Volvo S70

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Volvo S70 / 850 / V70 Review

History of the model

Volvo S70

1999 Volvo S70

9/91 Presentation of the model with 2.5-liter five-cylinder gasoline engine with 140 hp
9/93 3.2-liter five-cylinder T5 turbobenzinov with 225 hp
9/94 2.0-liter five-cylinder engine with 126 hp
1/95 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine with 144 hp now
1/96 Presentation of Audi TDI engine with 140 hp
11/96 improvements and new model names: S 70 for the saloon and estate for 70 V
5/97 New version with AWD V 70 AWD
5/99 2.4-liter engine with 140 hp change 2.5 l, a new 2.4-liter turbo petrol with 193 hp replace the old 2.5 T. New Version V 70 2.4 R with 265 hp
1/00 Change the station wagon model, the saloon was discontinued
7/01 2.4 Bi-Fuel, a new 2.4-liter diesel engine with 130 hp and 163
8/02 V 70 XC version with four-wheel drive 7/70 R 03 V with 300 hp and four-wheel drive
6/04 model is revised.

Volvo S70

Volvo S70 2.0

The search is focused on the station wagon and the sedan is so much cheaper. With the model 850 began a new era for Volvo in the early 90’s. The first major model company with front-wheel drive was a tremendous success for the Swedes. This applies only to the wagon, sedan symbolically present. Classic Volvo only supporters shaking their head in disbelief at the mention of sports bikes with power up to 300 horses.

In fact, models with turbocharged T5, are anything but typical and ambassadors virtuous Swedish brand. Many more such units are destroyers of gasoline. Attractive from a business point of view, the model becomes a TDI diesel engine from Audi, though it was not optimally adapted. Noise and vibration issues that TDI under the bonnet of the Volvo has no place in this class and at these prices.

The petrol engines are much more cultured. 2.5-liter five-cylinder machines with two or four valve 144 horse power (10V) or 170 horses (20V) to sell well throughout the life cycle model. The small two-liter engine, which is also a five-cylinder is considerably Less powerful but more economical. Proposed in 2001 by the 2.4-liter diesel, Volvo’s own development, is convincing with its low cost.

Volvo S70

2000 Volvo S70

Behavior is predictable way for both versions of the model – S and V 70 are a cause for concern either straight or in turns. Best discipline model is driving long distances, due to the great freedom of movement and comfortable seating in the cockpit. For effective and enjoyable tempering care automatic air conditioning, which is a series in more recent specimens. Disturbing only crude suspension, whose capacity to absorb bumps in the road are even worse than those of some members of the compact class.

In terms of security model is an example. Role to play and the old 850 that back in ’94 had side air bags series and then in combination with SIPS (Side Impact Protection System – System protection in a side impact). Since 2000 the board has air bags on their heads. Neither fixed nor maintenance costs are very low in this model. Prices for second-hand market are also exaggerated.

Volvo S70

2000 Volvo S70 2.4

But who is willing to give up the cult status and expanse of the Estate will save a lot of money when buying a discontinued in ’01 sedan, which the old is much cheaper. So a large vehicle with exceptional security concept will hardly find cheaper. Compared to competitors in this class, however, Volvo fail significantly more often.

The most common failure in Volvo S70

Motor: problems with setting idling Leaky cap to funnel oil, broken timing belts at 850 (96)

Air: air conditioning problems, alarming odors

Drive and chassis: faulty front stabilizer problems with shifting, faulty connectors (’97) callback in the workshops: 99 – because of a problem with the airbags on the seat beside the driver, ’00 – front axle, ’01 – rear belt 99-02 years – Hitch

Pros: + High quality workmanship, body stretch, safe driving, high security standard

Cons: – relative comfort, a wide range of conversion, uncomfortable rear entry, high cost

Modifications and engines Volvo S70

1997 – 1999

Volvo S70

1997 Volvo S70

S70 2.0 – 4 door / sedan 126 hp Automatic transmission
S70 TDI 2.5 – 4 door / sedan 140 hp Manual
S70 TDI 2.5 – 4 door / sedan 140 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.0 – 4 door / sedan 126 hp Manual
S70 T-5-4 door / sedan 241 hp Manual
S70 R – 4 door / sedan 240 hp Automatic transmission
S70 R – 4 door / sedan 250 hp Manual
S70 2.5 T – 4 door / sedan 193 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.5 T – 4 door / sedan 193 hp Manual
S70 T-5-4 door / sedan 241 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.5 20V – 4 door / sedan 170 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.5 20V – 4 door / sedan 170 hp Manual
S70 2.5 – 4 door / sedan 144 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.5 – 4 door / sedan 144 hp Manual

1999 – 1999

S70 2.4 T AWD – 4 door / sedan 193 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.4 T AWD – 4 door / sedan 193 hp Manual
S70 2.4 T – 4 door / sedan 193 hp Automatic transmission
S70 T-5-4 door / sedan 240 hp Automatic transmission
S70 T-5-4 door / sedan 240 hp Manual
S70 2.4 T – 4 door / sedan 193 hp Manual

1999 – 2000

Volvo S70

1997 Volvo S70

S70 2.5 D – 4 door / sedan 140 hp Manual
S70 2.4 – 4 door / sedan 140 hp Manual
S70 2.4 – 4 door / sedan 140 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.4 – 4 door / sedan 170 hp Manual
S70 2.4 – 4 door / sedan 170 hp Automatic transmission
S70 2.5 D – 4 door / sedan 140 hp Automatic transmission

Comments from owners of Volvo S70

Volvo S70 is a very nice car, but not very widespread. Perhaps more difficult to come across an owner who gave feedback. Regarding the motor which refers, I am having the same – 2.5 TDI of Audi, 5 cylinder, 10 valve turbine can share impression. I think it’s well balanced bike, elastic, not much vibration is smooth running to 1800 rpm, and then became aggressive, not weakness starting. For my vision is a little louder than it should be for this class of car. A pleasure to drive with him, has a very standby power (over 2000 rpm) and overtaking is child’s play. Good parameter that old bike (1994th) is saving his following in the signature you can see the average cost that is pleasing to me, having in mind that C1 spends almost as gasoline and car is 790 kg (compared to 1630), 68 hp (Vs. 140) and also has a reputation as one of the most economical. No claims to now I have not had problems with the bike, the expenditure related to maintenance. Full service is 600 lev for every 60,000 km, includes pump timing belt + roller + 2 main timing pulleys, belt track, air, fuel and oil for body oil filters 6 liters and work.

Volvo S70

1998 Volvo S70

Overall not a cheap Volvo car maintenance course there are alternative parts at reasonable prices and are always compromising on quality. After the “original tightness” after purchase for years have given support chassis 100 lev – broke one arm and one swapped to secondhand + new convergence adjustment. A friend compared the new Ford Focus and Volvo V70, which makes road with many pits – Focus – new chassis every spring, the Volvo for 5 years is nothing. Otherwise the car has some little things that over time they want return, I changed my belt mechanism for locking a door, relays …

Automatic as far as I know are safely to before 2000 but they have the resources. Manual with relatively seamlessly with the remark that he wears damper flywheel (600 eur) + clutch kit 300 eur + pump bearing 150 + / – and work over € 1,000.
It is absurd to look at this class of vehicles as tanks with oil filters, diesel oil + good will meet you. Personally, I’m already against the purchase of cars 12-15 years.
Good discs and pads for this model are the TRW, pads for 70-80 euros before the disks are suppose vintilirani over € 100 kit. Experimenting with cheaper alternatives leads to gestures, playing braking and re-watch. Plugs are between 30 to 40 euros from 60 Turkish carrier to 130 for Delphi and so on. Warranty 1 year arm TRW-170 + / – with order. I personally have changed my vacuum pump new brake system of old € 500 100. Recycling hydraulic rack just € 200, hydraulic pumps also collapsing. Now about 70 000 km with no engine problems. Short Timing many rolls collapsing long before replacement. If you are determined to better his sedan pick up some more money after the 2000 model with the new diesel D5.

A station wagon is much better in my opinion in terms that no choice of cars since 2000 with 2,4 – D5.

Volvo S70

1999 Volvo S70

I think a good alternative for colleagues are of the 800 series cars. Your fun sedans, station wagons your pleasure. Range of motors is not small. Kef your diesel motor gasoline fun you have many. There are rare and easy to find parts for maintenance, even second hand.

I thought I should get involved in the topic, because before we plant, actually I was headed to the Volvo S70, but I see that people have before me a detailed answer to everything. The engine of this car is the smallest problem. Ie it is not a problem, but its just the engine in my opinion is one of the most durable and dependable things in it. Prices for replacement parts as needed are listed, I’m not sure, however, whether the model of Audi did more or less expensive. Success.

Hello, since I drove AUDI A6 2.5 TDI and after 8 years I have a S70 2.5TDI I mean: iron motor. I saw this bike charges of 735,000 to fire during the winter with a warming to -5 degrees. I

Volvo S70

2000 Volvo S70 2.4T

have not removed except consumables. Volvo goes more Audi spends liter less. Volvo spends 7 per 100 350 people in 4 pounds and baggage to upright throughout the summer with air conditioning and an average speed of over 100 km / h urban / two mountains and two highways /. The chassis he wants it, but it is nothing, given that I have a nice villa outside the city, the road sucks and I sleep 2-3 times a year in the city. I changed Bits 3-4 for 8 years twice camp before, but the first time I spent with some Polish supposedly German license. Spend nine months. My clutch went out about 400 euros to change. Abe his tank is a tank. I neglected to write that a few months earlier I had Volvo Volvo S80. I changed to this, and for a moment I’m not sorry. The previous owner has played with a chip on the bike. It got 200 horse, but spend savagely. lowered to 140 horse-7 100. Finally, leave it to 167. I have one more donor yard. I hesitate whether to drive it to death / I hope her / but you never know, or to move to one euro on top of an English 4 WD that many go to fish mushrooms and such. So fellow Swede jump in and forget all the other cars. However, this is the last Volvo made by Swedes. For three grand can not find anything so hard, fast, reliable and economical on the market. Success!

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