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Kia Sorento Review

Kia Sorento

2012 Kia Sorento

A good example of how to create a bestseller, ranging from white paper gives Kia Sorento. By its appearance in 2002 at the company had never produced a car with off-road as much class. The only link between the brand with the SUV were previously parquet Sportage and paramilitary duo Rocsta / Retona, assembled by Asia Motors, Kia sold as but in some markets.

Sorento was one of the first models Notices total invasion of the Korean company in America and the gigantic boom in sales there, which explains why designers Kia it was adapted to U.S. tastes. As standard overseas sales could lead car is a compact SUV, but it is a very serious ATV ramna structure similar potential as a Hyundai Terracan. Often compared to models from the lower segment, and its real competitors are actually Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Nissan Pathfinder. This error can be explained. The appearance of the Sorento has a lot of similarities with urban cowboys like Mercedes-Benz M-klasse especially Lexus RX. More curiously, the model found extremely warm reception in Europe. Buyers of the continent in dignity rated excellent balance between quality and price, which is less Sorento worthy rivals.

While benefiting from some of the design decisions approved competition Korean SUV definitely makes it more elegant and unobtrusive way. Looks original and definitely catches the eye. The body is not only elaborate rig, but as production. Withhold any successful attacks corrosion. It is produced entirely in the Kia plant in Korean city of Ise Huasung sells both five-and seven-seat option in which automatically makes it a favorite for company car for tax credit. Unfortunately, the third row of seats is virtually unusable by older persons with normal dimensions and only takes luggage space.

Kia Sorento

2012 Kia Sorento

By the time it was launched Sorento, Koreans were not good enough in the interior imitations of more expensive and prestigious cars. This is immediately apparent in the cabin of the SUV. The inner architecture level, but the materials are downright cheap. Leather upholstery, wood trim, plenty of buttons and switches – all whisper “I’m Lexus”, but the quality of the performance is much more modest. However, fit is good, ergonomics is completely satisfactory, but visibility suffers even massive rear roof pillars.

From 2002 to August 2006, when undergoing modernization, Sorento is equipped with three engines. Most Popular in Europe was the 2.5-liter turbodiesel with 140 hp, which is difficult to surprise someone. This economical and provides tyagovit difficult whirlwind motor vehicle dynamics with the full weight of two tons and a half, but is ideal for heavier loads and virtually no maintenance except for oil changes. Its distribution mechanism is driven by a chain, whose life is comparable to that time as the engine. Also has a serious tow capacity, which is not unimportant for SUV buyers with a solid rear axle. Sorento coincidentally been cited as one of the most profitable and successful tractors of trailers and mobile homes in this price segment. Korean Trailer can pull a weight of 2800 kg. The presence of a hitch, however when used copy should normally activates a red light at the head of the potential new owner.

Kia Sorento

2012 Kia Sorento

The petrol versions also have advantages. The base engine with a cylinder volume of 2.4 liters and 139 hp, for example, spends 12 to 13 liters of fuel in the city, which is an achievement for straight SUV with similar dimensions and weight. Unpretentious, reliable and inexpensive service is not meeting these difficulties injection nozzles on diesel engine sometimes have a native naphtha. Flagship six-cylinder engine with 3.5 liters displacement occurs much less frequently. Its 195 horsepower became Korean SUV in highway real hero, but fuel consumption is considerably higher, requiring more and more specialized care, which naturally sends him last on the shopping list. Handy Timing belts on both gasoline engines to replace most of the 60,000 kilometers to avoid unnecessary risks.

Contrary to the initial impression created, Sorento boasts an excellent preparation for rugged terrain. It has a lowering gears and differentials increased friction. The front axle can be switched on and off on the fly. For switch mode slow speeds, however the car must be stopped. Mechanical gearboxes dominated the secondary market but are few and automatic. By March 2004 a four mounted machine but complaints of defects make Kia forced to work on an improved version with five gears. New Sports H-Matic not only proved more successful in terms of reliability, but also improves fuel consumption by 9%. Combines the advantages of automation in heavy traffic with the possibility of manual control, which most drivers prefer out of town. Meanwhile at the same time have made improvements in diesel engine whose torque increases from 314 to 343 Nm between 1,850 to 2,500 rev. / Min. This modification converts naphtha since March 2004 in an optimal purchase.

Kia Sorento

2011 Kia Sorento

Many owners complain of Sorento too hard suspension SUV. From the comfort actually has to be done, but stiff ride pays other benefits. Stiffer suspension somewhat mitigates the disadvantages of ramnata structure and provides stability. On rough terrain it allows obstacles to be tackled in a high speed without fear of getting stuck. Not the least hard settings affect the elements of the chassis. Is durable and requires less investment. Periodic replacement need only inserts stabilizers lateral stability. Front this usually happens at 50-ish thousand miles and back – with 10,000 more. Even when it comes to major upgrade of the suspension, the owner can not be afraid of failure – all components are individually replaceable.

Sorento can rightly be called one of the most pleasant surprises in the segment of luxury SUVs. Comfortable lounge, attractive appearance and patency are only visible advantages of the model. For buyers in the secondary market is far more important that Jeep, Kia has excellent reliability as some far more elaborate and expensive competitors can only dream of. Sorento e excellent choice – especially for the price.

All engines and modifications of Kia Sorento was first produced far

2002 – 2006

Kia Sorento

2002 Kia Sorento

Sorento 2.4 16V – 5 doors / Jeep 139 hp Manual
Sorento 2.5 CRDi – 5 doors / Jeep 140 hp Manual
Sorento 2.5 CRDi – 5 doors / Jeep 140 hp Automatic transmission
Sorento 3.5 V6 – 5 doors / Jeep 195 hp Automatic transmission

2006 – present

Sorento 2.5 CRDi VGT – 5 doors / Jeep 170 hp Manual
Sorento 2.5 CRDi VGT – 5 doors / Jeep 170 hp Automatic transmission
Sorento 3.3 V6 – 5 doors / Jeep 241 hp Automatic transmission

2009 – present

Sorento 2.2 – 5 door / Jeep 197 hp Automatic transmission
Sorento 2.2 – 5 door / Jeep 197 hp Manual
Sorento 2.4 – 5 door / Jeep 174 hp Automatic transmission
Sorento 2.4 2WD – 5 doors / Jeep 174 hp Manual
Sorento 2.4 4WD – 5 doors / Jeep 174 hp Manual

Comments from owners of Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento

2009 Kia Sorento

Since last year I have checked the forum and this is the first topic post (of course if the moderators do not mind). Since there are few topics Kia Sorento, and most questions related to technical problems, I decided to praise this dzhipka, which I was surprised (by the time I had thought of fake brand).

Since last year – namely May 2010 – bought and then manage daily LH Kia Sorento – 2.5 tsrdi 2003 with manual transmission. The motor is 170 hp a power box (purchased and put in a Kia). The default is 140 hp Dzhipkata bought it from Plovdiv Kia representation because the original owner had taken the Mojave and had left it to the representation prodava.Rabotata it involves a lot of travel (since I bought it and’d done 60,000 km.) And I had just halfway good looking jeep average cost of normal maintenance.

Aside from early hints of some guys like “What is this fake jeep” and “Why is not this money took the old ML” jeep I liked very much. Before that I had personal Isuzu trooper 2,3 gasoline – 1988 Toyota land cruiser 70 to 1993 g, which I use mainly to weekends. Kiato is My ideal car for every day – normal cost and scary expensive maintenance – Supplies are funny money. I hope not to sound confident, but these are the only costs besides fuel, which I did for 60 thousand kilometers. (Driven for less than a year), which I believe it is an indicator of the strength of the Jeep. It makes regular day courses (about 900 km.) And is perfectly acquainted with the roads. I emphasize that I use as a Kia SUV – mostly asphalt with off-road trips mostly mud. The city is maneuverable, the highway no problem holding a constant speed of 140 km / h

Pros for me are:

1. Normal price for buying second-hand
2. Cheap maintenance
3. Tolerable cost dynamics and size – urban 11 urban 9
4. Quite agile for its dimensions
5. Good Vision
6. Front axle is included in the movement of the mouse button – very handy in the winter. My old jeep had to stop, turn hubs, then again to stop and unplugged them (if you hunt or walk no problem, but in everyday life starts to tease)

However, there are cons:

Kia Sorento

2010 Kia Sorento

1. The dashboard is very plastic
2. With prolonged riding on rough roads and broken hymns came parasitic creaked from plastics (which annoys me personally)
But for that price – so.

Colleague who has decided to focus on Sorrento – can not go wrong if you use it as I use it myself. For me this is a good everyday SUV. Post this Topic to not brag car (not sold) and serve as a guide for colleagues who have not yet dared to hold Kia Sorento! Greetings to all!

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento Tuning

I recommend if you come across a preserved specimen to get automatic – there is the “auto 4×4” and prebuksuvane automatically turns the front axle. In the hand, as to me, you are next to the road and alone including double. If you have the financial ability to look beyond 2006 is – then they put a default SSP.

Complete the theme with some impressions – as I voiced an opinion on the above actually Automation gives another plus to this wonderful car for me. Average consumption is about 10 liters, but I ride mostly urban. The city give it a logbook 12.5. Front axle turns himself in pribuksuvane one of the rear wheels, which saves you follow a regular if I was right wheel and if you removed the leg from the gas before you let double, as in models with manual transmission. Generally people have it figured out. For now that is.

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