Suzuki Vitara

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Suzuki Vitara Review

Suzuki Vitara

2001 Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki brand has every right to claim a pioneering role in the imposition of so popular compact SUV-s. More than a decade her SJ Samurai was the only (if you exclude the Lada Niva and some less spoken models of Daihatsu) high pass small car market. In the late 80’s Japanese predugadiha upcoming boom in sales of such vehicles and the company was able to make one of the biggest commercial hit in its history. Launched in 1988 Vitara need new standards of fashion, which later took almost all major manufacturers – cheap compact off-road vehicles with no claim to technical avant-gardism, but with a modern design and easy maintenance.

Vitara huge success quickly led to the emergence of its counterparts all over the world. It goes by the name Santana (Spain), Chevrolet / Geo Tracker and Sidekick (U.S.) and how not. Behind lies the different names the same car with more than decent performance and very reasonable price. However, the origin of dzhipkata is important when choosing a used copy. The serial number of the body beginning with the letter V for example, issued Iberian blood. This means that the assembly used car parts and Spanish. The build quality inferior to Japanese models, but can occur and problems with the procurement of spare parts. It is desirable to avoid and American Chevrolet / Geo Tracker and Suzuki Sidekick. Overseas these cars enjoy not so bright reputation of beach toys for teens, which in other words means clueless attitude towards maintenance and mileage unclear. To obtain a plausible figure driven km each year of production should be multiplied by 30,000 to 40,000 km.

Suzuki Vitara

2001 Suzuki Vitara

Optimal purchase is imported from Western Europe Vitara. In the Old World, there is no such thing as “cheap SUV” and the new price of 26 to 40,000 DM (then) puts tough road vehicles from Suzuki in the category “toys”. Moreover, the attitude of a German or a Dutchman to the maintenance of cars is well known.

Most often in the hood lies Vitara four-cylinder, 1.6-liter displacement. It is possible to come across two-liter V6, while the paucity of turbo.

Practice shows that the small gasoline engine is the most appropriate choice for the model. The unit is available in two versions – with two and four valves per cylinder. The first was installed in the earliest Vitara and Tracker with three doors. A likely candidate buyer gets a 16-valve version, which is known most easily index G16B in the marking. At first glance its power from 97 hp seems insufficient SUV. Even the most luxurious five-door Vitara but weighs no more than well-equipped hatchback class WV Golf, and has a reduction drive. The engine shows plenty of muscle for both off-road and the highway – top speed of 150 km / h is a good indicator for any jeep. However, consumption of 9-12 liters per 100 kilometers is a ridiculous criteria SUV.

Suzuki Vitara

2000 Suzuki Vitara

In view of selected car make sure the radiator cap. Under it there should be no traces of oil, “mayonnaise”. The same goes for dark sludge in coolant tank. The presence of these two signs speak of a recent motor overheating and possible reason for sale. When they fail to get away with just changing the gasket and required the purchase of a new chapter, many owners prefer to get rid of the car. Proper operation requires complete replacement of antifreeze at least once every two years or a mileage of 60,000 km. Otherwise, the 1.6-liter engine is reliable and simple. In addition to oil changes and filters usually require adjustment of the valve after about 60 thousand kilometers. Timing belt should be replaced after no more than 90,000 km and it along with the tension pulley. Poor quality gasoline can quickly depreciate candles.

In Europe Vitara two-liter V6 is available from power in 1995 and the smooth operation of this engine can satisfy the most demanding. The unit, however, is more complicated technically, the service is more expensive and does not suffer from poor appetite – willing to deal with 10 to 15 liters per 100 kilometers. Instead belts in six cylinder has four chains each has its own hydraulic tensioner. Are hydraulic valve lifters. To save on oil, these two borders on recklessness – to be used at least semi-synthetic lubricant.

Suzuki Vitara

2000 Suzuki Vitara

In 1996, motor Vitara range is enriched with two-liter turbodiesel of Mazda. Initially, the motor has 71 hp, and a year later, when it supplied with intercooler compressed air power increases of 87 horses. This option is not at all a bad choice, but diesel versions are rather rare. In Western Europe, value them a lot because of the economy and decent performance, so their price can sometimes even exceed that of the 6-cylinder petrol variants.

In the mid-90s in the United States began selling Suzuki Sidekick Sport. This car is equipped with 1.8-liter engine has plenty of power (120 hp), but used copies are very appropriate purchase. The bike is very reliable and usually clueless support overseas quickly exhausted its resources.

Transmission is usually the most complicated and difficult to knot each rover. In the Suzuki dzhipkata it is reliable and durable, but misuse can easily shorten life. Many owners forget that Vitara car is rear-wheel drive, front axle which can be turned on when needed. This scheme allows the use of drive-wheel drive for a short time and only rough terrain. Including 4×4 mode in November and exclusion in April and mostly use on asphalt will lead to stretching of chain transfer case at most two winters. Sooner or later you’ll leave the carriage, transmission shafts, bearings … The amount of “capital investment” depends entirely on how quickly driven in 4×4 mode in the normal way. “Champions” often fail to reach 1,500 to 2,000 euros.

Suzuki Vitara

1999 Suzuki Vitara

Manual gearbox did “not like” switching gears in one (eg the fifth straight third). Vitara should not be confused with sports car – the transmission suffers sharp hard driving style with rapid alternation of acceleration and braking. Illiterate use usually leads to “pop” the first and third or the appearance of noise in granting the clutch.

Contrary to any stereotypes, automation is amazingly durable and almost never creates care. It is enough to change his oil every 60,000 km.

With 90% of today’s off-road front axle turns with the flick of a lever. Transmission Vitara is simplified to the max and to take advantage of the 4×4 mode, the driver must perform much longer “ritual”. Activation of double transmission is by manually turning the special keys on the front wheel hubs. There are variants of this automatic mechanism, but they are not recommended because they are much more reliable.

Manual switching wheel drive is certainly inconvenient and impractical, but provides a longer life of the transmission. Not surprisingly, the same principle is used to this day in many military rovers.

Good to four wheel drive at least once a month for prophylactic purposes. If operated competently, transmission life is very long and will require only shifts the coach of the transmission shafts.

Suzuki Vitara

1999 Suzuki Vitara

Undercarriage Vitara remind myself often, but its support does not require many resources. Exception of the steering gearbox, which is a very expensive repair. If it is leaking at the buyer likes a car, he could easily be markets for at least € 400 discount. The defect is not common. Sometimes the leak and power steering, but the repair is expensive. Other costs chassis are easily planiruemi. Most investments require front suspension. Every 80 to 100,000 km is necessary to replace shock absorbers, hinges, etc. Troubled assemblies brake only the rear brake cylinders sticking two or three winters. In general, the details of the suspension are inexpensive and allow the replacement of small parts without having to buy the whole set for a node.

Vitara has a rare ability to maintain a good appearance even in advanced age and high mileage. Practical coupe gets old and if it has suffered a serious accident can easily mislead his age. Surface rust can intercept only the inside of the rear fenders, and (if no mud flaps) back to the front. For car chassis might not be a problem. It is better to install additional protection under the engine. This will protect and collector pipes prone to rusting. Not only are resistant to corrosion and electrical conductors located in lounges around the legs of the driver, and the cables feeding the electrical gasoline pump.

Suzuki Vitara

1998 Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara is offered in three body types – three-and five-door convertible. Even long-wheelbase versions offer very limited space and level of comfort. In the interior fit up to four adults and the ride is stiff. Blame the owners themselves sometimes wear, pump the tires up to two atmospheres rather than specified by the manufacturer unusually low pressure of 1.6. The boot has a ridiculous proportions, in a three-door is hard to bear even more serious bag. Convertibles are quite popular even among us. This is easily explained considering the quality of the heating. Upon purchase, however, must be carefully examined hood, probably worn in places, but not at all cheap. Equipment in most cases is spartan, with the quality of many of the materials has a lot to be desired. There are, however, rare and very wealthy individuals with complete power pack and air conditioning. They are usually imported from Germany or the Netherlands, where he kept Vitara can be found most advantageous.

If you exclude major investments, which most wine is the owner himself, it turns out that Suzuki Vitara is actually one of the cheapest off-road vehicles on the market. It still looks fresh and proper operation can be used for long holder. It would be better still if you choose your terrain vehicle when purchasing not save the consultation with the specialist. It will certainly be cheaper than the reanimation of a specimen that lived time.

Modifications and engines Suzuki Vitara

1988 – 1994

Suzuki Vitara

1990 Suzuki Vitara

Vitara Metal Top – 3 door / Jeep 80 hp Manual

1988 – 1995

Vitara Cabrio – 2 doors / Jeep 80 hp Manual

1991 – 1994

Vitara Wagon – 5 doors / Jeep 97 hp Automatic transmission
Vitara Wagon – 5 doors / Jeep 97 hp Manual

1993 – 1994

Vitara Cabrio – 2 doors / Jeep 80 hp Automatic transmission
Vitara Metal Top – 3 door / Jeep 80 hp Automatic transmission

1994 – 1997

Vitara Metal Top 16V – 3 door / Jeep 97 hp Manual
Vitara Metal Top 16V – 3 door / Jeep 97 hp Automatic transmission

1994 – 1998

Vitara Villager 16V – 5 doors / Jeep 97 hp Automatic transmission
Vitara Cabrio 16V – 2 doors / Jeep 97 hp Manual
Vitara Cabrio 16V – 2 doors / Jeep 97 hp Automatic transmission

1994 – 1999

Suzuki Vitara

1996 Suzuki Vitara

Vitara Villager 16V – 5 doors / Jeep 97 hp Manual

1995 – 1998

Vitara Villager V6 – 5 doors / Jeep 136 hp Manual
Vitara Villager V6 – 5 doors / Jeep 136 hp Automatic transmission

1996 – 1996

Vitara Villager 2.0 Turbo D – 5 doors / Jeep 71 hp Automatic transmission

1997 – 1998

Vitara Cabrio 2.0 16V – 2 doors / Jeep 132 hp Automatic transmission
Vitara Cabrio 2.0 16V – 2 doors / Jeep 132 hp Manual
Vitara Metal Top 2.0 16V – 3 door / Jeep 132 hp Automatic transmission
Vitara Villager 2.0 Turbo D – 5 doors / Jeep 87 hp Manual
Vitara Villager 2.0 Turbo D – 5 doors / Jeep 87 hp Automatic transmission
Vitara Metal Top 2.0 16V – 3 door / Jeep 132 hp Manual

1997 – 1999

Suzuki Vitara

2000 Suzuki Vitara

Vitara Villager 1.9 Turbo D – 5 doors / Jeep 75 hp Manual

1997 – 2001

Vitara Cabrio – 2 doors / Jeep 80 hp Manual
Vitara Metal Top – 3 door / Jeep 80 hp Manual

Opinions and impressions of the owners of Suzuki Vitara

I have one and I dare say he’s doing a good job out of the way. Light is wider than the Suzuki Samurai, and if a little lift and some good tires is a great Offroader. Mine is standard and no tuning, but I decided to break it, so I have a reason to do it and it Laško like crazy on the stones. Still not move. Except chat freaking putt his armor, but tuning will later remove them and put pipes. In the mud did just great! Because it is easy and if you drive faster as enduro, not stuck. See if you rely on your stomach … winch. This is for my Suzuki Vitara.

Suzuki Vitara I have, but I have known of such vehicles. Have good mobility in rugged terrain. Petrol 1.6 (large and small motor), short wheelbase with fitted gas installations have cost more than 12 gas. 2.0 V6 will certainly be more economical. If you decide to buy such a car, look to diesel 2.0. A disadvantage of Suzuki Vitara I mention no rust on plates and narrow space in the rear seats. + As I point out, relatively inexpensive parts and that for 4WD vehicles have good road. Let colleagues with such cars to share views on + / -.

Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara Cabrio

I have a long-wheelbase 1.6 MPFI 98 horses, but simple long-burning gas 8.5 gas hunt and only 14 urban gas. But much depends on how the footswitch pedal. Many walked, strong as other parts cars. As colleagues wrote in tins issue.

I have a long-wheelbase Vitara 1.6 16V engine and is ideal for hunting jeep. I used it for Offroad. Cost me 13 urban and 9 gas outside the city. Rust on Who jeep the years of my Vitara not rotten? 1.8 motor is a mass of Suzuki parts and so for it has and I think it is best variyant 2000 V6. Good luck with your purchase and know that 6-cylinder except higher power consumption will show you!

I myself heard about this. I have known auto mechanic who told me that, compared with the 2.0 V6 engine, the 1.6 coupe which carry both models is the same, to ask the question what is better if a person has 50 kg weight 50 kg or 100 kg per person weight is 50 kg, ie the combination powerful engine coupe is slightly better than big coupe and a weak and hence the cost is lower. But that is verifiable only by people who have experienced your back, do you think that in this reasoning makes sense it does not take account of riding style and how much I weigh foot accelerator, ie, as they say in other things being equal.

Do you own Suzuki Vitara?

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