Seat Leon

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Seat Leon Review

Seat Leon & Toledo

History of the model

Seat Leon

2012 Seat Leon

9/91 Presentation of the model. Sedan with four doors and a large tailgate. Engines (the program of VW): 1.6i with 72 hp, 1.8i with 88 hp, 2.0i with a 115 bhp, 1.8 16v with 125 hp

5/92 Additional engines: diesel 1.9 D with 68 hp and 1.9 TD turbodiesel with 75 hp

5/94 1.6-liter engine has 75 hp and 1.8-liter 90 hp already

1/95 2.0 16v with 150 hp replaced 1.8 16v. Airbag for the driver’s seat next series.

7/95 Improvements in the model. New engine: 1.9 TDI turbodiesel with 90 hp

3/97 New engines: 1.9 TDI with 110 hp and 1.6 MPI with 100 hp

4/99 Change model. Bikes: a 1.6-liter with 100 hp, 1.8-liter with 125 hp, 2.3 V5 with 150 hp, 1.9 TDI with 110 hp 12/99 New compact version of Leon (hatchback, five-door)

7/02 New version of Leon with four-wheel drive with a 1.8 liter turbo engine with 210 hp

Earlier fruit of cooperation between Volkswagen and Seat are quite problematic. Attractive product range and quality are part of the image of Seat today. But that was not the case in the early 90’s. The first car jointly developed between VW and Seat Toledo was that in the beginning was very difficult.

Large Seat was designed based on the Golf II was not able to capture from its solidity. The quality of workmanship was so shoddy that Toledo spent lengthy periods in garages. Toledo has a great rack and is therefore practical in all cases. We should not be too heavy freight. Otherwise, management is indirectly and rump served uncontrollably toward the outer edge of the bend.

Seat Leon

2012 Seat Leon

Basically Toledo is a good car with plenty of space and lots of features. Like engines from VW. Unfortunately, collars and economical TDI engines appeared later in the program’s first Toledo. Old conventional diesel remained until the end of ’96

Not all diesels are successful in Toledo. Low costs are achieved at the cost of chatter and treshtene. Many more are cultivated petrol 1.6 and 1.8 liter units (resp. 75 and 90 hp) Mandatory preferences should fall on specimens manufactured after July 95 They are technically processed (differ in appearance) and have with two airbags and more modern ABS. But be careful not to come across an extraordinary model Amaro – under this name Seat released cheaper versions with lower level equipment.

A huge leap forward both visually and from a technical standpoint is marketed in the ’99 second generation model. Successor is much more dynamic, which also applies to Leon hatchback, which is 25 cm shorter. Leon plays the athlete in the family. Everything is possible: from AWD with turbobenzin to TDI with 150 hp

This is at the expense of comfort, because the firm suspension and even excellent seats do not help much. In contrast, however, Volkswagen Skoda Seat is not positioned in the market as an extraordinary offer. Prices are quite high and this is reflected in the second-hand market, which Toledo and Leon are just as expensive as the Golf and Bora.

Pros: + enough space, comfortable seats suitable bikes safe driving

Cons: – solid chassis settings, limited visibility, thirsty petrol engines

Seat Leon

2012 Seat Leon

The most common problems with Seat Leon

Engine: ’99 to much loss of oil, faulty timing belt (gasoline to ’92, TDI since ’95), later broken crankcases

Ignition: after 99 defects in key imobilazer

Trailer: ’99 to sunroof leaking, leaking rear lids loose wipers and seats

Cooling: 94 to 95, the turbodiesel from overheating, followed callback in the workshops of the company

All modifications and engines Seat Leon from the start of production until now

2000 – 2000

Leon 1.6 – 5 door / hatch 100 hp Manual
Leon 1.6 – 5 door / hatch 100 hp Automatic transmission

2000 – 2003

Seat Leon

2000 Seat Leon

Leon 1.9 SDi – 5 doors / hatchback 68 hp Manual

2000 – 2005

Leon 1.4 16V – 5 doors / hatchback 75 hp Manual
Leon 1.9 TDi – 5 doors / hatchback 90 hp Manual
Leon 1.8 20VT – 5 door / hatch 180 hp Manual
Leon 1.8 20V – 5 door / hatch 125 hp Automatic transmission
Leon 1.8 20V – 5 door / hatch 125 hp Manual
Leon 1.6 16V – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Manual
Leon 1.9 TDi – 5 door / hatch 110 hp Manual

2001 – 2004

Leon 2.8 V6 – 5-door / hatch 204 hp Manual

2001 – 2005

Leon 1.9 TDi – 5 door / hatch 150 hp Manual

2002 – 2003

Leon 1.8 20VT – 5 door / hatch 210 hp Manual

2003 – 2005

Seat Leon

2004 Seat Leon

Leon 1.8 20VT – 5 door / hatch 225 hp Manual
Leon 1.9 TDi – 5 door / hatch 130 hp Manual

2005 – present

Leon 2.0 TDI – 5 door / hatch 140 hp Manual
Leon 1.6 – 5 door / hatch 102 hp Manual
Leon 1.9 TDI – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Manual
Leon 2.0 TDI – 5 door / hatch 140 hp Automatic transmission

2005 – 2006

Leon 2.0 TFSI – 5 door / hatch 185 hp Manual
Leon 1.6 16V – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Manual
Leon 1.9 TDi – 5 door / hatch 100 hp Manual

2005 – 2007

Leon 2.0 FSI – 5 door / hatch 150 hp Manual

2006 – present

Seat Leon

2008 Seat Leon

Leon 2.0 FSI – 5 door / hatch 150 hp Automatic transmission
Leon 2.0 TDI – 5 door / hatch 170 hp Manual
Leon 1.4 16V – 5 doors / hatchback 85 hp Manual
Leon 2.0 TFSI – 5 door / hatch 200 hp Manual
Leon Cupra 2.0 TFSI – 5 door / hatch 240 hp Manual
Leon 2.0 TFSI – 5 door / hatch 200 hp Automatic transmission

2007 – present

Leon 1.9 TDI – 5 door / hatch 105 hp Automatic transmission
Leon 1.8 TFSI – 5 door / hatch 160 hp Manual

Comments from owners of Seat Leon

Lately seems deliberately began to make these cars can not go. 105 horses and it feels like no 75. Do not talk about this bike, but in general. Car for this price is perfect, the look is unique, but his colleague told him there was very modest. However, for the money driving a relatively new car, but if you get a chance see how she accelerates the dynamics. The forum few people with new cars that have been registered because still have warranty and still not finding out what a repair etc. Maybe if I shake in vw forums can have a better chance to see what they are writing about bike, still have a lot more. Good luck

Seat Leon

2010 Seat Leon

Very cool car, same technically as Golf 4 and Audi A3, I wanted to get my 1.8T but only one of 180 horses and are more expensive, so I bought a Golf. Otherwise I like because they are so massive.

My friend and colleague had this machine the same as the pictures (2003) is that blue. We traveled a lot with him and I was asking him what his impressions were very pleased with the car straight adored her. I think it was 1.6.

I’m ‘for’ SEAT as a brand was my first car and I drove Toledo 2 other ones – for me for absolutely reliable cars! LEON is a more aggressive appearance and so me personally I like it. Just for the money – I do not know how those go, but still almost new car so to speak. good luck!

I personally did not like the performance of the Seat inside. For me personally is narrow, and materials and the execution itself look awful cheap. It is possible that I’ve come across such specimens, but my impression is. On the other hand precisely Leon – great vision out there, and I would seriously ponder the proposal because the car is almost new. It’s all about your own sense of good and comfortable!

Seat Leon

Seat Leon Tuning

I drove the car that day. Before you get inside her looked nice inside and out. So far I had not ridden in a Seat, I was lookin close drive from this brand. I can tell you that car is nice. Qualitative Fit – shows his intervention VW. Only a board have not done very convincing, but can swallow. Color, extras, wheels and all type = very good. Suspension and behavior also very liked. Not very comfortable, but in contrast, has a very stable and sport really. Engine … hmm, not bad, works quietly and cultivated, but it is weak, just not enough power, which ruins the whole idea of the car. Pulled back and gave up. I will not be. Better something more foals nm and turbo if you will give so much money for a car.

Do you own Seat Leon?

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