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Mercedes E-Class C207 is the Car Of The Month (August) on

The new E-Class from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class 2012 AMG

The new E-class from “Mercedes-Benz” was debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009. In terms of appearance the car has retained the double headlights (ie debuted in the E-class in 1995) but are now rectangular. The rear hand, a new focus – a line that follows the rear wheel arches.

Mercedes E-Class will be offered with a total of ten diesel and petrol engines with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder with power ranging from 136 to 525 hp. They are much more economical than offered now and meet ecological standards Euro 5.

The four gasoline engines with direct injection with a new design that allows you to develop more power and torque than comparable six-cylinder V-engines of the preceding series despite a smaller displacement. The strategy is to be replaced with natural big engines pumping fuel mixture with turbocharged engines, whose additional advantages are lower weight, reduced internal friction and more economical operating characteristics.

Models E 200 CGI and E 250 CGI are equipped with a new four-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection and displacement 1.8 liters, turbocharging and variable valve timing. Model E 200 CGI 184 hp is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard and comes with start / stop and power consumption is only 6.8 liters of high-octane gasoline per 100 kilometers.

In the E 250 CGI (204 hp. Village), which is equipped with a standard 5-speed automatic transmission, maximum torque is 310 Nm., Which is over 26 per cent more than the previous model of the six-cylinder V-twin engine. At the same time, the combined fuel consumption reduced by over 20 percent to 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class 2010 Cabriolet

Modifications E 350 CGI with direct petrol injection (292 hp. Village) and the top model E 500 (388 hp. Village) known from the old E-Class is available with the new, but consume up to 600 grams less fuel per 100 kilometers. The new proposed version E 63 AMG, is a motor that delivers 525 hp.

The three four-cylinder diesel engine with a new structure emerges a new generation of direct injection type “common rail” fast piezo-electric injectors, improved exhaust gas recirculation and an innovative twin turbocharger. Engine E 250 CDI with an output 204 hp. village and 500 Nm. develop torque by 25 per cent higher than the previous six-cylinder V-engine with fuel consumption of just 5.3 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle.

In the new Mercedes E-Class appears as a new four-cylinder diesel engine with 170 hp. village in the E 220 CDI, and 136 k. in the E 200 CDI, and both models, fuel consumption is just 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

The top model in the diesel range in the new Mercedes E-Class is a six-cylinder engine in the E 350 CDI with an output 231 hp, which consumes half a liter of diesel per 100 km less than the previous model, the E 320 CDI. In the spring of 2009 will show a six-cylinder, V-type engine technology BlueTEC. E 350 BlueTEC delivers 211 hp. village and meet the emission standard EU6, to be introduced in 2014

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class 2010 Interior

Models with 6 and 8-cylinder V-engines are equipped with a standard 7-speed automatic transmission and steering wheel selector.

On special order models E 350 CDI and E 350 6-cylinder V-engines, and model E 500 with 8-cylinder engine is available with latest-generation four-wheel drive.

In addition to changes in engine cuts fuel consumption is due to the package BlueEFFICIENCY, it includes reduced drag, reduced rolling resistance tires, intelligent control of the generator, fuel pump and steering amplifier, and start / stop function, which switches the engine the new E 200 CGI mode when idle. On display in the speedometer displays information about the current fuel consumption, as well as instructions for the driver to shift up a gear in order to achieve savings.

The new Mercedes E-Class will offer a number of innovations that enhance driving pleasure and safety. These include adaptive headlights, which dazzle and illuminate an area ranging from 65 to 300 m. Thanks to a camera mounted on the windshield, it automatically switch from dipped to main beam and vice versa.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class 2009

Lane Safety package system includes Blind Spot Assist (Assist blind spot), which is known from the C-Class Mercedes, the new system and Lane Keeping Assist (maintenance of traffic in the selected band) which prevents the vehicle from leaving the road due to inattention. Speed Limit Assist is a support system to limit speed, which is available as an option.

The system recognizes the characters speed limit when the car passes them, then displays the corresponding value of the display in the speedometer. System Night View Assist (help system for night vision), which is used in the S-Class is now available as an option for the new Mercedes E-Class. It has been revised and now has a special function to detect the presence of pedestrians.

The new Mercedes E-Class series is equipped with a means to control the level of attention of the driver, who promptly alert for signs of drowsiness. Detection system ATTENTION ASSIST drowsiness is equipped with sensors that continuously monitor more than 70 different parameters.

Proven support systems based on radar, known from S-Class, is now available as an option to customers of the Mercedes E-Class. Improve the quality of the radar sensor now provide a range of 200 m (at 150 m before) and allow constant monitoring of the situation ahead.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class 2011

Another new feature of the Mercedes E-Class is the active bonnet to protect pedestrians. It is part of the standard equipment. Upon impact trigger system of springs that fraction of a second raised hood with 50 mm, thereby increasing the deformation space. Thanks to an intelligent device driver can return to the active bonnet to its normal state without having to visit a workshop.

Standard equipment also includes improved suspension with adaptive shock absorbers automatically adjust to the particular conditions of travel “weak” in normal driving, thereby significantly increasing the ease of travel. In high speed turns or abrupt maneuvers, the system switches to “cure”, resulting in maximum stability of the car. As an alternative version with dynamic damping and lower suspension (standard on the range AVANTGARDE).

Air suspension system, which is optional on models with six-cylinder V-engine (standard in the E 500 / E 500 4MATIC), for the first time is combined with an amortization operated electronically by allowing processing of signals coming from different sensors to amortization are managed individually for each wheel. The driver can press a button to choose a comfortable or sporty driving.

Active multi-contour seat package (optional) includes seats with a new design with comfortable headrests and two-stage massage function in the backrest. Depending on the angle of the steering angle, lateral acceleration and vehicle speed, built-in backrest fast piezoelectric valves changed air pressure, which allow the driver and front passenger even better lateral support.

In terms of configuring the new Mercedes E-Class offers a choice of ten engines, three suspension variants, two lines of

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class E250 Cabrio AMG Design

design and equipment, 12 combinations of wheels and tires in sizes 16, 17, 18 or 19 inches, twelve variants of the exterior of the body , six types of material seat upholstery in combination with up to five colors of individual elements. The selection of interior design is doubled compared with the previous series, because now the range includes polished exotic wood, porous wood and aluminum trim.

The new Mercedes E-Class was appear in the showrooms of commercial and service missions of the “Mercedes” in March 2009.

Details about the new Mercedes E-Class

Following the design decisions of the GLK and C-Class, the new E-Class has acquired a more aggressive and angular design, complemented by four like diamond headlights.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class E220 Combi

The interior of the business sedan from Mercedes-Benz is designed in line with the external form of the car. Although the comfortable lounge of the new E-Class is equipped with materials of the highest grade, high-tech systems for active and passive safety, and many luxuries, contributing to the comfort of occupants, the interior has met criticism from the auto world.

Expected new E-Class Mercedes-Benz increased its size from the previous generation. Business sedan has become longer by 12 mm., Wider by 32 mm. with 13 mm. higher. The distance between the front and rear axle is also increased by 20mm.

More on the new E-Class from Mercedes-Benz

The new E-Class from Mercedes-Benz defined the pace of development in this market segment in terms of safety, comfort and environmental compatibility. By embedding more than 20 new or updated technical achievements that limo further confirms the leading role of Mercedes-Benz in the luxury class.

Innovation is defined as the idea a new way to drive safely and do not offer such a combination of any of the other manufacturers in the world. An example can be mentioned systems are offered as standard equipment, such as Attention Assist, Adaptive Main Beam Assist and automatic emergency braking in the event of serious danger of attack.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class E350

The new Mercedes-Benz sedan builds a sense of comfort in the Mercedes E-Class already established as an emblematic feature of this model. Today Mercedes E-Class has an intelligent design of the cabin, which provides 30 percent greater rigidity, further improved seats and a completely redesigned suspension whose shock absorbers automatically adapt to the traffic situation. Air suspension is available as an option, now with an electronic damping system.

The outstanding safety and comfort of the E-Class are matched by its environmental compatibility and economy: 4 – and 6-cylinder engines are direct injection, and spend 23 percent less fuel than before.

Besides engines BlueEFFICIENCY package for the new E-Class allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Studies in the wind tunnel was particularly successful because drag coefficient of only 0.25, the new E-Class is the most aerodynamically efficient luxury saloon in the world.

This represents an improvement of 4 per cent compared to benchmarks in the previous model and allows you to save a quarter liter of fuel per 100 kilometers at highway speed of 130 km / h Aerodynamics are improved eg through variable geometry air vents that direct airflow to the engine compartment.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-class 2013 AMG

The new E-Class saloon is the successor model of the Mercedes-Benz, which successfully sold worldwide and it has since 2002 been realized over 1.3 million cars. In Germany, over 40 percent of all saloons in this segment bear an “E” on the model name, and in many European countries this model of Mercedes-Benz is number one in the luxury class.

After 1947, when there is a model 170 V as a direct precursor of the Mercedes E-Class, Mercedes-Benz has produced more than ten million saloons in the same series. This makes the Mercedes E-Class is undoubtedly the most successful business sedan worldwide.

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