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Suzuki Samurai Review

Suzuki SJ Samurai (SJ) –

Suzuki Samurai

2007 Suzuki Samurai

September 1979 – debuted another mini SUV Suzuki LJ80 with power 39 or 40 hp
March 1981 – It is basically a modified and is now sold under the name SJ410, and the drive is available 1.1-liter engine with 45 hp
August 1983 – The chassis and suspension undergoing modernization
January 1985 – Visco-road vehicles from Suzuki began to be fitted with a 1.3 liter engine with 64 hp, and the name was changed to SJ 413
March 1988 – After a slight facelift, introducing new braking system and power reduction to 60 hp model was renamed SJ Samurai
January 1990 – Starting the installation of a new injection 1.3-liter engine with 69 horse and catalyst
March 1994 – The suspension of the Samurai began to use softer springs and springs
October 1998 – Jimny Samurai replaced in the model range from Suzuki, but the veteran continues to be produced in Spain
April 1999 – Samurai began to be equipped with a 1.9-liter diesel Peugeot

Suzuki Samurai

2006 Suzuki Samurai

Like “real” SUVs, Samurai of the body is mounted on a frame and good old fashioned care with little rust on fenders, door sills and even loses its unpleasant cosmetic effects. More trouble creates corrosion on the floor, but it’s a pain to die. Patching ensure peace for several years, during which the owner is not worried that it will fail. When buying a convertible, however, must be examined carefully hood. Quite often impervious to water, and the price of the new cover did not fit the size of dzhipkata.

In constructive way succeeded almost entirely Samurai ancestors produced in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Contemporary requirements of Japanese law fit to impose certain limits on dimensions that are detrimental affect on comfort in the “gym.” With certain compromises in Samurai can carry four adults, but if luggage, the number is reduced to two. The dashboard is like a partition with an ax, but functional enough and strong and has everything you need – just as befits SUV. Given that most buyers of Japanese cars are very young, a lack of comfort hardly influence the choice. It is enough that the Samurai has everything you need for a pleasant leisure, and there is practically no limit to the pitch. With its patent cross-country peacefully split japan square with the most

Suzuki Samurai

2002 Suzuki Samurai

prominent SUVs in the world. While it is driven by a ridiculous standard class driver little man has an intermediate differential lock and low weight and diminutive size allows it to sometimes go from there, where even the giants of the genre difficulties. In 1990, the 1.3-liter engine obtains injection, which increases power by 60 to 69/70 hp – Plenty for such a small car. The engine is extremely strong and easily withstand 250 to 300 km. Critical to the peripheral border nodes is 100,000 km. Then call usualy dynamo and water pump. The most common culprit for the workshop, however, is the starter, which rarely lasts more than 60,000 km. Much cheaper for removal are other typical flaws of “Samurai” – blasted terminals on the distributor, intermittent cables or plugs leaks from the gaskets of the valve cover and oil sump.

Suzuki Samurai

1995 Suzuki Samurai

Considerably more noteworthy chassis and especially the transmission of Suzuki Samurai. Patency and agility of the car driver is often invited to make full use of its capabilities, which usually affects the status differentials, the bottom of the tank and the engine, which is often injured or perforated. Especially greasy powertrain components are a sure sign of future repairs and require early intervention – replacement of gaskets and lubricating fluid. Be sure to check the brakes and clutch, which are other potential victims of the Samurai out of the way. While it is extremely value for money car japan often suffers from suspension components with manufacturing defects. Only this explains the cracks that occur rods and sticks in front. Worn rear suspension and worn bearings on the rear axle, however, usually due to overload operation bad the hills.

The simplicity of the construction of the Samurai denies problems with wiring. A nasty injury – especially in winter – switch affects fan heater, which often fail, leaving passengers shivering.

Most experts and owners agree, however, that the Suzuki Samurai close as possible to the balance between quality, performance and maintenance costs.

Modifications and engines Suzuki Samurai

1988 – 1990

Suzuki Samurai

1992 Suzuki Samurai

Samurai Cabrio – 2 doors / Jeep 58 hp Manual
Samurai Metal Top – 2 doors / Jeep 58 hp Manual

1990 – 1995

Samurai Cabrio – 2 doors / Jeep 69 hp Manual
Samurai Metal Top – 2 doors / Jeep 69 hp Manual

Opinions and impressions of the owners of Suzuki Samurai

I am very pleased with the dimensions of suzukito but not the power of 1,000 cc, so the look too much to say that 1300 has walked more. As probvai buy it in Bair and not just on asphalt.

Colleague machine is good, but as long as it is safely to be taken if health znesh what happens .. If you want to ride you take one good machine at a good price and you start from scratch until something decent .. I do not know how the prices you saw but there are 2000-3000 € and scared ….

Suzuki Samurai

1993 Suzuki Samurai

On how you can get in – as it loads some friends went four people with dogs and guns to hunt. Spare parts are like any Japanese car expensive but not very “original French.” The motor is very strong, at least the problems I created my card and now coach, but threw them. Very accessible to the size / pass it along which compete with bikes / but quite uncomfortable for the same reason. Expenses before passing through tuning of gasoline was even 7 8 100. I think not what to think so – take and soil, whatever car you buy is almost always possible to have problems.

Whatever you say Grab Samurai will not regret no matter what engine you get it. You can use it not only for light OFF-ROAD, writhing cork you want it. Parts are ridiculous prices hardly spoil easily fix, can not leave the road. Now I’m the fifth owner of Samurai on line and am very pleased. I’m not a face of Suzuki but I collect impressions from practice.

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