Volvo S60

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Volvo S60 Review

Volvo S60

2012 Volvo S60 D5

BAND front of a prestigious sedan, the lower segment of the middle class often arise dilemmas. Models that meet this description, are typically German. But there is another group of buyers who refuse to comply with the status quo and keep being different. It is to them has always relies Swedish school. In 2000 Volvo delighted fans with the new S60, which is up against Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. Scandinavian sedan has completed its production life, and is becoming more common on the secondary market. Recapitulation of positive traits and flaws shows that there is definitely something to show for their renowned German opponents.

The Swedes have never experienced difficulties in combating corrosion and problems with the integrity of the coating layers were overcome in the late 90’s. In this respect, Volvo S60 is no exception. It boasts a typical solid brand


Volvo S60

2012 Volvo S60

More importantly, however, the equipment also creates a few problems. If the air conditioning system is not working efficiently enough, is usually enough to remove and clean the central temperature sensor mounted in the cabin. Another possible failure of the system is the gradual failure of the sleeve to include air conditioning due to an accumulation of dirt. Sometimes the coldest winter days farochistachkite damage reducers. They froze in windows and, if included, cause damage. A replacement gearbox with an electric motor.


of the Volvo S60 offers enough comfort for four adults, but bevelled roof and steep tailgate contour suggest that rear passengers have more guests in the Swedish sedan. The architecture is designed in the style of a coupe with four doors and sporty look. Who is looking family car should be oriented towards the similar mechanics as a wagon Volvo V70. Trunk and the back seat is huge and door openings are almost square.


Volvo S60

2012 Volvo S60 D3

each piece is individual, but Volvo buyers save rare and minor exceptions Volvo S60 pampers with countless extras. Build quality and materials are very high. Good in order to address whether there are leather decorations in places where open air bags. Upon activating their dashboard is split and a new cost outrageously expensive. Instead it changed owners prefer to hit cars recovered by the skills of interior trim.

Volvo S60 is probably the only model in the world to be fitted only with a five-cylinder


Such a configuration is a happy medium between the budget “fours” and prestigious but expensive six-cylinder. Displacement ranged from 2.0 and 2.5 liters, and power up to 300 horses. Even the weakest turbodiesel engine developing 130 hp, which gives a good enough idea of the sporting ambitions of the Scandinavians. All units are extremely durable and have ample resources. Problems can be more auxiliary nodes. By the end of 2002, for example, is mounted butterfly units from Magneti Marelli. Their valves are dirty very quickly, resulting in irregular engine operation and extinction after withdrawal of gas. The manufacturer recommends rinsing every 30,000 km. Ultimately, Volvo decided to get rid of capricious unit and replace it in 2003 with Bosch. He suffered a mild intermittent fuel quality and devoid of delicate electronics, but unfortunately is not interchangeable with the old.

Volvo S60

2011 Volvo S60 D3

Weak point of any motorcycle is the upper support. Often 30-40 000 kilometers pad crashed and started knocking for rapid acceleration and releasing the gas. The defect is so widespread that Volvo amended design and support was replaced by the dealer under warranty. Timing belt, which drives the distribution mechanism for all motors should changed from 90 to 100,000 km, while the markets in Western Europe have recommended longer intervals.

As for the choice of modification, it all depends on personal preference. Supercharged versions enjoy a hurricane dynamics, but also potential damage to blower must be taken into account due to the increased load on the powertrain. Those who prefer the weather aggregates can choose between two versions of the 2.4-liter B5244 delivers 140 hp and 170 Again this bike, but with turbine develops 200 horses. Top modifications T5 2.3-liter engine are for another column.

A special tribute diesels are installed on S60. Notorious for Volvo D5 delivers 130 or 163 horses. Like all other diesel engines of new generation, there is some problem with the quality of the oil and threatened with expensive repairs to pumps, but otherwise has excellent performance.

Mechanical and automatic


Volvo S60

2010 Volvo S60

be installed on all versions. Gearboxes are virtually flawless and clutch serves at least 120 to 150,000 km. Buying a Volvo S60 with automatic creates more risks. In pre-2003 cars refuse hydraulic valves that control the operation of the transmission. Node is Japanese, supplied by Aisin and is the most durable. Changing the oil in it is not mentioned in the instructions, but experts advise to do this for 30-45 000 km.

From the 2002nd S60 starts equipped with AWD AWD. The system includes Haldex rear axle in the front skid. The mechanism itself has no flaws, but sometimes creates control electronics care.


also boasts very high resource. Little things like pads and tips of steering rods may need to change from 40 to 50,000 km, but unlike other parts of Volvo are not particularly expensive. The remainder of the chassis faithfully serves over 100,000 km, while the rear axle before calling 150 000 extremely rare.

Not the case with the steering rack, which then 60000 stamping usually occurs. To start the problem is removed by tightening. Sooner or later, however, arises from the need to buy a new rake.

Volvo S60

2009 Volvo S60

In the Volvo S60 reliability score is related to its German competitors, making it a worthy alternative to the C-Klasse, BMW 3er or A4. Among the disadvantages of the model should be noted the prices of spare parts and servicing. Well maintained Swede, however, offset operating costs with no faults.

Comments from owners of Volvo S60

My friend makes this for 3 years now. I direct observation in / with him, but the man is very serious and not his style to lie. So in the words of a man, he is very happy with the car and said that the money would better. It took three years for about 35 percent of this in the store, which is really impressive.

The only bad words that were said at the workshop in which you maintain your car.

Volvo S60

2008 Volvo S60

Price / value – very good! Drive now with E5 V70 2001 – Lounge is the same as the Volvo S60. The car is very comfortable, the seats are great for riding 6-8 hours, do not feel the highway speed, acceleration – wonderful (like a car weighing about A8 of the first). Parts are relatively cheap – better than the C5 A6 2.5 TDI, for example – when a new technology. The motor is quiet, well over 1.9 and 2.0 MI and 2.0 D VAG BMW 136 AC.

The cost is also pretty decent – if a little ride with lots of extra traffic gives 4.6 – 5.0 / 100.

Great car. In a former company two of my bosses had the Volvo S60 and Volvo S80, I drove them both many times.

Outside look retro and conservative at first glance dashboard also seems a little odd, but I sit down, I drove them – understand what a brand Volvo – ride, comfort and class.

Do not know where you’ve seen these super perfect but Volvo had a familiar brand-new Volvo S80 and was tired of life, constantly had something done to his true little things but it’s very uncomfortable for a car of 20-30K …. .. I think

Volvo S60

2007 Volvo S60

Volvo S60 I have not driven one but I’ve driven a S80 just to see what they are so good – generally speaking a wooden car I’ve ever driven ……

I can share a D5. good engine, decent, if not and low-district 8-9, extra 5.5-7 depending on how you drive. I have never changed my parts as anything. very strong motor. fickle is on the filters. I used 2.5D 140 horse and I sold it because I think it was such a weak engine compartment. My right choice D5.

Some time ago I had a Volvo S40 1.9 diesel for about three years – the most robust car that has ever passed through my hands – May I did a major repair on it was changing the tire, the rest normal maintenance and oil filters.

Since then, I am a big fan of the Volvo brand. Personally, I strongly recommend it to you.

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