Top 10 ugliest cars ever made

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Top 10 ugliest cars ever made

While beauty is often subjective, it is about the ugliest cars, people’s views are not dissimilar. Some of the submitted “copies” even indicate a permanent presence in all the world “ugly” charts. Enjoy them!

Fiat Multipla

1. Fiat Multipla

Introduced in 1998. family van Fiat Multipla, present in all the charts for the most ugly car. Given that Italians are famous for their exceptional design school “creation” Multipla is mildly strange and shock caused witness at random! Owners often comforted him, saying that while ugly car is very spacious and practical, this is probably true, but I will tell on you … and a secret – one day when Fiat Multipla showed my mom, she thought it beautiful!? (But she and I am considered beautiful, so …)

SsangYong Rodius

2. SsangYong Rodius

Another ever-present in all anti-charts. Why should practical necessarily ugly, have taken us explain Koreans, showing in 2004. Rodius. Huge and fat as an American teenager hamburgers family van can even leave speechless diehards Korean cars (if any). One part, however, “impressed” especially SsangYong Rodius – tremendous rear of the car, being somewhere between Godzilla and iron.

Pontiac Aztek

3. Pontiac Aztek

The next “normal suspects” on the charts for ugly cars. Frankly, I do not know what they were thinking designers designing “exclusive” appearance of the Aztek, but they probably hate your job, as is evident in the result. Crossover causes nausea and is probably the cause of many nervous breakdowns in the suburbs of the United States. Well, you have psychoanalysts …

Mitsuoka Orochi

4. Mitsuoka Orochi

If you think of the Japanese as slightly perverse, it Mitsuoka Orochi will surpass your wildest expectations. The sports car is something between a Jaguar, animated shark and dolphin rut … But all the “works” of the Japanese company Mitsuoka deserve a place in this “prestigious” list. You have not heard of a company … and better!

Aston Martin Lagonda

5. Aston Martin Lagonda

In 1976. is held the first attempt of the British company Aston Martin to create a luxury sedan. Experience is not very successful and happy with the ugly model Lagonda produced only 645 copies! Sedan and today remains one of the most ugly “children” of the automotive industry, and even more terrible is his station wagon, which will however save you from taking care of your senses …

Tatra t603

6. Tatra t603

Classic car ugly! Introduced in 1957. Tatra t630 is manufactured in Czechoslovakia and infantile to despair … Luckily after that, the company reoriented towards the production of trucks.

Ford Edsel

7. Ford Edsel

Constant paranoia of Communists and the threat of nuclear war in 1958. obviously affect the nervous system of American designers from Ford. In times of power “sharks fin”, chrome and kitsch, they present Edsel – a car that was too disgusting even tastes of the 50’s. In fact, today Ford Edsel is a rarity but this makes it more beautiful.

ZAZ 968

8. ZAZ 968

In the early 70s, the automotive industry of the glorious USSR, decided to smash even more the already desperate citizens of the Eastern Bloc, offering a sort of “car”. The Russians quickly named “Cheburashka” and the unfortunate owners and not fighting back with heating Zaporozhets.

Dacia 1310

9. Dacia 1310

In fact, current models of Romanians are wonderful compared to a distant 1979. Dacia 1310. Pale copy of the Renault 12 model “1320” is one of the most impersonal and ugly cars ever produced. The situation becomes even more desperate when his “facelift” versions produced until 2004.! No comment …

Jeep Compass

10. Jeep Compass

Our list would not be complete without you present and recognized as the ugly American company Jeep (who, incidentally, are great models). Introduced in 2007. SUV Compass, as if made of disordered parts of different models of the Jeep in an hour labor training. The result is an infantile “something” resembling a leveraged turtle! We want your old Grand Cherokee

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    That’s not an Compass, that’s a Liberty.

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