Volvo XC90

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Volvo XC90 Review

Volvo XC90

2012 Volvo XC90 D3

The car was bought in July 2008, I wanted something like Mercedes ML, BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne, but on the advice of friends I picked Volvo XC90, just all told me anyway and I do not like to “chase” and even I had a family, I, my wife and my two children. I live outside the city and often travel at home and abroad so I have something safe and comfortable.

On the test drive I realized it was my car. So in the summer of 2008 I became the proud owner of Volvo XC90 diesel with automatic transmission, golden, vast and comfortable saloon from light skin, 5 seats and enough trunk. June 2012 parted with his favorite car for the reason that soon I will have 7 seats.

As a result I have a range of 143,000 kilometers, the first two years only mandatory warranty service after the first two years basically almost no major problems with servicing only standard, oil, brakes, tires, suspension review, etc. As repair the car has undergone replacement rear bearing some sort of hose (I am not a specialist in this type of terms).

Average fuel consumption of approximately 8.7 liters per hundred. Just no comment for such a large and heavy car … I had no problems starting in winter.


Volvo XC90

2011 Volvo XC90

Especially for me and my family do not comment enough soft and comfortable.


Given that I’m not a player – excellent driveability.


Pillars impede visibility somewhat, but not the pain of dying to the side and rear visibility no comments. Parktronic never been wrong.


Very good response to accelerator and happily quick and smooth gear changes with no pickup or something.


In comparison, better than in the BMW X5, almost like in a Mercedes ML.


Volvo XC90

2011 Volvo XC90

As a passenger, I’m not comment.



Cabin and trunk

The cockpit is spacious and comfortable, my body to rest and another one hour in the car, the rear seats are tight enough to receive a double bed. Trunk was always sufficient, even when he had to carry a bicycle.

Overall I am happy with the car and service. My only comment is probably in the moments when I wanted to just relax and give it some “heat” of the machine … but I understand that it’s just calm down for a family trip and can not cause much of a rush of adrenaline and emotions sports. So I strongly recommend it to family and calm natures, and for “sports people” does not make sense to get on at all.

Modifications and engines Volvo XC90

2002 – 2005

Volvo XC90

2010 Volvo XC90

XC90 D5 – 5 doors / Jeep 163 hp Automatic transmission
XC90 T6 – 5 doors / Jeep 272 hp Automatic transmission

2003 – 2005

XC90 2.5 T – 5 doors / Jeep 210 hp Automatic transmission
XC90 D5 – 5 doors / Jeep 163 hp Manual

2003 – 2006

XC90 2.5 T – 5 doors / Jeep 210 hp Automatic transmission
XC90 2.5 T – 5 doors / Jeep 210 hp Manual

2005 – 2005

XC90 2.4 D – 5 doors / Jeep 163 hp Automatic transmission

2005 – 2006

XC90 D5 – 5 doors / Jeep 185 hp Manual
XC90 D5 – 5 doors / Jeep 185 hp Automatic transmission
XC90 V8 – 5 doors / Jeep 315 hp Automatic transmission

2006 – present

Volvo XC90

2010 Volvo XC90

XC90 3.2 – 5 door / Jeep 238 hp Automatic transmission
XC90 D5 – 5 doors / Jeep 185 hp Manual
XC90 D5 – 5 doors / Jeep 185 hp Automatic transmission
XC90 V8 – 5 doors / Jeep 315 hp Automatic transmission

2006 – 2006

XC90 2.5T – 5 doors / Jeep 210 hp Manual
XC90 2.5T – 5 doors / Jeep 210 hp Automatic transmission

Comments from owners of Volvo XC90

Volvo is by no means a bad car, especially as new. Just now there is nothing different from each other, one of many. And there was a time that “Volvo” meant a lot! Prestige of your man would result from that is voэi in “jeep”, not that it is for sale.

Volvo XC90

2009 Volvo XC90

I drove this car on a test drive, 8 cylinder engine and a diesel. low-powered diesel is disgusting, he should be begging to go, the brakes are pretty weak for this huge body and suspension is – like a sedan, but with such a high center of gravity gets interesting cornering. 8-cylinder engine is powerful enough, but because it is probably the only car on the market with transversely mounted V8 engine there is no place for normal speed and thus it is with the car – small gearbox, only 17 cm long, respectively, which immediately became a weak spot. Otherwise, comfort is at a relatively good price for the class. For all Jeep and word is out, it’s a wagon car lot – large tires. I do think Volvo is currently a mediocre brand with unreasonably high operating costs.

First to mention that the car is a family, ie basically I do not drive it. Test drive my impressions of my accumulated within two weeks when I use it daily (1600 km). Volvo XC90 is a well known model, is on the market for 6 years, during which has undergone a major facelift. Generally a car loved by journalists (including one of the most popular in the industry – Jeremy Clarkson), and to them I subscribe. The main weaknesses I see in the car are mostly related to the fact that it is already quite old as a model and this is evident in the design and the inside and outside. Also missing equipment like seat ventilation, active

Volvo XC90

2009 Volvo XC90

auto-pilot, keyless entry and ignition, and others that were popularized later. Benefits are large and generally rack space and third row seats that actually offer decent comfort when the second row is moved a few inches forward (second row seats have horizontal adjustment). My impressions of the ride quality of the Volvo XC90 are decent. I did not expect no more, no less. In curves behave as SUV. There inclination of the body, but it is modest. What is unfortunate is that the seats do not offer enough good lateral support, which is a problem especially in combination with fine leather (here and slippery) in the implementation Ocean Race … As a result, at higher cornering speed, keeping the seat is a challenge. In normal driving, the car is very comfortable, the suspension handles bumps very well. A catalog data engine looks a little weak and inappropriate for this body, but surprisingly not in fact the case. As sense acceleration to 100 km / h is 1.5-2 sec faster than the 5.11 given by the manufacturer. General lack of dynamism can not complain.

Volvo XC90

2007 Volvo XC90

Traveling during class time, with frequent overtaking is not a problem and straining. Besides all strikes me best engine sound. Until about 2000 rev / min sound, at least in the body is missing, but up from 2000 in “Kick-Down” sounds more like a six-cylinder gasoline engine … which is a pleasure. The gearbox is a 6-speed automatic and is very refined. Switching becomes imperceptible. Minus is that “conception” and it takes a long time. Fuel consumption is perfectly acceptable. In city driving and in a dynamic non-urban forests about 11 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. In calm ride out of town to fall to 9. Volvo XC90 deals and off-road SUV as well in this class. I tried it on the way to Musala hut snow and frankly, although I expected to get anywhere (considering summer tires and the theoretical possibility of the car), I went to a lot of up and turned around before I reached the limit of possibilities in. Overall I think the Volvo XC90 still keeps the essential qualities, although the model year. The car is a good option for high-luxury SUV. At least for people who do not hold to be “arseholes” and immediately jump X5 (which of course has its advantages) or Q7 (which I think there are specific advantages over Volvo XC90). Platform thing is blocked and does not allow uploading of technical data that I have written here:

Number of cylinders: 5

Volvo XC90

2006 Volvo XC90

Fuel: Diesel
Displacement: 2400 cubic / cm
Max. Power: 185 hp
Max torque: 400Nm
Acceleration 0-100km / h: 11.5sek
Max. speed: 190 km / h
Fuel consumption: 7.4 – 8.5 – 11.9 liters per 100 km
Weight empty: 2,065 kg
Maximum weight: 2,560 kg
Length: 4.8 m
Height: 1.78 m
Width (without mirrors): 1.90 m
Clearance: 21.8 cm
Trim: Ocean Race

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