Mitsubishi Eclipse

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Old legends tuning 5 – Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi Eclipse

2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT Limited

Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sporty compact car that can easily be attributed to the rankings, which present a weekly regular readers – “old tuning legends.” The reason for this is still the same as before – it is a model of Mitsubishi, which is often subjected to a lot of tuning. This is a model that was released in 1990. and produced successful and today, of course with many innovations and technological improvements will understand now …

According to Mitsubishi model was named after the English racehorse of the 18th century, who is the winner in 26 races. This is a kind message and message to the sports model and dynamic realization among consumers.

In terms of innovations Mitsubishi Eclipse has undergone changes in the model by four separate generations. The first two generations are very similar patterns Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser, who are also producing – the result of joint work of Mitsubishi Motors, and Chrysler Corporation. The third generation does is based on an entirely new platform and most parts of the model are utterly incompatible with parts of the first two generations. The fourth generation also presents significant changes, it is realized only in 2005.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Most often tuned models are perhaps the third generation. The design of the model itself and without tuning Elements of dynamic looks and sporty. The design of the front and side spoilers cause overwhelming sense of speed and quickness. Even in GTS models can be seen almost negligible changes in facelift, since the original version of the third generation Mitsubishi Eclipse is itself highly dynamic sporty.

As a model since 2000, he has a very good technical characteristics. And because this model is implemented over five years, which is one of the most dynamic and revolutionary in the automotive world, it is presented in several versions of the engine and gearbox. The most powerful engine of this model features a 6-cylinder V-shaped with a 3.0L displacement and 210 horsepower output. The gearbox is a variation in its 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual.

The sports coupe Mitsubishi Eclipse is offered in two versions – a classic sports coupe or sports coupe with a removable roof. In both cases, the model has always-door. Furthermore, in 2001. – Almost immediately after the launch of the third generation, Mitsubishi Eclipse presents its prototype electric car. He goes by the name and the Mitsubishi Eclipse EV is equipped with a lightweight electric motor and lithium-ion batteries in the chassis. This model stands out with remarkable endurance, touring Mitsubishi Eclipse EV was able to go over 400 km with a single charge of its batteries!

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

And although I am tempted to go with the story Mitsubishi Eclipse of the fourth generation, which as a new model is even more impressive in performance and design, will stop here, otherwise we risk out of the boundaries of the “old tuning legends.” ..

Special Series Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi Motors prepare a special modification of the coupe and convertible Eclipse, on the occasion of the end of series production.

The current fourth generation of the models produced in 2006 and soon production will be discontinued by the Japanese company has not yet planned replacement.

Special modification of the Mitsubishi Eclipse will be available in all versions of equipment (GS, GS Sport and GT). From the standard version will feature a caption SE (Special Edition) at the rear of the body in black shells of the mirrors and 18 inch alloy wheels in dark gray.

Also standard on SE comes with heated leather seats and automatic adjustment with cameras to monitor the area behind the vehicle with high-quality audio system with Rockford Fosgate Power 650 watts and nine reproduktora and the possibility of connecting phone via Bluetooth. In Eclipse coupe will have a panoramic sunroof.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse

The special version of Eclipse will be available with two engines – naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine volume 2.4 liters and power 162 hp (For versions GS and GS Sport) and petrol engine with 6 cylinders, volume 3.8 liters and power 265 hp, which will be combined with an automatic transmission with five speeds.

Modifications and engines Mitsubishi Eclipse

1992 – 1996

Eclipse 2.0 GSi 16V – 3 door / coupe 150 hp Manual

1996 – 1999

Eclipse 2.0 DOHC – 3 door / coupe 146 hp Manual

1999 – 2002

Eclipse 2.4 i 16V – 3 door / coupe 156 hp Manual
Eclipse 3.0 i V6 24V – 3 door / coupe 208 hp Manual

2002 – 2005

Mitsubishi Eclipse

2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Eclipse 2.4 – 3 door / coupe 149 hp Manual
Eclipse 3.0 – 3 door / coupe 213 hp Manual

2005 – 2008

Eclipse 2.4 – 3 door / coupe 162 hp Manual
Eclipse 3.0 – 3 door / coupe 210 hp Manual
Eclipse 3.8 – 3 door / coupe 263 hp Manual

2008 – present

Eclipse 2.4 – 3 door / coupe 162 hp Manual
Eclipse 3.8 – 3 door / coupe 265 hp Manual

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