Mercedes-Benz W140

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Mercedes-Benz W140 Review

Mercedes-Benz W140

Mercedes-Benz W140 is of the best models of Mercedes Benz for 91-99 years. It is characterized by exceptional durability, maximum comfort and security. As you step into this model and obtain a sense of luxury, though quite a few years, this car is one of the best for it’s time and it even surpassed many new cars in many indicators. The most preferred models are S500, S600, S420. The diesel engine of Mercedes-Benz W140 – 350 TD is not preferable, there are many cons and is too weak for this heavy coupe. Almost all petrol engines are good but should be careful about proper operation of vehicles over the years. Many of Mercedes-Benz W140 cars are constantly moving in the streets and many of their owners would not change it with other car for nothing in the world, having experienced this ride and comfort of this sturdy car that can be compared with many new luxury models.

Mercedes-Benz W140 Pros and Cons


Mercedes-Benz W140

Mercedes-Benz W140

Convenient, comfortable, reliable
Extremely strong for his age
Rarely breaks


Dear spare parts
High cost of fuel (especially in models S500 and S600)

Comments from owners of Mercedes-Benz W140

Colleague once I was winding S350 Turbodiesel, but I dissuaded because of poor engine. If you get a chance to get 300 turbo – a more powerful 177 hp, with more time, more economical. The engine is incredible, these models come out near the end of production of the model and yet are packed with extras.

Mercedes-Benz W140

Mercedes-Benz W140

Car if you like … and it is so good .. jump and take it. That 300 is not a good sport .. Consumption as much as you want … Since the father is just one of 96 that only tell you fresh fresh numbers – the last charge (yesterday) about 300 km … 49 liters .. which included approximately 200 km ride which is my … more seriously. Why does not the bike is good? runs pretty decent having in mind that two tons and a half or so. With four speeds – 1-50, 2-90, 3-140, 4 up …
I think .. a sentence is the most important .. price no fun!
Maintenance is not particularly cheap, but once done rather not call again … !
Yet Give some more information and photos on this car … Have you tried a different kind of animal? If you are not .. command of a meeting and will let you see how it is. and then think again.

W140 for me are the best S class super deluxe quality of the material after W220 is not good like material (again I say from experience) especially this engine makes it easy to calm and balanced ride, probably links to read reviews for that engine Heat to head in. .. As maintenance is expensive, get ready for this since buying this car is part of the cost, and to enjoy and not bother you have to keep a level parts are more expensive than a W220, but healthy. My January sold just because I’m tired and it was relatively cumbersome, I wanted a new, gasoline, more powerful, so I bought the W220, although it is something I started to get tired and I headed to the G 270 CDI and G 300 TD – 177  hp village bases long winter and possibly if my love for summer.

In the German sample are announced W124 for € 10,000, and writes it to 80,000 km, and has a W126 SEC for 25,000 euros and 50,000 km of any of those years with rates reaching 40 to 50,000 euros, and I say this because it sets them apart from the price others are for 1000 and 3000 and these are very expensive detailed pictures that really look like new, why do not they sell them “profitable” but keep the price? That W140 is both “feasible” and relatively few miles could be true, but with the right people here doubt about mileage, best-nice review it if it safely to and hopefully get lucky.

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