Nissan Navara

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Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara

2012 Nissan Navara

NISSAN NAVARA design radiates strength and its interior – comfort and luxury typical for Saloon: dual-zone automatic climate control, heated seats, a system for maintaining a constant speed (cruise control), DVD satellite navigation system. NAVARA Double Cab e 5 seats, wide and spacious cabin. The second row folds occupant 60:40. Through clever mechanism they can be fixed vertically to the rear wall of the cab to release the maximum storage space. C-Channel system e new, pioneering attachment system for all cargoes in the most effective manner, regardless of their shape or size. The system consists of five carefully placed strips leading into the walls and floor of the load compartment. 4 – they are sliding into strips allow locking clamps in various positions and ensure safe transportation of all items. NAVARA ranks high in its class thanks to a 2.5 liter Common rail turbo diesel engine, now with 190 hp and 450Nm of torque. In addition to a new range of engines 3 liter V6 diesel with 231 hp and 550Nm. 6MT transmissions – 6-speed manual gearbox, 5AT – 5-speed automatic transmission, 7AT – 7-speed automatic transmission. With NAVARA can pull loads up to 3 tons. The load capacity of the car is also impressive – 910 kg.

Nissan Navara Review

Nissan Navara

2012 Nissan Navara

Dealing with construction unlikely to find anything better than pickup Nissan, namely Navara.

In the narrow segment of pickups no doubt that Nissan Navara is one of the best looking. It has sharp lines and stylish appearance of the SUV, which it quite different from his opponents by Ford and Isuzu for example. Only Mitsubishi L200 may be closer to Navara in terms of design. If it comes and specification Aventura Double Cab, Navara so it looks even more impressive roof rails, front fog lamps and 17-inch alloy wheels. Metallic worth the extra 600 euros, which is bid.

Inside a plastic items completed also in metallic which do everything to make the car a little more interesting. But it is a practical car, not the top of the luxury, so why not have quite as large claims on the interior. And once explained it already safe to say that the interior is very well organized, the instruments are really user friendly. Equipment specification Aventura is more than generous, and it is a DVD satellite navigation system, CD-changer for six CDs, which also offers MP3 compatibility, Bluetooth, integrated phone with voice activation, dual zone air conditioning and leather seats. This automatically means that this could be the perfect choice for a family or for a developer.

Nissan Navara

2012 Nissan Navara

For such a large vehicle dodgy Navara is amazing and fast. It accelerates to 100 km / h for 11.8 seconds and if you really hurry, he could easily lift more than 160 km / h Under the hood is the big 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 169 hp deserve respect Yet the dynamics not so much power as those 400 Nm of torque available from 2,000 rpm / min and making models so fast. It should be recognized that this is one of the quietest engines, but not so loud as to be intrusive. Furthermore, the excellent standard stereo cope perfectly with the noise that penetrates the cabin.

Big turbo four is connected to a five-speed automatic transmission specification Aventura, Navara makes much greener than many of its competitors. On the whole, there can be no claims of the propulsion system that offers an agile model for the size and weight of the truck.

The idea of pickups in general serve as a working Navara cars and not true to the concept. This means that under the beautiful exterior lies actually fairly simple mechanics. The suspension, which is divided into the cabin and trunk will probably always have its limitations, but that does not apply enough force for this model. Coefficient of twist is not as high as one might expect. Only at slightly higher speeds in bends, there may be some uncertainty, but overall the car is very stable. Unfortunately, it appears that wet pavement is the Achilles heel of Navara, since it then get some vibrations that are typical of modern representatives of the SUV sector, but does not have flaws to pick …

Nissan Navara

2012 Nissan Navara

When the propulsion system only transmits torque to the rear wheels (instead of all four) and take into account the very simplicity suspension and relatively light tail proved that Navara can be quite agile tail. However, her behavior is completely predictable, making the behavior of the car entirely happy. In off-road terrain Navara will take you almost anywhere, even maybe save someone from a similar risk locations.

Given that there is a top of the range Navara, it is no surprise that Aventura is so well equipped. But it’s really amazing how well equipped as it has features that many would expect in a where-where more expensive and prestigious car. Excellent DVD satellite navigation system, expensive stereo, recognition aloud, leather seats, automatic headlights and wipers, dual zone air conditioning and are all features that are part of the standard package. That fuel economy is pretty good, official figures as a combined consumption of 8.4 l/100 km and then when it comes to heavy truck and automatic transmission. CO2 emissions of 275 g / km are not that bad and compared to the performance of the other SUV models are more impressive.

Nissan Navara

2012 Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara offers a very strong alternative to the family SUV and station wagon models. No doubt its practicality, it will carry a load that normal cars can not. In addition, the cabin is large enough to accommodate the whole family without problems. And we said, it is very well equipped and a pleasure to ride (except when it comes to parking spot closer). So wise buyers market for pickups would hesitate solely between Navara and L200 of the Mitsubishi. Both are good, just depends on you whether you prefer a little more sharp design Navara or flowing lines of L200.

Nissan Navara Review 2

Can truck be applied in everyday life? Could it be a comfortable, dynamic and versatile as an SUV for example?

I wanted to know for the test of Nissan Navara.

To check the quality of the truck route chosen, including city driving, highway, excellent roads and mountain roads. Traveled with Navara lot to try it out on any terrain.

Nissan Navara

2011 Nissan Navara

My first impression when I sat behind the wheel of Nissan Navara (rush hour in the city) was not particularly positive. Navara seemed huge, mostly long and narrow streets – even closer.

Only about an hour but I felt more at ease. I used the size of a pickup truck with shiny long look in the mirror at each maneuver. Become used to the curious stares of passers-by, which apparently are already familiar with banal cars and SUV-rarely turning head after them.

Navara started to like, even as a means of transportation in the city. Light steering, surprising agility for size, automatic transmission, body shapes and the look of high made me feel comfortable behind the wheel of Navara, even stuck in another traffic jam.

Not long after, however, when looking for a parking spot, my smile fade … it took me at least two places to fit for parallel parking. These are rare, so I had to “park” on a bump in nearby shrubbery, long acting as parking for vehicles passable – dumb that violate the garden, but at least our Nissan Navara seemed more at ease .

Nissan Navara

2011 Nissan Navara

The next day I went to a rough offroad terrain with roads. On the highway at a speed of about 130 km / h the car stood a SUV. In a particularly sharp bends would tilt, and one area where the asphalt track like testing the strength of expectation seemed not so bad.

Overtaking were not a problem, although the model was equipped with the smaller engine – 2.5 dCi. This is a 4-cylinder engine with 190 hp and 450 Nm of torque is available from 2,000 rpm / min.

Version has an automatic transmission and 4×4 system that normally drives the rear wheels only. In this configuration, the Navara is able to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 10.7 seconds and a top speed of 180 km / hour.

Able to pass through any road, whether it is covered with mud or fresh snow. The car has great ground clearance and 4×4 drive. Maximum wading depth of 450 mm, maximum slope to climb – 39 degrees and maximum side slope angle – 49.8 degrees.

I never doubted the ability of the system of 4×4 Nissan, this car and I routinely has a serious offroad.

The purpose of my test was to find out whether, in addition to the work truck can be applied in everyday life.

Nissan Navara

2010 Nissan Navara

Turns out you can. Nissan Navara and other representatives of the most luxurious pickups do not look like typical working machines, but are not. They are more cars on everything and everywhere – “hybrid” combining a small truck load of dynamics patency, comfort and great vision Jeep or SUV.

Moreover Navara 4×4 and proposal Nissan Pathfinder, models are almost identical in many ways.

The entire front until the B-pillar is the same in both models. The lounge will also find differences, especially in the front row seats. There is comfort, amenities or systems do not step on anything more expensive Pathfinder. Second row seat also offers plenty of comfort and space. It can comfortably accommodate three passengers.

The main differences between the two models is in the rear, where there is room for Navara for ATV, Jet, hay, 5-6 refrigerator, tent (available as an optional extra) or a few barrels of wine.

There are differences in price (Navara is noticeably more affordable) and to some extent – in comfort. When Navara is not loaded, the suspension takes bumps in the road quite harshly. However, if you back a load weighing at least 100 pounds, the truck rides nice surprise.

Nissan Navara

2010 Nissan Navara

After spending time with the Navara, I believe that the pickups are much more useful, more advanced and more wild than their “civilian” brothers – SUV-car.

Suitable for work or weekends, and on the roads and beyond. Applicable even in dense urban traffic.

Pickups are universal, universal are like comfortable jeans … which actually have many common qualities and common past – pick-ups and jeans appear to help in the work, evolving to a convenient accessory for daily use as they are today .

Estimates of Nissan Navara on a scale

Applicability in – 7 (ideal for work and travel. However The city is close)

Reliability – 9 (car designed to pass through difficult terrain with heavy loads on their backs)

Equipment – 9 (More than enough for a truck)

Space – 10 (spacious lounge, huge “rack”)

Nissan Navara

2009 Nissan Navara

Price / Quality – 9

Quality materials – 8 (Simple, quality and comfortable interior, the same as the more expensive Nissan Pathfinder)

Fuel consumption – 7 (9.0 l / 100 km. Was a good charge for a similar (unloaded) vehicle)

Driving Pleasure – 7 (Nissan Navara surprised me, but driving pleasure stays away from what it offers Nissan Juke, for example)

Modifications and engines Nissan Navara

2005 – present

Navara King Cab 2.5 dCi – 2 doors / Jeep 174 hp Manual
Navara Double Cab 2.5 dCi – 4 doors / Jeep 174 hp Automatic transmission
Navara Double Cab 2.5 dCi – 4 doors / Jeep 174 hp Manual

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