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Mazda 3 Review

History of the model:

Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

09/2003 – appearance of the model, ABS and six airbags are standard equipment, ESP, depending on the various options for furnishing cars. Petrol engines: 1.4 with 62 kW/84 hp, 1.6 hp to 77 kW/105 and 2.0-liter with 110 kW / 150 hp

03/2004 – A 1.6-liter common-rail diesel engine with 80 kW / 109 hp

06/2005 – diesel particulate filter is included as standard on diesel

06/2006 – change in design, the engines remain unchanged

10/2006 – Presentation of the new sports model MPS 2.3 with 191 kW / 260 hp

Mazda 3: outside big, inside small back …. wish

With its 4.42 m length of the Mazda 3 is larger representatives of the compact car class, but inside it does not feel much. Back knees continually rely somewhere besides, with its trunk volume of 300 liters is also rather modest for a hatchback.

However, front man rides beautifully, even if it is higher than 1.90 m seats, too, are good. With elegant 5-door hatchback looks, however, four-door sedan.

What sometimes prevents comfort are at times annoying shock and noise that occurs when driving at higher speeds.

The steering wheel and easy-shifting gearbox are good enough and precise, which is a great comfort to a thin 1.4-liter petrol engine. In Mazda 3 diesel remains preferable, especially if you hold the power.

Although specific design, Mazda 3 does not shine with something special. Or maybe this is not quite true. Forgot to mention its legendary reliability on the road that far surpasses all competitors in the compact class.

Pros: + reliability, comfortable seats and accommodate seats for children, economy

Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

Cons: – insufficient space in the rear, weak gasoline engines, small trunk

The most common damage in Mazda 3:

Electricity: battery falls often. For cars built in 2004, is sometimes faulty battery.

Calls in the workshops of the company: faulty sensor front airbags

Mazda 3: really big deal

Mazda 3 service attended only service

The rest was routine. The fact that mileage 62,089 km need to change the front brakes pads, enter in “normal wear and tear.” Amazingly, they all do so much, yet sporty thanks to the tight suspension and direct steering compact car was driven by our more aggressive than calm. “Amazingly easy” – so praised Fan of the Nürburgring Nordschleife Mario Pukshech. And he was not alone.
The list of repairs and faults was pleasantly short, Mazda service attended only service. In the last quarter of the test section of the radio display sometimes appeared “salad of letters.” At 82,987 km mileage were replaced pressure sensors in the tire valves – just reassurance from the Mazda, because they were defective. And at the finish line on the way to the hall to dismantle several flashes warning light and airbag. And here was the same diagnosis: false alarm.

Mazda 3

2011 Mazda 3

The bottom line: absolute trifles. The car does not leave us the way, showed no defects, no costly surprises. Only a few … let’s call them quirks that do not appeal to all members of the newsroom. For example unscrew with ease, but quite rigid petrol engine. “Where are the hidden 105 horsepower?” Wrote the editors in several disappointed log. Why I love curves suspension can cope with much higher power.

Another cause for complaint: short gear ratio, which at high speeds led to increased fuel consumption to double digits. Even the average fuel consumption of 9.6 when tested l/100 km is quite high for a compact model. “I definitely miss 6th gear” was the consensus. Do not we like and low comfort. Tight suspension failed to deal mostly with short bumps and delivered them quite rude to passengers.

Matter of taste is precise, direct steering. Calm natures thought it reacts too strongly to even the steering commands. But sports leaders enjoyed each new turn.

A storm of excitement cause gear changes with short strokes of the lever: “Jump like a joystick,” wrote a precise gearshift editor Villas Kok – who is famous for his love of automatic transmissions. “Almost no other vehicle in which gear changes to deliver more satisfying!”

Durable wear interior meaningful parts of the equipment
Criticism earned little mileage (too cautious meter fuel level invited us to stop at the station even after 400 km), and poor sound insulation of the body, as if made of thin sheet metal. A recent facelift but Mazda corrected as soundproofing and quality of materials in the cockpit.

The high share of hard plastics irritating estheticians. On the other hand, the quality of the interior of the Mazda is evidenced by the fact that even very “fierce” operation in the version he almost no signs of use at the end of the test.

Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

Most of the test pilots praised and comfortable – even for larger drivers – seating position and meaningful parts of the equipment as a heated windshield. “Quick defrost saves your ice scraper” rejoiced colleagues in winter. “Why not be installed in all cars?”

The proposed site is

Rather frustrating for passengers taller

As we have noted in many other tests, the utilization of space is more frustrating car length 4.46 m. “Golf is shorter by 20 cm, but offers more room, especially from behind,” said test pilot Daniel Gau. Poor is the overview: “Without parktronic are lost when parking in reverse,” noted in the logbook online editor Michiel Vos.

Several comments concerned the navigation system. Criticisms were too small to display and enter data, which is possible only by steering wheel buttons.

The last entry in the navigation system was “Hildorfer Strasse” 73 Leverkusen. Hence, after dismantling, launched the second life of our son friend: Mazda mechanics assembled it again for over 20 hours. And we do not have a doubt that the “Japanese” will move perfectly smoothly and the next 100,000 km.

Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

In Mazda 3 is enough and flashlight. Before we start to look endoscope beginning of corrosion found on the edges of the parts on the bottom of the car on the rear axle, the longitudinal girders. Rust stains are visible and some bolts and brackets in the drainage of the tailgate and drivers side windows. According to Mazda it is a “cosmetic problem”. Sounds harmless. But our opinion is out! So things sounded and Opel in the early 90s – and the consequences are familiar to everyone. Improvement is noted after the new technology for the preservation of the body. As an aside from what equipment the Mazda is in very good condition. Indeed, the pistons and cylinders they seems to have worked 100,000 km. But wear is so small that it can not be measured.


As might be expected from previous extensive tests of “relatives” Mazda 5 and Mazda 6, “Trio” performed impressively: Mazda’s categorical choice for anyone looking for “totally hassle free car.” The legendary Japanese reliability – here it still exists. But the automaker from Hiroshima should not be calm prematurely. Because when a car just two years already seen outbreaks of rust, it means that something is wrong. Technical strength is one thing, but in the long run as something else. Still life of a car does not end after 100,000 km.


Mazda 3

2012 Mazda 3

62,089 km € 139.83

Replacing the front brake pads

82,987 km Warranty (€ 167)

Within the service have changed all four tire valve with integrated pressure sensor

Changing the clip to attach the luggage compartment cover € 4.03

Engines and modifications of Mazda 3

2003 – 2006

3 Sedan 1.6 – 4 door / sedan 105 hp Manual
3 Sedan 1.6 – 4 door / sedan 105 hp Automatic transmission
3 Sedan 2.0 – 4 door / sedan 150 hp Manual
3 Sport 1.6 – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Automatic transmission
3 Sport 1.6 – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Manual
3 Sport 2.0 – 5 door / hatch 150 hp Manual

2004 – 2006

Mazda 3

2003 Mazda 3

3 Sedan 1.6 CiTD – 4 door / sedan 110 hp Manual
3 Sport 1.4 – 5 doors / hatchback 84 hp Manual
3 Sport 1.6 CiTD – 5 door / hatch 110 hp Manual

2006 – present

3 1.4 S-VT – 5 doors / hatchback 84 hp Manual
3 2.0 S-VT – 5 door / hatch 150 hp Manual
3 1.6 S-VT – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Automatic transmission
3 Sedan 1.6 CiTD – 4 door / sedan 109 hp Manual
3 Sedan 1.6 S-VT – 4 door / sedan 105 hp Manual
3 Sedan 1.6 S-VT – 4 door / sedan 105 hp Automatic transmission
3 Sedan 2.0 GT-M – 4 door / sedan 150 hp Manual
3 1.6 S-VT – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Manual
3 1.6 CiTD – 5 door / hatch 109 hp Manual
3 MPS – 5 door / hatch 265 hp Manual

2007 – present

3 Sedan 2.0 CiTD hp – 4 door / sedan 143 hp Manual
3 2.0 CiTD hp – 5 door / hatch 143 hp Manual

2009 – present

Mazda 3

2007 Mazda 3

3 2.3 MPS – 5 door / hatch 260 hp Manual
3 2.0 – 5 door / hatch 150 hp Manual
3 Sedan 2.0 – 4 door / sedan 150 hp Automatic transmission
3 Sedan 1.6 – 4 door / sedan 105 hp Manual
3 1.6 – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Manual

Comments from owners of Mazda 3

Nice car. And I like a lot, but I have not driven one. For some time watching such a year or two, but with 2.3 engine. On lease, leasing schemes have so that you may be wrong. I do not know how things are with the Mazda 3, but can in principle with 0% installment, maybe 5 and 10 … basically you want, even if it is not an exact percentage. There is no problem and everything is agreed on site with the dealer. There are also variants with residual value. Soils with 5% and have 5 more example that residual value. I.e. payment due at the end of the lease period. You do not have to give money all together again just to drop your contributions. It’s nice not to Bend once their lease, unless their (that does not mean you can not have a wooden like Ford for example). Shop around one or two banks and see what is all about. You can give it leased, or you can draw a Car Loan. There is a difference. In Car Loan, the car is yours and you save yourself a transfer and registration as leases, you may also choose your own place to your helmet. Our Business Lease and dealers have arrangements with insurers and they rip high insurance, which is mandatory if their car is leased. For example, I now buy Opel and Opel lease is super wood. We think this is a bank and expect me pulling a lot. Good luck with your choice. The car is very good, in my opinion.

Mazda 3

2009 Mazda 3

Well my turn. This is a car with a different kind of European rivals who in my opinion is beautiful. For the pros and cons have nothing to say this is not a new car and what will happen in the years to explore it if you make it a defect sincerely hope not. Just go watch if you pick up and fit your ride.

A colleague has such a Mazda 3 or so years now and is very happy without serious technical problems. But I hear a lot of complaints from service company in the sense a lot of time waiting for things under warranty pull something. It under warranty for retail problemche hang two weeks in January.

I drove two Mazda – 1.6i and 2.0 diesel – the first new one in Austria, the second – imported from Germany, if I remember correctly … What are my impressions – healthy and unassuming car. Both no problems during the operation. Quite annoying and I am impressed, however the rate at which depreciates.

Mazda 3 1.6i that was purchased in November 2004. In September 2006, sold more than 40,000 kilometers – with absolutely no remarks and remained above one year warranty. So – for two years and 40k miles is lost

Mazda 3

2010 Mazda 3

almost half its value – a bit much I think.

Otherwise I liked – although I think it is more appropriate for a woman. But otherwise it’s nice to drive it – if not in a hurry

Well what can I say I’m a Mazda 6, today is only the second day you drive it and already fell in love with her, just a great car I guess Mazda 3 does not give us at least 6.

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