Kia Picanto

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Kia Picanto Review

History of the model:

Kia Picanto

2012 Kia Picanto

04/2004 – the model appears in the major European markets, the 1.1-liter gasoline engine with 48 kW/65 hp, can be ordered with a 4-speed automatic transmission

10/2005 – new common-rail diesel engine, 55 kW / 75 hp

While traditional design Kia Picanto can still surprise you

Among small cars Kia Picanto is rather a grown-up. Seating prevail. This shows not only the four doors, but the entire interior of the car. However, if circumstances require higher four passengers to travel in the car, will inevitably require some additional shifts, especially in terms of their luggage.

Kia Picanto with its 105 liters holds the record for the lowest rack. Naturally rear, together or separately, can be removed and then you can somehow get back from the supermarket purchases.

On the other hand very well presented damping and noise in the cockpit is unexpectedly low. If you combine all this with comfortable seats may be that Kia Picanto became even longer journeys.

Kia Picanto

2012 Kia Picanto

Only thin gasoline engine can mar your mood. Who wants a big emotions better to obtain, even for more money, the diesel version of the model. Diesel, however, worth especially for those who really make. For all other gasoline is a reasonable option.

The most common damage in Kia Picanto

Electricity: battery falls often. For cars built in 2005, is sometimes faulty battery. Too loose battery terminal (random 2005)
Ignition system of the car faulty immobilizer (production 2004 and 2005), torn cables.

Pros: + good spatial layout option for child seat, economy, good suspension stability on the road

Cons: – very little luggage room, no ESP, simple steering

Kia Picanto – another of unsellable

Kia Picanto

2012 Kia Picanto

The car is well made, has an interesting exterior design, but also very, very serious drawback – comes as another of unsellable small cars on our market – Hyundai i10, Chevrolet Spark, FIAT Panda, Suzuki Alto, Toyota IQ, and all models of Daihatsu. The reason? The price, of course! And what market boom would make all these cute, inexpensive and convenient for everyday urban use cars if they were not packed with extras and so pumped up to the ceiling price. What is the car of 800 kg Power steering? What is ESP, ABS and any other shenanigans there, kick starting exorbitant price to 9,500 euros and go up to € 14 000 for version with factory LPG system?

Another would be if we used the normal state and any state benefits when purchasing a similar economy car that would go like hot cakes at a price of 12 to 13 thousand Levs course. Old Kia Picanto was the most expensive car in the UK priced at only 4,195 pounds aid since 2000, is among the new best bid in the market in Britain.

Kia Picanto

2011 Kia Picanto

The equipment of the car as with all Korean cars is overflowing – electrical package, remote central locking, ESP and support to go downhill. With greater length than its predecessor, and increased wheelbase, new Picanto promises more passenger comfort and increased cargo space. The model is available for the first time with a choice between 3 and 5 doors.

In recent years, Koreans work intensively for a change in the appearance of their cars after taking an interesting step to appoint chief designer Peter Schreyer. He had new image of their models, positioning them according to the principle “more of a fashion dictator than rational practical”. The change started with the Soul and Venga models and stressed Sportage cool new direction of the brand concept.

Picanto has a “face” of Venga and Sportage – aggressively and vigorously profile highlights the car’s stability and provides attract the eyes of others on the street. Besides interesting vision 3.6-meter model continues the line of practicality, providing greater internal volume due to an increase in length by 60 mm and the wheelbase is 15mm. This gives the boot plus 27% more cargo volume – 200 liters against the old 157.

Kia Picanto

2011 Kia Picanto

Looking for an excuse to price the car comes with nine exterior colors, high quality materials in the interior with desire for the premium feeling in the small car segment.

The car comes with an efficient gasoline engine Kappa – four-cylinder, 1.2 liter, 85 hp, 121 Nm at 4000/min providing a level of CO2 emissions of 90 g / km and fuel consumption to 4.1 l/100 km. There are two three-cylinder engine, providing customers a choice of operating only with gasoline or petrol and gas. The petrol engine has an output of 69 hp and 95 Nm at 3500/min while LPG engine is strong – 82 hp while maintaining torque. It has a 35-liter LPG tank and 10 liter petrol to cover the distance of 150 kilometers further. Standard Picanto comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox and four-speed automatic is optional on 1.2-liter engine with 85 hp

Kia Picanto

2010 Kia Picanto

Most low-powered engine will be sufficient for most drivers, or rather The driver, to which most representatives are already looking brand in the country, but the other options offer much more civilized work than the previous model of the car. It feels quite sensibly bundled with reduced wind noise and improved suspension, something very essential for the proper functioning of the kidneys passengers on rough roads. The ride really impressive car of this class, the behavior in turn is more than satisfactory.

If we sum up – people have made impressive KIA small, functional vehicle, easy and financially good for everyday use, but with a huge minus – our disproportionate market price.

Another perspective of Kia Picanto

Korean car small spark can be defined as a spicy recipe for coping with hectic urban lives

At the beginning of the year KIA released the first official images of its revamped small spark Kia Picanto. In Geneva did was the official presentation of urban car and now the new Picanto is now here. Our team did a thorough test small car, mostly urban, and I will try to briefly summarize my first impressions of it.


Kia Picanto

2010 Kia Picanto

The appearance of the Mini has become much more brave and avagarden. Significant differences are everywhere. Front lights are much more modern shape radiator grille has become bigger taillights are redesigned, and the profile is crisp and advanced notice fins. Besides the interesting vision, they give extra strength to the door. Overall appearance of the Picanto (with three and five-door) has a unisex style and even smaller dimensions car emits a dose of sport and aggression.


While appearance is a matter of taste and preference, then to the gym for the first hearings seen several enhancements. Having more space and better quality materials distinguish the new generation of its predecessor. The devices are simplified but informative seats are not big, but they are ergonomic and fatigue even on long journeys. A rich standard equipment even offers interesting features that will definitely pleasing more delicate part of drivers. The most interesting of these is heated steering wheel and seats. The availability of high-quality audio system with AUX and USB, air-conditioning and Parktronic are more options, more typical for the upper segment. Along with these “treats” should be noted for the largest class rack, spacious rear seat and very good insulation in the gym.


Kia Picanto

2009 Kia Picanto

The model is available in three-and four-cylinder gasoline engine, both are brand new developments of the Korean company. The first is available in two versions with 69 and 82 hp A more powerful version is specifically designed for gas. The factory gas injection system was integrated in place of the standard gasoline tank, but underneath there is room for ten cylinder Court gasoline. This modification spend a little more, but savings from lower gas prices is well known. Otherwise, both versions offer a three-cylinder dvigatelche normal dynamics that satisfies the needs in urban environments. Those who prefer a more powerful small car will have to switch to 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 83 hp Thanks much torque it presents straight impressive. Naturally, the fuel consumption is higher. The new Picanto is assembled with a standard five-speed manual gearbox, while the most powerful version is provided and four-speed automatic.

Ride characteristics

The suspension is optimally adapted and given class Picanto ideal balance between ride soft and stable behavior. Passive and active safety are known for the brand level. Six airbags and ABS with electronic assistants EBD and ESP care for the safety of the driver and passengers. One of the only cons is associated with a soft brake pedal and a little hasty inclusion of ABS. Overall the small car is ideal for urban and given its interesting appearance could easily be defined as a spicy recipe for coping with hectic urban lives


The only serious flaw in the new Picanto is that it is more expensive than the cheapest alternatives available on the market. Increased cost due to shipping costs and customs fees, because the model is made only in Korea. On the other hand this is a prerequisite for high quality workmanship. You should not ignore a seven-year warranty on the car.

Modifications and engines Kia Picanto

2004 – present

Kia Picanto

2008 Kia Picanto

Picanto 1.0 – 5 doors / hatchback 61 hp Manual

2004 – 2004

Picanto 1.1 – 5 doors / hatchback 65 hp Manual

2004 – 2007

Picanto 1.1 – 5 doors / hatchback 65 hp Automatic transmission

2005 – present

Picanto 1.1 CRDi VGT – 5 doors / hatchback 75 hp Manual

Opinions and impressions of the owners of Kia Picanto

Users of KIA PICANTO very easy to use. They find it very reliable They mostly agree on this point. If you have a problem or need help, our website can help you to select the KIA PICANTO or similar product.

Kia Picanto

2007 Kia Picanto

Its users find it fairly efficient., But their opinions differ slightly. They find that it’s price / quality of the product is good. You will not get any unpleasant surprises if you look you look for instructions in the KIA PICANTO

Kia I enjoy more. They make very good models, clear and practical. This Kia Picanto is your ideal car for my wife.

Nice city car, but actually somewhat pricey.

Two months ago I bought a KIA Picanto. Small on the outside, large inside. Very economical and incredibly cheap parts. So far I have only to comment on the ride quality, but a good road to ride well. Apparently my previous car was a better suspension and now it’s hard to get used to.

Kia Picanto

2006 Kia Picanto

Your car is great, but the long journey will tired. Its base is small and probably with 13 ‘wheels and narrow tires and so feel the tiniest holes. Issue of new cars that are made now to serve up to 100 000 km and can be replaced with a new plastic izobiliya in the gym and they are assembled from cheap parts. This goes for VW and Audi and Kia … In Germany local told me that most of them drive cars while original tires wear out of the car and replaced with a new one. Give now old and brand new for an additional cost. And I think it was Kia patent Mitsubishi, and their new models are gorgeous, beautiful and cheap, as you say, and cheap parts.

Where to start? Come tire. I bought the car with 14-inch wheels. However, the tires are slightly specific size and this new tire under € 50 no. Solve problems with 13-inch wheels and new tires for 30 euros each. The car has a methane injection and I’m a little embarrassed to tell you how spending. 3-4 per 100 kilometers. So far I’ve only bought supplies for initial service. Set Korean front and rear brake pads are 25 euros. Oil and air filter does cost 10 euros. It seems sturdy and reliable car, and we’ll see what time will tell. But generally when driving feeling is that driving a big car.

Do you own Kia Picanto?

If you own Kia Picanto or have a contact with this car please rate it and write your review to can help other people choose right vehicle!

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