Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

According to one wit the dawn of democracy, military jeeps driving, forest and gangsters. Anyone thinking about buying a car off-road, I had to decide to which category belongs. Was not unreasonable, this observation gradually lost relevance. With a few bright exceptions, such as G-Class with easy-to-remember license plates on such vehicles attitude gradually changed. Buyers are increasingly justify their choice of functionality, higher passive safety than conventional cars and convenience – all benefits that Americans cherish from the 60s and Europeans realized only at the end of the 80s.

This told the story of our jeep conditions explains the fate of one of the earliest and most iconic representatives of the new generation of SUVs 90 Grand Cherokee. While fighting the not-so show partiality image and its maintenance out to salty even for people without financial concerns, American SUV remained desirable purchase for a surprisingly large group of loyal fans. Exotic origin legendary heritage of the brand and not the least pure technical merits of the model determined the success in Europe, where the owner Chrysler settled permanently, and even started local production to meet demand.

In 1998, Americans decided it was time to find a replacement for bestseller with which to protect the interests of buyers. Since then goes back to the interesting remarks of General Manager Tom Gale of Chrysler “Who could write the next chapter in the history of the SUV better than the author himself?” Ironically, Grand Cherokee WJ (1999-2004) was the last independent development before the Americans to “unite” with Daimler-Benz. Towards the end of his career was even proud Yankee fitted with German engine which – must be recognized – it’s not a bad idea.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Despite strong external resemblance to its predecessor ZJ, second-generation luxury Jeep is a completely new development. The previous generation are inherited in all, 127 pieces, most of which are little things like oil filter and rearview mirrors. Wheelbase is retained, but the dimensions are increased by 100, 40 and 50 mm in length, width and height respectively. Serious steps are taken to correct deficiencies identified in the old “Cherokee,” which of course does not mean that they are lacking. Despite the flaws in goodwill


are. Details of the gym often squeak, but this is a typical trait of all American cars and the interior of the Grand Cherokee is not the worst among them. Many owners complain of leaking sunroof and damage in heated front seats. If the owner wishes to keep warm on cold winter mornings, you must pay for replacement of the entire thermal module. Able electrician can repair damaged heaters, but in any case it is removing the upholstery of the seat, which is not a simple task – especially in leather.

Like the old Grand Cherokee, complex structure and numerous extras take their toll. In cars the first year of production, for example, sensors that control the air flow direction of the climate system, often “confused”. As a result, the valves or break or stick so you do not move, if not dismantled. The latter is particularly true for cars unfiltered gym.

Until 2001, the Grand Cherokee is equipped with three


The most tempting for European requirements has turbodizelovata modification that is even assembled in the Austrian city of Graz. Italian five-cylinder engine with a swept volume VM 3.1 liters has a high resource and reliability, but its design is pretty archaic. Furthermore, the power of 140 hp can hardly be called a heap enough for American dry weight of 1900 kg. A major source of problems with diesel engine is the long wedge belt that drives all peripheral units. Because the vibrations to which it is subjected, his tensioning rollers sometimes need replacing only 20,000 km. The cost of surgery can be swallowed, but replacing lost a lot of time and nerves. Italian bike is also very sensitive to overheating. In many cases, inattention and negligence shall be punished with skewed distribution or crankshaft. However, gas turbo mechanism is driven by gears, which means the absence of all care maintenance. If “Cherokee” must be diesel, the choice of 2.7-liter CDi from Mercedes-Benz, installed since 2001, remains the only right decision. The prices of these modifications, however, are extremely high.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Every Jeep connoisseur knows that this is probably the only SUV in the world must be gasoline. Home merit and an explanation of belief in question has regular Sestak AMC 242 with 4.0 liters displacement, which began to be installed shortly after the assassination of John Kennedy. In compression only 8.8:1 and power 195 hp this unit shows more diesel behavior. Always work in soft temperature regimes and never straining more than his stand. Swallow whatever his Quotes and timely service as a joke hanging half a million mileage. Camshaft is driven by a circuit whose input is fully comparable with that of the engine. His only weak point is the rear Seal Crankshaft, which often occurs, but to change, you need to remove the gearbox.

Special for Grand Cherokee WJ Chrysler developed a completely new 4.7-liter V-shaped osmak to replace old motors top volume 5,200 and 5,900 cc. The solution designers to get rid of the veterans have their reasons to their tendency to overheat. Moreover, the new AMC 287 develops more power from them (220, 235 or 258 hp depending on the implementation), despite the smaller displacement, spend less fuel and is more environmentally friendly. It has a similar resource as a 4.0-liter engine, and has only one vocal flaw – the cars produced in 1999, refused to light in very cold weather. Chrysler reported it and change management program ignition.

To fall on the Grand Cherokee with mechanical


borders on a miracle. By address automatic gearboxes can rarely hear criticism. Particularly noteworthy 45 four-RFE, which can be completed on 4.7-liter versions. It has the ability to change your predalatelnoto day of second gear from 1.67 to 1.50. This means that the throttle a third mode “kickdown”, acceleration is noticeably faster without unduly straining the engine. When changing the transmission oil should carefully check the instructions. Some transmissions use a special smyazka and normal Dextron II do not tolerate well.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Due to improper operation often suffer transfer case with permanent modifications wheel drive. Many homeowners overlook the requirement to rotate the front and rear tires every 10,000 km to equalize wear. Because seemingly insignificant difference in wheel diameter transfer case is loaded. But if the driver forgets to turn off Transaxle Differential Lock, problems are guaranteed. Wear is a multilayer circuit and transfer case starts to hum. A characteristic feature of Grand Cherokee are constantly swirling bridges. Whether whine from the gearbox is the result of its wear, and everything is within prescribed limits may establish only one who has long been involved in these mechanisms.

One of the most important differences between the first and second generation Jeep Grand Cherokee consists of abandoned classic frame.


front and rear dependent. Solid axles are mounted on springs and longitudinal girders that are attached to the body through Underframes. This helps to improve the stability and controllability at high speeds SUV.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Although dependent bridges, however, as a similar car big “Cherokee” sooner or later ends in service. Because of its great weight (fully loaded weight can reach nearly three tons) virtually all rubber-metal bushings for the bearers sdavat luggage pretty quickly. In intensive maintenance operation sometimes requires 30,000 km. However, the dampers are standard for durability and rarely call before 100,000 km. Service undercarriage Grand Cherokee, however, remains a labor-intensive activity. Every 10,000 km should be lubricated joints, the ends of the steering rods and universal joints. The location of some nipples is highly inconvenient and access without partial disassembly of certain nodes is not always possible.

The high weight of the American SUV is the main culprit for wear


On vehicles with powerful engines can often feel “clearance” when braking due to overheating of the deformed discs. Because dirt and solutions that treat winter road damaged the ABS sensor on the rear axle.

In terms of quality and reliability of the second generation Jeep Grand Cherokee definitely adds a new red dots on the assets side. It offers more comfort, performance and style than its predecessor. American “brother” but never managed to become a respected businessman. “Cherokee” does not have much of controllability and gives a lot of “Asphalt” SUVs. Off road is also quite capable models. The salon does it turns out to be much smaller than the dimensions suggest, and maintenance of such exotics can come out through the nose. But the proud Yankee brings a classic twist, which not many other competitors. For some buyers, and that is enough.

Comments from owners of Jeep Grand Cherokee

Users of JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE very easy to use. They find it very reliable They mostly agree on this point. If you have a problem or need help, you can assist you to select JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE or similar product.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Its users find it much more efficient that its competitors., But their opinions differ slightly. They find that it’s price / quality product, good will not get any unpleasant surprises if you look look car instruction manual JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE.

Soon I got such a vehicle. It took two weeks reading and searching the net a variety of information on this jeep. Bravo for the work and the thousands of characters written on this topic. At least I think it is very well organized and will help quite “ignorant” and “beginners” like me be literate. Much can be written on the topic, but here’s a pretty concise information in one place.

In urban spending. That’s why many go. Look for out of town spent at least to me quite a bit. I did not go into details. Is your board computer showing fuel. It just depends on the right foot.

Jeep Grand cherokee 3.1 TDI (2001)

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Grand Cherokee Tuning

Terribly clumsy with this bike. VM Motori engine is 131 horsepower. An expense I do not know very much, but the parts are not the cheapest. Although the Jeep as good. 4 sticks (2 front and 2 rear), rear pads + a “butterfly” coming out around 600 eur. The parts are there in most U.S. stores carding machines. I like the interior a lot. It is very comfortable, everything is pretty neatly, the skin is nice, quite place behind, and overall design and decor are pretty good. Watch is a more reserved, that chassis is a little uncomfortable, otherwise I think it’s way better.

Nice Colizzi, powerful (if automatic, a malicious TIR in 2008, will make you wild and happy at the start and not only), with good brakes (same TIR only charge will stop a few feet before you), good suspension (if not seasick), Well has nice things – if you hate money and love wasting them, it’s your car.

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