Subaru Legacy

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Subaru Legacy Review

History of the model

Presentation of the model in the hatchback and wagon versions. Four boxer engines: 1.8-liter with 103 hp and 2.2-liter with 136 hp

Subaru Legacy

2012 Subaru Legacy

9/91 2.0-liter with 115 hp 16v and 2.0-liter turbo with 200 hp
5/94 Change model. 2.2 liter engine with 128 hp now
3/95 ABS and airbags to the driver place standard on all models.
10/96 New station wagon Outback. Automatic version with 2.5-liter engine with 150 hp, 2.2-liter engine with 131 hp now
12/98 Change of the station wagon models. Engines: 2.0 with 125 hp, 2.5 with 156 hp
3/99 Change model for the limo. (Engines like the station wagon)
10/01 Facelift. Changed chassis and braking system
9/03 changed the model.

Good workmanship, solid technique, high utility – these are the main features of Legacy. Fans enjoy two of the technical details of the car: boxer engine and permanent four-wheel drive. Those two pieces are rarely found in combination. The motors are brilliant spin smoothly, like a turbine. After the huge facelift from ’94 base engine is a 2.0 liter with 115 hp It should be borne in mind that permanetnoto 4 * 4 with its greatest weight losses resulting from greater friction in the various moving parts, requires more power in itself.

Subaru Legacy

2012 Subaru Legacy

Therefore, 2.2 liter engine with 128 hp seems the better choice, especially since his older torque feels sensitive. Who wants to use the opportunity to draw maximum allowed 1.8 tons will have to think about ’96 presented in 2.5-liter engine with 150 hp At least four-speed automatic serial because this version that wears more slowly than normal clutch. To be able to drive off with ease and the manual gearbox high pitch Subaru system is provided Hillholder, which activates the brake and prevents back until it engages the clutch.

Other tricks in Japanese there, everything else is solid automotive Far. Quality is overbearing and materials used may seem more valuable. Space in Legacy is not spared and proves to other producers 4 * 4 that can boot is complete, even when the rear axle is moving. Important date: 3/95. Since then, all models feature a pair of air bags and ABS. Subaru gives no impression of insecurity contrary, follows a straight line stoically, as befits a car 4 * 4, curves should also excellent trajectory. The suspension absorbs bumps very quiet on the highway, and the good

Subaru Legacy

2012 Subaru Legacy

ergonomics of the seats further helps to reduce unpleasant vibrations to a minimum – another point on which Subaru differs significantly from other Japanese vehicles.

The most common problems with Subaru Legacy

Motor: problems with timing belt, and then in ’94, and blasted the head gaskets

Drive chassis: the sounds of automatic transmission, very rarely faulty clutches, oil leaks from the steering servo,

Electronics: defective battery, starter problems rarely (93-94) The

Pros: + High quality workmanship, excellent follow the set path, large trunk, balanced chassis settings

Cons: – limited space, high cost, poor ergonomics of the car behind

Features of Subaru Legacy II (1993-1998)

Subaru Legacy

1990 Subaru Legacy

In the early morning of 22 January 1989 on the oval track in Daytona registered e new world record for the fastest passage of 100,000 km with standard vehicle. Hanging car champion distance equal to more than twice the length of the equator to 447 hours and 44 minutes, which included stops in the pit-stops for refueling with fuel and change tires, oil, pilot, and the average speed exceed 223 km / h The phenomenal result was obtained with the new model of Fuji Heavy Industries Legacy RS and finally approve Subaru brand among the geeks with an affinity for unconventional technical solutions and long journeys. For the general public, however, her name still sounds like a character from the cartoon, and extravagant design and especially the price of these Japanese cars greatly limited clientele of the company. In Europe, the advantages of the car-wheel drive and an engine opoziten traditionally assessed only in countries such as Switzerland and Austria, which are the main “suppliers” market of used cars under the brand Subaru.

After radical modernization of the Legacy in 1998 copies produced in the early 90’s, are much more affordable for home buyers. But this should not mislead – the model is a rare breed and is affordable to everyone. Despite the legendary ruggedness and reliability, its operation is very peculiarities and requires a lot of maintenance funds. Particular care should be exercised to purchase Subaru Legacy – second hand. Although extremely rare, the market can only find versions with front wheel drive. Manufactured in a southern country and deserve just as much interest as no turbo Saab. Wheel drive and boxer engine does turn Japanese ideally “tractor” for caravan or trailer. Significantly Subaru Legacy is a favorite of owners of workshops and dealerships who love towed platform or other cars. Therefore, when purchasing the state of the transmission should be given special attention. It is quite possible to be amortized or broken.

For a start it is not bad to look around the floor of the car. The presence of dents, scratches and dirt caked almost sure sign of love by the previous owner of the off-road-adventure. When moving the transmission must not pull nor heard thumping noises and side. If the transmission is mechanical vibration starting almost sure sign that you need to change the clutch with the engine flywheel. In the station wagon with manual transmission usually hear a slight knock from gearbox when clutch optuska idle. This is harmless feature of the structure. Due to little spill boxes mounted on Universal.

Subaru Legacy

1995 Subaru Legacy

The machine should be switched gears smooth without delay and pull. The oil level in the box should not be more or less than specified. The liquid should not be cloudy or smell of burning not only when the car is “cold”, and after a long drive. Probe of gun control is located behind the left engine block.

Of course, the best preliminary diagnosis be made by a specialist. Otherwise risk fabulously expensive repair and indefinite delivery time of spare parts. On the other hand, in normal operation gearboxes deserve only praise and fully comply with the resource to other nodes and aggregates.

The body of Legacy boasts wonderful craftsmanship. Estate versions are generally more popular – even advertising campaigns are focused primarily Subaru to Universal. Wagon version belongs to another record Subaru Lagacy – “The fastest production wagon in the world” in a class by 2000 cm3 – 249.981 km / h The trunk, however, is equally impressive in both compartments.

Like deliberately avoid modernist tendencies in the appearance of the car interiors are also characterized by simplicity and every element of the interior is subordinate to the function. The place has plenty of both front and rear, which is not surprising especially given the impressive dimensions of the car. Among the disadvantages of gym should be noted infeasible adjustment of the inclination of the front seats in cars until 1994, and the location of the top of the belt. The popularity of the wagon due to another plus, which is absent in the sedan. After the 1994 Subaru predlagaga lowering gear and recoil system for Universal, which effectively makes it a SUV and makes it indispensable vehicle for mountain resorts. This, however, is detrimental and the price of these modifications.

Overall deserve equal attention and wagon and sedan. Subaru Legacy -If it is not crashed, rust is almost impossible.

Most experts called suspension and chassis Subaru Legacy “hard nut to crack.” Strength and reliability enjoy almost mythical fame. Even when operating on the road as a home, investing heavily on replacement of major assemblies shall be imposed only after a run of 150 to 200,000 km. But for small repairs must be performed by them navreme.Edin is the replacement of worn bushings and mounts the stabilizer of transverse stability. After 20 to 40 thousand kilometers of them began to hear chatter and is almost impossible to miss the moment. The only components underneath the Legacy, which boast great resource, brake discs and were after a run of 50-60 000 kilometers usually require new investment.

Subaru Legacy

1998 Subaru Legacy

Experts recommend changing the shock absorbers every 70 to 80,000 km. Original cost a lot but can be used to produce a well-known manufacturer. In this case, the operation goes from 30 to 40 percent cheaper. Part of the station wagon manufactured after 1994 are equipped with air suspension. Its advantages are indisputable – smooth move, ability to change ride height, etc. The purchase of such a modification is not recommended. Maintenance of pneumatics is quite expensive pleasure, and life in her native conditions for no more than 80 thousand km.

Trademark of Subaru is not just wheel drive, and opozitnite engines. It is known that the company can boast membership in the so-called. “Millionaire’s Club” – motors that last 1 million miles without major repairs. Boxers mounted on SubaruLegacy, no exception with relatively literate operate seamlessly earn at least 300,000 km. The first generation model (1989-1994 year) is equipped with three identical construction aggregates. The most “horny” turbo engine volume 2.0 liters and 200 hp occurs rarely on the market and can repel potential buyer only by its high cost. Optimal for the size and weight of the body is 2.2-liter engine with 136 horse. Not for over-and 1.8-liter base engine, although its power is not enough for towing a caravan for example. After the renovation of the model in 1994 its range of engines was modernized in 1997, and is enriched with 2.5-liter dragon mounted in half jeep Outback.

All bikes require strict oil change and spark plugs that for shoddy born gasoline withstand no more than 15 thousand km. After 150,000 km normally wear a timing belt pulleys, cables and plugs are depreciated. If at the start in cold weather engine makes a strong metallic clatter probably require immediate oil change. Otherwise it is a worn hydraulic valve compensators, although Subaru automobile brand that is extremely rare.

Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy

An important feature in the operation of engines Subaru Legacy is replacing the coolant every 50,000 km and washing the radiator every 20,000. The rule applies with double force for the largest motor. As for the typical small defects are reported only damage to some sensors, the failure of which can be easily found in the diagnosis and loaded wallet especially the owner.

Most experts say no cheaper Subaru. Specimens that deserve interest are significantly more expensive than direct competition, such as it exists. Most cars are available from the first years of production, although they are more expensive than the average for the class.

Buyer of used Subaru Legacy must assess financial capacity to support such a car from an exotic brand. If it is his pocket, the model will pay off with a smooth and accurate service. Preferably estate purchase that depreciates less and can be resold easier.

Information for model

Subaru Legacy (BC / BJF / BD / BG)


October 1989 – Introduced a successor to the Subaru Leone – Subaru Legacy. Available sedan and wagon with permanent four-wheel drive and three opozitni engine volume 1.8 (103 hp) and 2.2 (136 hp) liter

April 1991 – New Edition versions with ABS and Gala with cruise control and air conditioning

September 1991 – began selling versions with two-liter engine with 115 hp and his turbo with 200hp

May 1994 – Modernization of the model. The power of the 2.2-liter engine was reduced to 128 hp

March 1995 – Starts standard equipment on all versions with antilock system. Presenting the Classic version with air conditioning and leather seats

October 1996 – Debut of the Subaru Legacy Outback – combined with increased ground clearance and a 2.5-liter boxer with 150 hp December 1998 Modernization Model


Engine (no equipment) – 4 855 EUR
Transmission (5-speed) – 2 861 EUR
Dynamo – 258 EUR
Starter – 281 EUR
Water Pump – 128 EUR
Exhaust (complete without catalyst) – 920 EUR
Brake discs (2 pcs. Front) – 122 EUR
Brake pads (front disc) – 132 EUR
Lighthouse (complete) – 215 EUR
Front fender – 118 EUR

Prices for original spare parts
Guide Eurotax Schwacke / VAT / model
Subaru Legacy Super-Station 4WD / 126 hp. s / produced in 1991

Subaru Legacy (BC / BJF / BD / BG)


Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy 2

Subaru Legacy (BC / BJF)
Displacement – 1820 to 2212 cc
Power – 103 to 220 hp. village
Maximum speed – 165 to 230 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 12.4-6.7 sec.

Mazda 626 (GE)
Displacement – 1840 to 2497 cc
Power – 90 to 163 hp. village
Maximum speed – 190 to 220 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 14.7-8.5 sec.

Audi 80 (B4)
Displacement – 1595 to 2771 cc
Power – 70 to 315 hp. village
Maximum speed – 162 to 250 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 17.5-4.9 sec.

Mitsubishi Galant (E5A, E7A, E8A)
Displacement – 1829 to 2497 cc
Power – 90 to 170 hp. village
Maximum speed – 175 to 216 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 14.1-8.8 sec.

Features of Subaru Legacy III (1999-2003)

Impressions body:

Subaru Legacy

2001 Subaru Legacy

Whatever you write will be less for this car! I drove a lot of cars, but definitely found that most quality, durability, comfort and safety on the road. Just notorious tenacity Subaru was not a myth but reality itself! But we shall try 🙂 The comfort of this car is what made me a huge impression on the first day. Compromise between too hard and too soft ride “type boat” is perfect. For a car of this size, it is of great importance because any “arbitrariness” of the chassis can be quite uncomfortable … The car transmits very little of the condition of the road, but at the same time keep damn stable on the road and bends is optimal even at high speed.

Unlike most Japanese cars, Subaru quality of materials is very high. Leather interior is long lasting and relatively mild. But I’m definitely seen better ones in Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The same can be said of mahogany, but in this case those things are perfect on this car and not a hindrance. Plastic used is very good quality – are soft to the touch, do not issue an unpleasant squeaking after a long use does not lose its luster. Steering wheel with its ergonomic design and setup is very easy and pleasant to the touch because of the leather used to upholster it.

The controls are very well calculated, it is visible to the driver, no unnecessary buttons and switches to distract the driver while the car has a lot more features and functions than competitors from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The driving position is perfect! There is a view in all directions and dimensions of the car are no problem even in urban environments. The seats are firm and solid, respectively a perfect stop and helps to seamlessly travel long distances – something you can not say the French analogues in this class … There are countless options to set, but the undisputed minus is the lack of power management.

Space for rear passengers is more than great, and what’s interesting about this model is that they (the rear passengers) are slightly higher, which is a very viable solution for extra comfort! Another shortcoming in this regard, however, is the lack of rear-seat armrest, which is inexplicable to me with regard to the level of the car and the high equipment. Boot had left him a comment – just nothing more to ask of him. It has many compartments in it for storing various trivia and a bowl of dirty objects! Very useful are discreetly mounted hooks for transporting shopping bags with fragile items.

Subaru Legacy

2002 Subaru Legacy

The car has the factory and with gallery roof, saving you the cost of buying ski racks, etc. Wipers work perfectly, regulates the intensity of the rain and are inexpensive to replace – something I can not say for BMW as (70lv) … The headlights are also exemplary, just missing my Xenon 🙂

Impressions of the engine / transmission, power, flexibility, fuel

Subaru Legacy of my engine is 2.5 litas, 156k.s. This power is quite sufficient for the mass of the car, but soon mounted the original purchase sports filter K & N. Thanks wheel drive car is very nimble in urban and extra urban is a real pleasure to drive. There is no noise from the engine – boxers are the most balanced engine … This is true even at high speeds, at 200 km / h the engine running at 4200 rpm and you can feel sluggish the unit …

The automatic transmission is well designed, but not something exclusively technology. Shifts very smoothly and without shocks, but also at least one drive would not be redundant. In urban driving recommend using gasoline N98 because the difference is drastic … The motor has a lot more power, speed change significantly confront the situation and what is most important fuel fell by more than 2 liters. Sports and winter mode of transmission are just perfect and very useful, especially since the car is 4×4. My average cost is neither low nor high for this class of car – 14/100 urban and 10/100 extra. Once again, I recommend the use of N98 in this car – the benefits are many, but for instant gasoline prices could make savings.

Impression management / suspension, stability, ride:

Subaru Legacy

2003 Subaru Legacy

Steering has an enviable level more than easy handling wheel under all conditions. High speed no vibration in the steering wheel and the only difference between 100 and 200 km / h speedometer is reading on 🙂 These cars are notorious for their strength and it really is as long as you choose model saved. Suitability for bad roads is a fact and I have no car in this class to rival the Subaru.

In this regard, I would mention that in various rankings of strength of cars between 3 and 9 years, this model Subaru is between first and third place. The braking system in January define as satisfactory but lag behind competitors. Brake pads wear out very quickly, which is true for discs. During the pedal is quite long, requiring time getting used to it. On the other hand, allows for precise dosing brake. My factory tires are 205/50/16 model. These wheels are very aesthetic and give a dynamic look of the car.

The disadvantage is that the size of the tires is quite rare on the market “second hand” and if a tire burst, you will need to purchase four wheel drive for the same (or very search). I personally use this summer Michelin Pilot Primate. for Pilot Alpin winter preferred and to be honest for me the road surface and its status almost does not matter 🙂 The car made me think so :). I recommend the purchase of four additional wheels for winter tires, because you can pass a size 195/15 and save a lot of money …

Main disadvantages:

Weak varnish (this applies to all models of the company), the lack of opportunity for manual control of the automatic transmission and “mediocre” brake against competitors.

Main advantages:

Subaru Legacy

2005 Subaru Legacy

Legendary strength – if you get a saved model will not think of high prices of spare parts, very good dynamics, comfort, security, indispensable in winter, build quality, build quality, lack of appetite among auto thieves, very spacious and luxurious Salon and many more ……

Features support for:

So far, all those miles on bad roads have no problems with the car, even the plastics in the cabin are not moved, which is proof enough … Weakness is the weak varnished.


The car is in the class of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes E-Class, but believe me if you want real quality, comfort, luxury and security justified price – this is the car for you … Subaru is one of the few companies who still keep the quality at any cost and I took advantage of it!

Subaru Legacy / Outback (1998-2003) – pros and cons (+ / -)

For decades, the name Subaru successfully used as a synonym for “exotic”. The Japanese brand has an army of loyal fans, but never

cashed who knows what sales – even after his triumph in the championship race in the late 90’s and beginning of the new century. Automotive division of Fuji Heavy Indusrties has always relies on specific technological recipes and weird hybrid vehicles categories. Only in recent years the company began to adapt to the mainstream and offer classic SUV, although it has the know-how, what most other manufacturers have much to chase.

Subaru Legacy

2007 Subaru Legacy

The combination of permanent four-wheel drive and the engine opoziten has created not one or two stories about Subaru. Some of them sound quite incredible but in truth correspond to reality. In fact, legendary durability, excellent running characteristics and affinities of some professional mechanics to these cars to have a very simple explanation. Subaru cars are a typical product of the Japanese automotive industry in its best traditions.

The formula is simple – relies on a sufficiently simple and efficient technical solutions, worked for decades. This evolutionary approach denies the radical changes in the concept, but at the expense of each node and the unit is brought to its maximum potential and resources. Another evidence for the effectiveness of this design approach to provide third-generation Subaru Legacy in 1999, which first gave rise to the European public to associate the brand to the elite middle class, hitherto reserved for local production.

Reasons for such “sin” not only gave the traditionally high quality and exemplary reliability model, and outright requests for the Japanese entry in the prestigious categories, which are important not only technological advantages, and also the design level of luxury and image . The new Legacy had enough of all these ingredients of success.

New for Old Continent was seven years ago wagon with increased ground clearance Outback. Mongrel, named after the Australian outback, where Subaru has a mass of fans, find imitators in the face of the Audi Allroad and Volvo XC 70 only in two or three years. Few in Europe knows that such a modification of the Universal sold since 1994 and wondered what would be the animal. In fact, if we exclude certain changes in the parameters of the suspension and exterior design, Outback is the most commonly Legacy “in big rubber boots.”

In North America, the modification is also sold as a sedan body and polupikap option with an open cargo area traditionally named Baja. Regardless of version, however, the quality of workmanship remains at peak level. Unlike other Japanese companies that produce cars delivered to foreign countries in order to increase sales in Fuji Heavy Industries decided to give precedence to quality over quantity. This explains the perfect fit of the body and the lack of production problems that commonly affect the British and American versions of some Japanese cars.

Subaru Legacy

2008 Subaru Legacy Combi

Eloquent testimony to the quality level given the seal of the side windows, leaks of which is expressly excluded, despite the lack of a framework. For corrosion protection body also has no comments and purchase must be reported only one feature of cars imported from America. Specifications for their lamps differ from European ones, which can cause some difficulty finding a replacement.

Third Generation Subaru Legacy stays true to the principle of reasonable sufficiency in the standard. Base modifications can hardly be called palaces on wheels, but have everything you need. Depending on the version, however declarations of Subaru’s entry in the luxury areas are confirmed completely. The selection of materials and assembly does not tolerate any criticism, but only so far. Fans of avant-garde designs and ergonomics experiments will be disappointed.

In 2000 an interesting solution for the Subaru renew generally meaningless disputes that Outback is simply spectacular version of the Legacy, or an entirely different model. Then the company became only the second manufacturer in the world who equip their vehicles with six-cylinder boxer engine in Porsche.

Opoziten three-liter engine with 209 hp available space under the hood of the modification Outback H6, to meet the challenge of far more potent five-cylinder Audi Allroad and Volvo XC 70 with turbo. This engine marks a new stage in the evolution of motorcycles Subaru, which range Legacy are from classic 2.0-and 2.5-liter engine with 125 hp and 156 Of these, it features gas distribution chain drive mechanism.

The similarities are even lower center of gravity and reliability. After its introduction into service in 1996 the big four-cylinder engine showed some tendency to overheat. The good news is that the third generation model all deficiencies have been addressed and regardless of the contents of the engine compartment. By reprogramming the commands electronics easily removed even if the only weakness of the Japanese boxer – difficult start in temperatures below -25 degrees imposed by changes in lighting due to stricter environmental standards. The rest you know almost everyone at least a little interested in cars. Upon completion of basic care these engines are able to do wonders with mileage without any repairs.

Subaru Legacy

2008 Subaru Legacy Combi

Today, permanent four-wheel drive can not impress anyone. Subaru but somehow manages to stay one step ahead of everyone with regard to the setting of the transmission and the confidence that gives the car at all road conditions and surfaces. Remarkable is the reliability of a design viskomufa and front gear in one housing and a rear gear, tucked high in the central tunnel, which protects them from mechanical injury.

The third generation model is equipped with a new generation 5-speed automatic transmission, which work much more smoothly than before and versions with 2.5-liter engine and manual transmissions have gear reduction. The only thing that can spoil the pleasure of driving such a scheme, however, it appears that is a feature of the “Manual”. They are equipped with dual flywheels for fire vibrations that wear out over time and start to issue distinctive sound.

This does not violate the efficiency of the gearbox, but definitely irritating hearing. Otherwise, damage to the transmission of the Subaru Legacy / Outback are needed really inhumane torture and harassment.

Similarly, is the issue of the chassis model. Some owners simply forget that they are behind the wheel of the tank. This leads to severe depreciation of the suspension, which is generally not transmitted easy. In any case, before purchasing should seek advice from specialist to give an adequate assessment of the upcoming renovations.

With extreme durability and reliability feature and all other systems and units for Subaru Legacy / Outback. It can reward its owner not only of powering performance SUV, combined with the big advantages of the car, and with countless miles of hassle. The condition, however, is to make the little time required care. They are not cheap, but returned many times.

Information for model

Subaru Legacy / Outback (BE / BH)


Subaru Legacy

2009 Subaru Legacy

1994 – The range of Subaru North America and Australia for the first time appears modification Outback.

September 1996 – The European market began sales in Legacy station wagon version of Outback, which has a different exterior.

March 1999 – debuted the third generation Subaru Legacy BE index, internally and BJ respectively sedan and station wagon. Drive Positano are two petrol engines with a volume of 2.0 (125 hp) and 2.5 liters (156 hp).

November 2000 – began selling modification Outback. Top version her H6 is driven by three-liter six-cylinder boxer with power 209 hp


Engine (no equipment) – 4 600 EUR
Gearbox (manual) – 4 280 EUR
Dynamo – 280 EUR
Starter – 310 EUR
Water Pump – 140 EUR
Exhaust (complete) – 460 EUR
Brake discs (2 pcs. Front) – 160 EUR
Brake pads (front disc) – 80 EUR
Lighthouse (complete) – 340 EUR
Front fender – 250 EUR

Prices for original spare parts
/ VAT / model Subaru Legacy 2.0 4WD
/ 125 hp. s / produced in 1999

Subaru Legacy / Outback (BE / BH)


Subaru Legacy

2010 Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy / Outback (BE / BH)
Displacement – 1994 to 3000 cc
Power – 125 to 209 hp. village
Maximum speed – 180 to 210 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 12.2-8.9 sec.

Audi A6/Allroad (4B)
Displacement – 1781 to 4172 cc
Power – 110 to 480 hp. village
Maximum speed – 186 to 250 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 14.8-4.5 sec.

Volvo S70/V70/XC70
Displacement – 1984 to 2461 cc
Power – 126 to 300 hp. village
Maximum speed – 195 to 250 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 11.7-5.9 sec.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (K90)
Displacement – 2477 to 2972 cc
Power – 99 to 177 hp. village
Maximum speed – 145 to 175 km / h
Acceleration to 100 km / h – 18.5-11.6 sec.

Posts owners of Subaru Legacy

Subaru is number one! This came out so tight that even I wonder how broke, how to fight.

Unpretentious and well. That was my impression. Our was from Germany and had a little rust, but it is up to individuals. Otherwise tolerate gas (our engineer was a simple gas). I think this is one of the best cars on the market.

I am a colleague and I drove it very nice family car. Have a great ride and it was with 17 wheels.

A friend bought airbags that were screwed and replacing its innards week on them and repair themselves pillows are not cheap what I meant.

Subaru Legacy

2011 Subaru Legacy

2.0 125hp motor as was my ideal is neither too strong nor weak pace was good and I liked the city but just spend as maintenance is not much expensive parts.

There are known for Outbek (no direct experience) with a 3 liter engine. On gasification no problem, it makes methane. Maintenance on a more expensive – again compared his statements to the maintenance of VW Golf 2, as was the front car about 3 times more expensive. Otherwise, as the ride is pretty good.

But if you need a car for hunting I did I would not be looking into these cars, and I invested in a nice jeep to drive her everywhere. (Personal opinion)

We have a Subaru Forester 2.0i in the family. The car was purchased in 1999 was 2009
It’s a long road and off-road. Actually there are quite a clearance.
If you will use the car mostly for fish, etc. My advice is to look around and Subaru Forrester.
Outbek is somewhat shiny as a model. Forrester and rough and somewhat easier to imagine him walking on the roads.

Colleague is confused with Subaru Legacy, which is adjustable from body suspension with air springs. Outbek is only a simple suspension, which is higher than that of ordinary Legacy. The two are inter-exchangeable and breaking air mass is typically passes Outbek.

I do not think it is low Outbek if not mistaken and you own a Subaru Legacy. Watch it only mirrors that money where their quoted are all very distressed that I’ve seen recently for a friend.

2.0 motor will come a bit small in this compartment think .. 2.5 I stared myself, but .. there 15 city did not move, especially if the machine ..

Do you own Subaru Legacy?

If you own Subaru Legacy or have a contact with this car please rate it and write your review to can help other people choose right vehicle!

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