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VW Touareg Review

VW TouaregFive years after its official debut in the showrooms of dealers VW Touareg appears more often in ads for the sale of used vehicles. The trend received further momentum after the depreciation of the dollar, for which the import of luxury cars from America almost opened a new business front, the secondary market.

VW Touareg has been a lot more affordable than anyone ever imagined a vehicle with such an astronomical price of new. Buying a used SUV from the German side of the Atlantic further impetus by the fact that the fundamental structural differences between state and European versions do not exist. Although the peak in the model range of Volkswagen, SUV shows some typical weaknesses that may cost it a lot. They relate mostly to sloppy maintenance problems and the many cutting-edge technology embedded in the car.

VW Touareg Ratings

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The Body

Which not only has impeccable corrosion preparation, and has a huge resource. Is assembled to the highest German standards, which means incredible precision assembly and torsional far beyond what is necessary.

The Saloon

Though some pedants complaining of brittle plastic decorative panels, whose roof supports to crush in a uncoordinated handling of the lower limbs. Everything Else – insulation, fitting details, level of ergonomics – leaving the competition far behind. Moreover – the appearance of the Audi Q7 tandem with VW Touareg / Porsche Cayenne definitely had the most sophisticated and quality interiors in the segment of luxury SUVs.


Until the introduction of future V12 TDi in VW Touareg and Stuttgart counterpart will continue to be the most powerful serial SUVs on the market, Volkswagen-seen to beat everything else on the market with only 12-cylinder engine in a similar vehicle. W-shaped dragon with a cylinder volume of 6.0 liters and 450 hp but is rather a curiosity with its limited edition of 500 pieces than real market proposal. Not very well – mainly because of fuel economy – versions are sold with 4.2-liter V-shaped engine with 310 hp or colossal five-liter turbo diesel with 313 horses and a mind-boggling torque of 700 Nm.


Serious problems are almost excluded with one small exception. Locomotive torque five-liter turbo diesel is able to amortize the transmission in no time if used all his potential with competitive performances.


Chassis and suspension

Whose degree of wear is often not consistent with the mileage and age of complex multi construction ensures impeccable road holding, but is expensive and often served. Substantial progress in terms of resource suspension was achieved after modernization in 2006, which is why the purchase must be preceded by a detailed review of  this part. Chassis can be expected from an elite car of the new generation.

Electronic systems

Which does not always provide the required level. Said to modernization in 2006 but refused on-board electronics are not rare, which casts a shadow on the reputation of otherwise aptly car. The worst is that the typical weaknesses can be identified. Surprises hide in virtually every component of more complex equipment and no insurance. Some warranty shall purchase simplest possible modification with 2.5-liter turbo diesel in which the amount of electronic helpers is minimized. Last year VW Touareg suffered a serious upgrade, thanks to that established in the first four years of his career model deficiencies were corrected. Buying this car has always been based largely in the image and the latter requires some sacrifices. Volkswagen SUV car is not for everyone but those who can afford it, almost certainly would not have thought of expensive maintenance.

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