Skoda Yeti

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Skoda Yeti

December 1991 is an important date for the Czech automotive industry. Then the brand Skoda, now with over 100 years of history behind us, initially together with Volkswagen, and then became fully part of the VW Group.

Skoda Yeti

2012 Skoda Yeti

The beginning is difficult and Skoda cars longer remain “second-class cars.” Felicia, Favorit Forman and slowly begin to change the perception among customers of Skoda. Then appears Fabia. This car is actually a much simpler Volkswagen with a different design.

Following Octavia, Superb and Roomster in this order and Skoda them slowly but firmly moved into the ranks of the prestigious car manufacturers. With these four elements was built

The backbone of the Czech Skoda

But you know, a miracle is needed and the fifth element. This element is the fifth model in the range of Skoda’s first SUV in the brand’s history – Yeti.

Not accidentally started a short story simply because I think the Yeti is a turning point in the new era of Skoda. All models in the range are modern cars based on the Volkswagen, but they are not identical with them, something still lacking to be just like their German counterparts. A Yeti for the first time is on par with the Volkswagen Tiguan, on whose base is built, even surpass it.

Excels in the perfect driving experience, build quality and the huge range of new technologies. Unfortunately, not in terms of design. Yeti Roomster looks like a grown up and has a weird look. Czech designers have tried to give the car offroad transmission, but big round front lights and bumpers rough not having the desired effect.

Quite different is the situation in

Classic interior

Made from high quality materials with traditional stacked devices, it creates a sense of a complete or even a luxury car. The shape of the Roomster here provides more interior space and excellent visibility in all directions. A perfect performance is combined with well-balanced handling.

Skoda Yeti

2012 Skoda Yeti

Without the sport, Yeti is very stable on the road, offering comfort and managed with ease and precision. Contribute to this well-known 2.0-liter turbodiesel range of VW, as well as the excellent six-speed manual gearbox.

The drive is automatically 4×4 where electronics alone choose how to distribute torque and has an assistant to facilitate downhill. Clearance of 18 cm allows the Yeti can handle very harsh terrain, though unlikely many customers will take advantage of these opportunities. Just today SUVs rarely used outside of paved roads.

And the best part is that all this comes at the best price in the segment. Skoda Yeti is equipped with all the latest developments in automotive technology, while managed to keep the price significantly lower than that of competitors. This is a strong asset in today’s financial conditions.

Skoda Yeti – Little Snowman

Without shining design, the Czech crossover offers practicality and functionality at an affordable price

Yeti creature, called by the Tibetans as the “Great Snowman” is a mythical humanoid creature whose existence has not been proven.

Skoda Yeti, called by us “Little Snowman” is even compact off-road whose existence is not only proven, but is now sold in the country. Although, like “Big Snowman” is rarely a native roads, off-road vehicle Yeti is a practical and functional alternative to the relatively low cost. Comes with a decent range of diesel and petrol engines, we chose to focus on version 2.0 TDI-CR 4×4.


Skoda Yeti

2012 Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 4×4

Czech car never shone a look, but this time the designers have surpassed themselves. All clear that the Yeti causes mixed emotions. Critics of the appearance of the compact crossover are very few, among many, is widely regarded more like a Yeti called. “Pickup” than a car designed for people with active lifestyles. However, there are those who like it. One can not deny. Yeti is completely recognizable, has its own identity, while not devoid of corporate identity. Otherwise, it is built on the platform of Skoda Octavia (read VW Golf), as it is mounted on the body dvuobemna.


Salon Czech crossover impresses with non-luxurious but quality materials and excellent fit. The devices are simplified but highly informative and does not distract the driver from the road. The seats are large, rigid, and this is the cause of discomfort. The spacious salon offers excellent space for four tall passengers. The luggage space is not large, but in contrast, is functional. Thanks divisible into three parts rear seat, can be significantly increased. Another interesting thing is the self-regulation of the rear seats, as well as turning in a comfortable middle table.

Many frogs and boxes for items more deepen comfortable ride. Overall room is stylish, characterized by high quality workmanship and offers pretty decent comfort.

Engine performance and running

Skoda Yeti

2012 Skoda Yeti

All units in the range of motor Yeti are taken for granted by Volkswagen. This fact alone shows that there is no bad bike. However, in our opinion, the best option for such a vehicle is the two-liter diesel with 110 hp This engine offers decent performance and very economical. Is relatively elastic at high speed and is characterized by low noise. As for the suspension, it is quite similar to that of AT Golf, but the rear wheel is unusually extensive. This nostrum is borrowed from the Roomster and fits into the overall behavior of the car. As shown, the center of gravity is high, but for the wider rear wheel turns heel is not great. The car behaves very much like asphalt. Given the dimensions and informative management is great and the city. But if someone decides to use it for cross-country, you must be careful.

It is advisable to go beyond the asphalt are sporadic and mostly measured. 4×4 system is designed for snow, mud and bad weather, but not for heavy off-road. This is not a disadvantage for Yeti, as it is a trait inherent in all the crossovers in this class. Otherwise the ride is smooth and is another prerequisite for excellent comfort even on long journeys.


Skoda Yeti

2011 Skoda Yeti

Czech crossover sold in this country at a price similar to that of the main alternative – Nissan Qashqai. Basic Yeti starts from € 15,000, but in this case only get front-wheel drive and 1.2-liter gasoline turbo engine.

Most sharpened version reached almost € 25,000, but it has a powerful diesel and permanent transfer. Chosen by our modification is right in the middle, and we believe this is optimal, given the dynamic level of equipment and the final price. So if you are a fan of Japanese and you like vision Czech crossover, you can safely navigate to the Yeti.

Basic equipment

ABS, EBV, MSR, EDS, MBA, DSR, Alloy Wheels, servotronik, isofix attachment system for child seats, roof rails, central locking with remote control, seven airbags, front electric windows, split into three parts rear seat , turn indicators integrated into the side mirrors, radio with eight speakers and antenna, air Boardcomputer, outside temperature display, box storage compartment under the seat, and more.

Skoda Yeti Test

Once concern parent VW Czech brand took “under his wing” slowly but surely Skoda continues its upward development. After the small Fabia, larger Octavia, Roomster and multi Superb luxury market was launched and crossover Yeti. Although up to now propose a model Scout 4×4 with built based on the Skoda Octavia Kombi, Yeti is something entirely different. It Czechs moved into a new

Skoda Yeti

2010 Skoda Yeti

segment, which undergoes rapid development. Shown 5 years ago in Geneva a prototype model of the units used Fabia. Expected production cars have many things in common with the VW Tiguan, but ultimately it was built on the platform of the Octavia Scout. And that’s not raised wagon and really krossouvar. Skoda Yeti Long before being elected “Car of the Year category 4×4” country importers of brand invited us to test drive. On the way out of town we were able to understand how it behaves at high speeds on asphalt new car and move on specially prepared track give us an idea of what Skoda Yeti off-road. Even at a cursory glance at the front you can not go wrong at any family belongs Yeti – typical radiator grille with vertical fins is decorated with thick chrome trim, which is integrated into the brand logo. Aside from the basic trapezoidal headlights are built round combination lamps. Side profile, pronounced “V” – and “C” pillars and simple sides, decorated with the brand once mandatory stop lights “C” shape does not give Skoda Yeti tough appearance, as expected for a offroudar. This is part of the charm of the new car. Plastic shields front and back is not conducive to violent strikes and heavy off-road, and the task of the Yeti is not. Czech crossover for all those who love to get out in nature for recreation, tourism and sport. Dimensions of Skoda Yeti are: length 4223 mm, width 1793 mm, height 1691 mm and wheelbase 2578 mm. Turning circle is 10.32 m Ground clearance is 180 mm. Track: 1541 mm front and rear 1537 millimeters. The tank is 60 liters of boot volume is 405 to 1760 liters

Skoda Yeti

2009 Skoda Yeti 2.0 Tdi 4×4 Ambition

As stated in the beginning of the creation of Skoda Yeti are distinct elements borrowed from the VW Tiguan, but overall chassis and suspension are made based on the platform of the Octavia Scout. The suspension is rather tight. The passage of a series of notches with greater speed very much, but at the same time bends is minimized and compliance with specified path does not require adjustment of the steering wheel. The front suspension is independent McPherson, a wishbone. In the rear suspension is also independent, but has added multi-arm and another is mounted on a thicker stabilizer bar diameter 23 mm. This has reduced transmission of noise and vibration in the cabin, improving cornering stability. Like the Tiguan, VW disarming ESP leads to exclusion and anti-skid system. This allows movement slip and skid … but to speed 50 km / h, then the electronics itself involves compromise. According Czechs steering is completely new. It has a completely different structure until now known a “rack and pinion”. Although more complex and more expensive, it provides a much more adequate response electrobooster and requires less power. Brake system with disc brakes on 4 wheels, front ventilated. Standard mounted steering, brake assist system and ABS, EBD system for downhill, which is activated by pressing the “Off-roud”. Interestingly Skoda Yeti is that the system can run down not only the first, second and third gear, but when the lever to change gears in neutral. It is possible that this feature can be used in downhill in reverse, but then the response of the electronics a bit late and her work is not like that of Toyota Land Cruiser …. but the price of cars is incommensurable.

4×4 drive with Haldex-clutch fourth generation, which in normal traffic between VMs distributed front and rear axles at a ratio of 96:4. If necessary, this ratio completely imperceptible to the driver can be changed to 10:90. The lack of locking differentials are filled by stabilization program with the ABS system when needed can reduce VM on each wheel. From the footage you see is assure that skillfully and carefully driving Yeti can go through a lot of rough terrain.

Skoda Yeti

2008 Skoda Yeti

The interior of the Skoda Yeti is known from other models. Many elements in it are identical to the models Octavia and Skoda Superb – dashboard with round instruments hidden in deep wells, radio, air switches behind the steering wheel and dashboard, etc. Overall build quality is very good. Difficulties have been a little more plastic parts on door panels and center console. The front seats have pronounced side bolsters. The rear seats are mounted 20 mm higher and also provide rear passengers better forward visibility. And here is the model fitted familiar Roomster System Vario-Flex, which allows each seat to be folded or removed. Standard navigation system installed Columbus has HDD. It has the option of recording the route with the ability to move his playing backwards to the starting point. It is like the VW Tiguan fee to install a parking assistant, who needed only 80 cm more space than the total length of the car. In the list of options there are Dual-zone climate control, multimedia system with a large color display, Parktronic, etc..

Engine palette Skoda Yeti has two petrol and three diesel offers. All are 4-cylinder, transverse, with turbocharging and direct fuel injection. In the spirit of modern engines have low fuel consumption and comply with the Euro 5 standard. Gasoline is a series TSI: 1.2 l – 105 – and 1.8 liters – 160 hp Diesel are 2.0-liter TDI with output 105 -, 140 – and 170 hp The small petrol engine is available with power only to the front axle and six-speed manual or 7-speed DSG-transmission. The weakest diesel comes with front drive axle and five-speed manual gearbox or with 4×4 and 6-speed manual gearbox. All other engines have 6-speed gearboxes and 4×4.

Skoda Yeti

2007 Skoda Yeti Active GreenLine 1.6 TDI

During the test, a remote town 200 kilometers traveled with the 1.2-liter petrol version. It has the following dynamic features: displacement 1,197 cc Maximum power output of 77 kW/105 k.s./5000 rev / min. MVM Nm/1500-3500 175 rev / min. Acceleration from 0-100 going for 8.11 seconds, the maximum speed is 173 km / h, average fuel consumption is 6.8/100.

On the way back to us we were in the diesel version with 140 hp It has the following dynamic features: displacement 1,968 cc, 103 kW/140 hp / 4200 rpm / min. MVM Nm/1750-2500 320 rev / min. Acceleration from 0-100 going for 9.9 sec, maximum speed is 190 km / h, average fuel consumption is 6.1/100.

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