Audi improves Audi A1

2013 Audi A1

S1 hatchback probably will be engine with 220 hp. Sports line of Audi will soon be supplemented by a compact car – “charged” modification A1 hatchback. Rumors of the appearance of such a model running for quite some time, according to their engine power varies from 200 to 500 hp According to the paper machine […]

Audi releases more powerful RS6

2013 Audi RS6

The Wagon receives Index Plus and relies on 609 hp. Audi plans to launch a more powerful version of “loaded” wagon RS6, which will be assigned to the Index Plus name. This publication reports Car, citing the head of division Quattro GmbH – Stephan Reil. Expected capacity of 4.0 liter, 8-cylinder twin-turbo engine, which relies on […]

Audi A1

2012 Audi A1

Audi A1 – a little luxury After a long wait and multiple teaser images and videos, Audi has finally revealed all about the three-door version of the latest model in its product range, A1, which is also the smallest. At a later stage, the company will introduce a version with five doors. World premiere of […]

Audi A5

2012 Audi A5

Audi A5 Series production of the Audi A5 starts since 2007. Model in three variants – coupe, convertible and five-door hatchback based on the fourth generation (B8) A4 Audi. With a new more dynamic design and the latest technology developed in the company. The interior space creates a sense of elegance and sporty look. The […]

Audi Q5

2013 Audi Q5

The upgraded Audi Q5 Dynamic, attractive and versatile Audi Q5 is the most successful model of SUV-middle class in Europe. New solutions in design, infotainment systems, electronic driver assistance and motor qualities rise to even higher levels. Version Q5 hybrid quattro combines the power of the six-cylinder engine with fuel vehicle with four-cylinder engine and […]

Audi Q7

2012 Audi Q7 4.2

Changes in the Audi Q7 Audi Q7 will get a new engine, new transmission with eight grades and higher efficiency in its next upgrade. Current petrol engines with a volume of 4.2 liters and 3.6 FSI will be replaced by two three-liter TFSI supercharged engines. They will reduce fuel consumption by 12 and 16%. Two […]

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