TagAZ Aquila coupe will be in sport version

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TagAZ Aquila

Russian machine will have 150 hp and automatic transmission.

One of the best looking cars Russia – TagAZ Aquila, will build on the market in a few days. The four-door coupe relies on sporty design that clearly appeals to customers because manufacturers have already received more than 1,000 applications.

For sports shaped plates of Aquila, however, lies anemic 1.6-liter engine that delivers only 107 hp And it causes negative comments from potential customers and the car will soon receive a sports version.

It will be equipped with a new engine delivering 150 hp, which can be coupled with automatic transmission, the company said.

There is currently no information about the price of this model. He is expected to be about € 1,000 more expensive than the standard versions, starting at just over € 10,000.

As standard equipment, the most accessible version of Aquila attend conditioning, front airbags, system ABS, central locking, servousilovatel steering, power windows, heated mirrors, leather sports seats, LED lights and 18-inch wheels.

TagAZ Aquila will be available in the EU markets as it meets safety standards. At a later stage, the car appeared in selected markets in Europe, but its price will be higher, because the model will have different customizations to meet EU standards.

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