarket. Bulgarian fans of Honda familiar ugly and impossible as sturdy as the mechanical model of 1981-1985, but in most cases, chant the name of the car causing bewilderment full view.

At the end of the 90s the Japanese tried a different approach to strengthen positions subcompact segment. Back pedal experimentation design, choosing a new name and even gave up his favorite engines. Logo, however, was a complete commercial failure and so rare on the roads of Europe, it is worth a man to shoot him if you see him somewhere.
In 2002 Honda Jazz back in the lineup with a new hope to throw competition in music. This last experience so far seems to have a tangible success. At least it should be, because the music tots sold much better than its predecessors, but as the build quality and reliability superior to almost all bestsellers in class. This makes it a tempting purchase for hunters good deals, though very rarely occurs in the secondary market.

Five years after the start of sales of the model impressions can be considered authoritative. The same applies to official statistics of technical services, according to Jazz occupies sixth place in the overall reliability index rating for all vehicle classes. Reproaches the quality of the model can be heard very rarely and mostly shown at several vulnerabilities, which makes a lot of choice used copy. One of these typical shortcomings unfortunately Jazz back in the ’80s, when his first European edition owners plagued by nightmares corrosion training.

Honda Jazz

2012 Honda Jazz

The body of the still current model is naturally protected incomparably better against rust. Former disease is not cured completely and rudimentary surface corrosion can be seen on some stitches, which is not very positive testimonial for five model. In this sense, investment in additional processing can rust be considered forward-looking.

Otherwise assembly Jazz deserves high praise. Extremely pleasant surprise with the materials in
gym that does not fit with the established notions of standards subcompact class. The interior is decorated in typical Japanese style – no design flourishes and unnecessary exertions originalnichene but extremely high quality. The workmanship, fit and attention to detail reminiscent of the other vehicle category, assembly retains its capacity for many years.

Serial equipment of Jazz partially meets these requirements and provides four airbags and ABS. Air, however, is only available as an option, but with the ESP can be equipped only with automatic modifications infinite variable speed drive, which will be discussed a bit further. Ultimately, if the amenities are a leading reason for selection of used mini, Jazz trouble getting their accounts.

One reason for the unequal struggle of the little Honda with competition on European soil is the lack of diesel
engine in the range. The Japanese seem to have decided that such a small car anyway spends little to bother developed specifically for motor gasoline powered model. In 2002 Jazz debuted with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 83 hp, completed nearly two years later by another 1,200 cc dvigatelche with 78 horses.

Honda Jazz

2011 Honda Jazz

The skills of Honda engineers have worked wonders in the motor area legends, which in most cases appear to be absolutely true. Jazz is no exception to this tradition and boasts an incredibly strong, agile and exuberant gaits for volume powertrain. A definite plus is the two motor drive vehanizam gas distribution, which is the responsibility chain and not fussy Rubber strap, which needs periodic replacement.

The only disadvantage of the two mounted engine is connected to the fuel consumption. If Jazz is “occurrence” as it should be, appetite increased tremendously and can sometimes exceed 10 liters. The situation is aggravated when plugged air conditioning and automatic.

It is infinitely variable variator comes to the fore in an otherwise short transmissions, allowing confidently recommend avoiding it. Japan’s most damaged variators replaced within the warranty period, but much of the specimens used it expired. In stark contrast to the gun manual transmission shows off fantastic durability and virtually no evidence of damage.

Honda Jazz

2010 Honda Jazz

Contribution to the “sixes” in Jazz notebook has a chassis model. More demanding admirers of French school would hate him immediately for solid suspension settings, but even they would admit that in terms of stability and manervenostta in all road conditions smallest Honda deserves only praise. On top of all Japanese are reinsured, they are secured to the chassis far greater resources than needed for a car of this size and weight. As a result, the suspension of Jazz copes even with the specialties of not so many good roads.

Equally is abrasion resistant and braking system. Its components are rated more than adequate for the needs of pipsqueak. The brakes are very effective if it was not the rear drums tend to accumulate dirt, which changes the balance of braking, the evaluation would also be “excellent”.

Not all like jazz, it’s completely understandable. Titled smallest representative of Honda in Europe, however, remains undeservedly overlooked. In terms of quality and reliability of the Japanese tots put in the small pocket quite popular and well-selling minivan.

Modifications and engines Honda Jazz

1983 – 1986

Honda Jazz

2009 Honda Jazz

Jazz 1.2 – 3 door / hatch 56 hp Manual
Jazz 1.2 – 3 door / hatch 45 hp Manual

2002 – 2004

Jazz 1.4i – 5 doors / hatchback 83 hp Manual
Jazz 1.4i – 5 doors / hatchback 83 hp Automatic transmission

2003 – 2004

Jazz 1.2i – 5 doors / hatchback 78 hp Manual

2004 – present

Jazz 1.4i – 5 doors / hatchback 83 hp Automatic transmission
Jazz 1.2i – 5 doors / hatchback 78 hp Manual
Jazz 1.4i – 5 doors / hatchback 83 hp Manual

2008 – present

Honda Jazz

2008 Honda Jazz

Jazz 1.2 – 5 doors / hatchback 90 hp Manual
Jazz 1.3 – 5 door / hatch 100 hp Manual
Jazz 1.3 – 5 door / hatch 100 hp Automatic transmission

Comments from owners of Honda Jazz

You must be very ignorant when comparing this plastic crate Benz and BMW. Man I wrote that there is no stability system ESP, which has nothing to do with simplicity called EPS because many people have been wiped out without ESP and shoddy brakes as this is Honda.

The steering wheel is precise enough. It is true that the jolting of the rough places, but a small car is ok. Drive a smaller engine: weel even loaded. There’s the charm of a small car and is unisex …

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  1. Ralph says:

    I took delivery of a new 2011 Jazz 1.5 vtec in September last year. I have become disappointed with the vehicle in that it has vibrating/rattling panels in the boot area despite carrying a full load and also an intermittent vibration/rattle in the lower dash board area. On the highway when travelling at speed one cannot listen to the radio because of wind and road noise.

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